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Icewall is one of the most hostile environments of all of Krynn. The cold temperatures and biting winds will freeze most exposed flesh in minutes and the deadly ice bears who wander the tundra are known to be aggressive. The southernmost portions of the glacier are so cold that to stopping to rest is death sentence.

Despite the hazards, two groups have established themselves in the region. The Thanoi, or walrus-men, have settled in the southwest corner of the glacier. These hostile demi-humans are typically isolationists. It is rumored their encampment has all manner of strange resources. Exotic potions to strange armors crafted from the metal of meteorites could be just the beginnings of the Walrus-People's hidden treasure.

Vying with the Thanoi for the extremely limited resources of Icewall is a small group of human barbarians. The rugged humans are nearly as difficult to make contact with as the Thanoi, as they distrust all outsiders. The few furs that have been brought from this area are rumored to be of incredible quality, far surpassing those found in warmer climates. The human village is located in northeastern area of the glacier.

Buried deep in the heart of Icewall Glacier is the fabled Icewall Castle - a long abandoned keep rumored to be the former refuge of the White Dragonarmies. No one has managed to corroborate this story as recent landslides have prevented anyone from reaching it.

Other strange things lie in Icewall Glacier as well. Rumors abound of ancient sages, strange towers, and fearsome dragons. These tales of drunken sailors sound too fantastic to be true, but perhaps there is a nugget of truth within.

The southernmost area in the game. Icewall has quite a few mini quests and hidden treasures all around. You need to gain the trust of it's inhabitants in order to access some areas. There are also a few dragons around, so do be careful.




kassr, ice beetle, brash

Mini Quests

Notable Equipment

Connecting Areas

This area connects to:

Old Coast Road

Also has a boat to drop you off in Caergoth or Kendermore*.

RP Control

It is currently under the control of: UNKNOWN


Takes a while to pop. Delvar. Deactivate or the whole thing goes boom!

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