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I created this because I kept getting errors from maps when it would get all choppy and only load halfway. Others were experiencing the same problem so I decided to upload it. It uses the same unique IDs for these plugins so that part will work for anyone.


  1. Right click and download the below file
  2. Save the file to your local folder
  3. In MUSHclient click File -> Plugins
  4. In the Plugin Manager that pops up click "Add" and browse to your local folder, select reload.xml

reload.xml [1] <-- Click this link, and on the next page, right click the reload.xml link at the top and save as


  1. Please note Ekkana on ansalon


reload - reloads maps and chats
reload maps - reloads maps
reload chats - durp
reload spams - adurp
reload kender - for kender_mode.xml

Big thanks to Nick Gammon and his wonderful forums, and big thanks to Loror for getting maps errors in pk before I did.

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