Zivilyn’s massive staff flares.
The Mysterious lantern of Rocigz’s resistance is overcome by your staff!

Name(s):      lantern mysterious rocigz qi
Short:        the Mysterious lantern of Rocigz
Long:         A strange lantern, with strips of burlap holding it together, sits on the ground.
Type:         light
Flags:        nopurge no_ident indestructible no_locate
Weight:       0 lbs, 8 oz
Value:        15000
Level to use: 1
Materials:    brass/fire
About:        the Mysterious lantern of Rocigz provides infinite light!
Affects hit roll by 4
Affects hp by 50

So yep, mages with charged staffs.. can identify NO_IDENT items 🙂
I accept Venmo… :p

– Ziv & Co.