The son of Paladine, Solinari is the master of good magic. He spins through the sky over the world and keeps his watchful eye on all magic. Along with Lunitari and Nuitari, he did not join their fellow gods in the heavens, but chose to stay close to the world. He founded the Good Order of Sorcery, the White Robes.


One of Ansalon’s longest Imms; No, he’s really not 12. Don’t listen to what any gully dwarves tell you. Solinari was with the staff of Ansalon for over five years, we thought we had gotten rid of him, but he came back and they still haven’t found a cure. *someone hides*.

All kidding aside, Solinari rocks! And we are quite glad to have him here!

. . . . <Transmission Interrupted> . . . .
. . . . <Uplink Established> . . . . .

. . <Receiving Incoming Transmission> . .Please ignore the ramblings of my little aghar friend, he must have chewed through his cork. Solinari is the master of Ansalon. When not working tirelessly at improving our beloved MUD, Solinari spend his time keeping the free world free. Obviously the most intelligent of all of Ansalon’s Immortals, Solinari does tend to have a megalomaniacal streak to him, and is only slightly delusional. None of this keeps him from his favorite pastime though, constantly telling himself how great he really is. Now if he could just convince everyone else of this…

For you who know the acronym, he’s HMFIC of Builder Port, and CO-Owner of the entire game!