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Nestled in the lands held by the forces of darkness, Neraka is a generally inhospitable place for many. A knife in the back is not uncommon and there are no forces of good to prevail in your favor. Your wits and strength are your allies in such a place.

Not surprisingly, Neraka is not a center for commerce on Ansalon. It does have a few shops, but far less varied than Solace or Palanthas, and only just enough to get by. Neraka has a Trainer, Map Shop, Pet Shop, Leather Shop, General Store, Jeweler, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Magic Shop, Potion Shop, and a Bank. Also, west of the pit you'll find a butcher shop, be sure you take advantage of it. Another thing Neraka has is a temple devoted to every deity of the evil pantheon.

There is a 'GUILD ROW' where the different heads of guilds will help you to become more practiced in your skills and spells, simply find the one that befits your class.

Low level players are advised to watch where they go outside of Neraka, as they are almost completely surrounded by some pretty nasty high-level areas.

You can exit the city to the north, and south, which will bring you to the Ferry. The path also leads towards Silvanost and the city of Kurmost, as well as south to Sanction and beyond through the Plains of Dust to Tarsis and beyond.


by Brim



Notable Equipment

Connecting Areas

This area connects to:

Nerakan Forest

Road through the mountains


RP Control

It is currently under the control of: UNKNOWN

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