Ansy_Icon_PaladineAs the Father of Good and Master of the Law, Paladine is the spokesman for the gods of good. A supreme leader, he does not interfere with the affairs of his fellow beings as long as their doings do not counter the law of good. Paladine rules the Dome of Creation that surrounds all that is. With his two sons, Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, Paladine forms an alliance that supports the Knights of Solamnia in all their works.


The player behind Paladine has been a part of the MUD community since about the time that ‘The Keep’ shutdown. He became a first time player on a spin off MUD that has a remarkably similar history to Ansalon.

Both places evolved from ‘The Keep’ and both places made an effort to recreate a similar atmosphere akin to playing on their parent MUD.

As a player I was extremely interested in the PK aspect of the game early on and became relatively adept but saw some room for improvement on the code side of the game and with the area layout and over all balance of the MUD.

Over time I began to dabble with off-line building which ultimately evolved into the more familiar OLC online building more commonly known today. As time went on and staff left the MUD I was playing and building for, new needs began to rise. This is when I decided to attempt minor code changes to the game. This led to a decision to pursue a programming degree and some significant life changes.

Around 2005, life took over and the MUD more or less shutdown and the 20-30 regular players ended up scattering. Around 2007 or so things began to calm down and with some down time I explored the MUD community again. After some exploring I landed on Ansalon and for a while played and enjoyed questing and learning the world of MUDs again. Cleaned off all the rust and started having a lot of fun again, which is what it is all about really.

Eventually I started building again for Ansalon now and became a minor, part-time staff member. About 2010 a friend of mine told me he had found an old copy of my original place, so I took some time and opened that up to explore the programming side more. After making some major changes to that place I invited a few people to take a look and found out it was a very different world for running a MUD in the past. Ultimately it was too much to do alone and the players faded away. I kept the place going more for my own amusement with the coding and changes I kept improving on. I eventually took a hiatus from Ansalon entirely for a while.

I started coming around Ansalon again after the most recent split occurred and attempted to play both and see what would happen or where things would go. That didn’t work out very well and after some off and on again playing I came bacK to Ansalon as my primary MUD of choice and I believe this will

be home now for a long time. MUDs are great but without the social aspect things just aren’t the same and it takes a dedicated team to keep a game like this going. In all my history with Ansalon I can honestly say it has an incredibly dedicated team of individuals and it is great to be a part of that community once again.