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Wildrunner was originally the elven army founded by Kith-Kanan during the Kinslayer Wars. They kept the elven nations from falling under Ergoth's tyranny by utilizing guerrilla warfare tactics and developing unorthodox communication techniques utilizing sign. They specialized in aerial combat using griffons (later that group became Windriders) and became an elite group of ranger-like fighters who started leaning more towards neutrality than good because of the interbreeding with Humans that occurred during the war. When the Starsheath Scroll was signed and the war ended, the Qualinesti, lead by Kith-Kanan split off from the Silvanesti and sought out their new lands to practice their new ideals. The Wildrunners reportedly went with them.

Wildrunners fall into two categories, Windriders and Wildrunners, being the air corps, and the ground troops. They are stationed in Qualinost.

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