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Mages specialize in the casting of spells, focusing on offensive ones in particular. Mages have high-powered combat magic and are the only class able to use the enchanting spell group. They are also very skilled at the use of magical items, though their combat skills are the weakest of any class.

All mages begin with skill in the dagger. Any other weapon skills must be purchased, at a very high rate.

Mages receive a +3 bonus to Intellect.

Mage Skills

Mages have access to a number of skills, but only a handful are combat oriented.

Skills Level CP
Dagger 1 Default
Scrolls 1 Default
Staves 1 Default
Wands 1 Default
Staff 1 3
Swimming 1 3
Meditation 6 4
Danger Sense 10 3
Quarterstaff 15 4
Skinning 15 2
Endurance 16 5
Moon Phase 20 2
Dodge 28 7
Surge 28 4
Parry 34 7
Brew 35 2
Scribe 35 4
Phase 45 10
Haggle 45 6
Sleight of Hand - Palm 85 8
Sleight of Hand - Plant 95 N/A

To gain all skills, a mage would total 74 Creation Points.

Mage Spells

Complete Mage Spell List

Mage Default

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