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Spells are abilities use to some extent by every class in the game aside from Warrior's and Thieves. Mage's and Cleric's rely almost entirely on spells while Battle Mage's and Templar are more balanced between skills and spells. Rangers and Paladins are more skill focused than spell focused but still have the use of spells while Monks have only one spell group.


Mage Spells

Mage spell information, requisite stats, usage help, skill raising etc.

Complete Mage Spell List

A collection of all mage spells from all spellgroups.

Mage Spellgroups

Beguiling, Combat, Creation, Detection, Draconian, Enchantment, Enhancement, Illusion, Maladictions, Mental, Penetration, Protective, Transportation, Weather,

Battle Mage Spells

Battle Mage spells do 1.25 times the damage of a given Mage spell. Ranged Battlemage spells - Additional range on magic missile, lightning bolt.

Complete Battle Mage Spell list

Battle Mage Spellgroups

Assistance, Destructive, Descry, Draconian, Enhancement. Impairment, Mental, Movement, Production, Penetration, Protective, Weather

Cleric Spells

Clerical spell information, requisite stats, usage help, skill raising etc. Clerical casting requires that the players alignment stay 'in alignment' with their gods.

Complete Cleric Spell List

Cleric Spellgroups

Attack, Benedictions, Creation, Curative. Detection. Elemental, Enhancement, Harmful, Healing, Illusion, Maladictions, Mental, Protective, Transportation, Weather

Templar Spells

Templar spells are cast at 75% of character level

Complete Templar Spell List

Templar Spellgroups

Assailment, Beneficial, Consecration, Conveyance, Curative, Elemental, Harmful, Healing, Infliction, Mental, Perception, Protection

Paladin Spells

Complete Paladin Spell List

Paladin Spellgroups

Alignment, Ascertainment, Extrication, Harmful, Restorative, Sanctification

Ranger Spells

Complete Ranger Spell List

Ranger Spellgroups

Augmentation, Creation, Discernment, Entrapment, Nature Wrath, Skinlore, Woodlore

Monk Spells

Monks have access to only the Skinlore spell group and are primarily a skill focused class.

Monk Spellgroups


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