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To get this running all you need to do is to download the below file then extract it directly into your C:\ folder, this is important as it allows for the most cross-compatibility between versions of windows and MUSHclient knowing where all of the files are.

  1. Download this file: Official Ansalon MUSHclient Installation
  2. Once you've got the file ( downloaded extract it directly to "C:\".
  3. After you've extracted the there should now be a folder "C:\MUSHclient", double click on that.
  4. Right click on "MUSHclient.exe" then select "Create shortcut..", then drag that shortcut to your desktop or wherever you normally launch programs from.

A preview of the Ansalon MUSHclient 2.0 Beta (in progress)

Ansy mush 2015 8-13-2015.png
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