The Knights of Solamnia

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Est Sularus Oth Mithas - My Honor Is My Life

Est Sularus Oth Mithas

My Honor Is My Life

The Knights of Solamnia were once the greatest order of chivalry in all the history of Krynn. Now their entire way of life shifts in precarious balance between the Code of Honor and the truth of what the world has become. Three separate orders within the Knighthood balance one another with high ideals, each patterned after the ideals of one of the Solamnics' patron Gods. The Order of the Crown, established by Habbakuk, exemplifies the ideals of Loyalty and Obedience in all that a Knight is and does. The Order of the Sword, established by Kiri-Jolith, combines the purest ideals of heroism and courage with the power of the gods of good. The Order of the Rose, established by Paladine himself, exemplifies honor guided by wisdom and justice.

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