Silvanesti Elf

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Silvanesti Elf
Silvenesti are the proudest and oldest civilization on Ansalon.
Size Medium (Size)
Creation Points 6
Base Stats 12/13/13/15/13
Max Stats 16/19/18/19/18
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The Silvanesti are a fair-skinned race with eyes of blue or brown and hair ranging from light brown to blonde-white. Hazel eyes are a symbol of the line of Silvanos. The silvanesti prefer loose garments, flowing robes and capes.

The Silvanesti elves are a prejudiced people, intolerant of other races and customs, which are seen by the Silvanesti as being highly inferior to their own. Racial purity is a large part of the Silvanesti mind set.

Silvanesti society leans heavily towards the intellectual and scholarly, therefore they make excellent mages and clerics. However, because of the rigidly defined society, thieving is out of the question, and on account of their (relatively) slight build, the don't end up being as effective warriors as some of the other hardier races.

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Silvanesti can be Mages, Clerics, Warriors, Paladins, Templars, Battlemages, or Monk

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