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Thelgaard is a place that is constantly beset by battle. The ceaseless fighting seems to carry on for an eternity through rain or snow or sunshine or moonlight. The placid atmosphere of the outer area of Thelgaard belies the fierce fighting that goes on in the center.

As Solamnic Knights and other soldiers fight to defend the keep, the forces of evil put parts of town nearby to the torch. Choose your side in the fight, or play both sides, or simply try to work your way through the field without fighting anybody, it's entirely up to you. The forces of darkness are rumored to have a powerful creature fighting along side them, and that coupled with the danger of the burning buildings warrants a measure of caution when proceeding through the burning village.

If the battle finds your armor damaged, the Keep holds a blacksmith ready to repair it. If you get hungry, a cook in the keep will spare you some of the rations for the troops at cost. Outside the fighting and the keep, you'll find a Weapon Shop, as well as a Bank, a Temple with a Healer, a Clothing Shop, a Cobbler's Shop, and the village well to quench your thirst.

The suggest level range of this area is 15-60.


by Brim


Notable Equipment

Connecting Areas

This area connects to:

Road to Caergoth

Solamnic Plains

RP Control

It is currently under the control of: UNKNOWN

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