The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a worn tome to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Tesnos' scribed in rich green ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Tesnos's book..

Author: Tesnos Date: Tue Sep 1 17:04:10 2009 Subject Remembering The Kagonesti ranger sits outside of a cave he calls home. He sits cross legged on what he would call a stoop. He looks down at the tattoos that trace his body. He can not help but remember the elf that taught him what he knows... The young Kagonesti servant takes a deep breath of the Qualinesti forest. It is only a short time that he is allowed away from his work so he makes the best of it. The indoors stifle so he comes to the forest. He begins looking for tracks to follow; a game he enjoys playing. Most times this game leads to nothing, but every once in a while it leads to something interesting. While looking on the ground the young elf sees a faint trail that he has not seen before. He followed the faint boot prints deeper into the forest. He has become so enthralled with the tracks that he does not realize that the tracks have become more obvious; and by the time he realizes what has happened, he feels his body get ripped up from the ground by his leg. Without thinking, he pulls a small dagger out of his boot. Something he had found on an interesting day of tracking. He quickly realized that the person he has been following realized it and set the snare. As he reaches to cut the rope the flat side of a sword raps him on the hand, causing him to drop his dagger. He lets his body go limp and looks at the figure that has emerged from the forest. Another elf comes from out of the bushes with his sword out. The young Kagonesti realizes that it is a Qualinesti elf and fears that he will be reprimanded by his master for straying so far out; if he lives through this encounter. 'I am surprised that you were able to find my trail, but not that you fell into the trap. Why were you following me?' The young elf mutters, 'I dunno. I...I...' 'So I was followed by a child that was just out for fun, ' the older elf stated with a small amount of admiration. 'What is your name?' 'Er, um, Tesnos, ' the young elf stammers. 'Where did you learn to track?' The Kagonesti shrugs and looks at the man with confusion. 'So it just comes natural, huh? Well I think that I could teach you to do better, ' the ranger states, 'and even to avoid traps.' With a flick of his wrist he cuts the rope suspending the boy from the ground, causing him to meet it just as quickly as he left it. 'So what do you say?' 'Okay. I would like that, but I have to work most of the day.' 'We can work that out.' The Qualinesti elf picks the young elf off the ground and grasps his shoulder. 'Finally I have found someone worthy of being my apprentice.' The young elf looks around in confusion at what had just happened, but knew it was a good thing. Over the years the ranger taught the young Kagonesti about being a ranger, about the World Tree and about living in the wilds of the world. The young elf takes everything in and excels at it. Eventually the ranger tattoos his apprentice with the symbol of his God, the Wise One, and tells him that he is now a ranger and to go off and practice what he has been taught because he has freed him from service at the house. Author: Tesnos Date: Sat Sep 12 22:22:43 2009 Subject Hunting It has been many hours since Shizuru and Tesnos entered the woods after morning call. Over this time, Tesnos has learned much about the Wildrunners and little, but some, about the woods. He is fortunate to have apprenticed under a master ranger. This knowledge has made tracking a deer to this point easy. It is getting close to midday and the two have not spoken a word for half of the time in the woods, keeping to a silent code. Finally, they have come up on their prey. Tesnos pulls an arrow from his quiver and notches it. He takes aim and pulls the string back, but a tap on his shoulder causes him to relax the tension on the bow. He turns back to see Shizuru pointing at a movement in the woods just beyond the deer; and almost as a sign, the deer starts and runs off. The two look at each other and both understand that they have a new prey. They begin to make their way around to where they had seen the movement. The tracks are not hard to find and Tesnos almost immediately recognizes them. They are almost without a doubt left by goblins. While Tesnos has had run-ins with these creatures before, it had been protecting his land and not as a Wildrunner. He also cannot believe that there would be more in this area after the multiple raids by Wildrunners and Windrunners alike; but the evidence is right in front of him. Tesnos and Shizuru move quickly and silently following the tracks and come up on a group of six goblins resting in a small clearing. Tesnos turns around and sees Shizuru pulling out her bow and takes the hint and begins to move around to the side of the group; he is the one to make the face to face contact. 'Most likely to test me as a new recruit, ' he thinks to himself. Tesnos moves into position, picking a good ambush spot and cutting off the creatures' escape, and pulls out his tomahawk and hunting knife. He now waits for the signal from his Corporal. The signal comes in the form of a silent and deadly arrow striking the goblin furthest from Tesnos. He closes the fifteen foot gap between him and the closest goblin quickly, but not as fast as another of Shizuru's deadly arrows. Tesnos' prey just gets to his feet and the blade of the hunting knife slides across his throat. His closest companion recognizes the threat and turns on Tesnos with an arcing swing of his short sword. Tesnos meets it with his tomahawk, hooking the sword and pushing it to the side. At the same time he steps to the side of the creature and buries his knife into its back; then finishing the thing off by bringing the tomahawk down on the back of its head. Hearing a noise next to him, Tesnos turns in time to see another goblin take an arrow in the back, just before it would have plunged a jagged rusty sword into him. At the sight of his comrades being slaughtered the final goblin turns and runs into the forest. Tesnos see this and gives chase; but it is not more than a few seconds when he gets into range and releases his tomahawk. The weapon flies end over end and sinks itself into the creatures back between the shoulder blades. Tesnos gets to the creature and pulls the weapon from the body. Then, as he wipes the blood of the blades, he walks back towards the clearing where he finds Shizuru inspecting the field. As he arrives the Corporal looks up and nods with a shrug, as if to say, 'not bad'. The two then start off back towards the village to make the report of the patrol, and to find some more edible prey. Author: Tesnos Date: Wed Sep 16 01:01:04 2009 Subject Returning Shizuru emerges from the woods followed closely by Tesnos who is dragging a dead dear. 'You go and drop that off at the butcher in the village and meet me at Ahmaria's office when you are done.' 'Yes, ma'am, ' Tesnos replies, a faint smile on his face Shizuru shoots him a look of annoyance, but turns and bounds off to the makeshift office. Tesnos delivers the deer to the butcher, recieving many thanks for it. Tesnos then makes his way to the makeshift office of the Wing Commander. He does not know her quite yet and thus does not know what to take as jokes and what as serious; but he is confident that his actions in the field were appropriate and that he will not receive punishment for it. He enters the office and is immediately stifled by the closed in space. He does not know how someone could spend time in this place; but Ahmaria seems to do alright with it. Ah, Tesnos, come in. Shizuru has told me of the goblin patrol. I am glad to hear you can handle yourself in battle; but I do not have the time to speak with you about this now. That is why I would like for you to come in tomorrow after morning call to talk about this and some other matters, ' then turning to Shizuru, 'Do you hear that? No running off right after morning call, I will want to talk with you as well. Now, I will see you two tomorrow, you are dismissed. Go back to your training.' Ahmaria sits down and opens some files and begins marking on the papers as the two walk out of the office. Tesnos can not help but wonder, she said I handled myself well, but did I do something wrong? Author: Tesnos Date: Thu Sep 17 00:15:53 2009 Subject Friendship Tesnos patrols the out limits of the village. With him is another recruit by the name of Sil-Koth. The patrol is not meant for keeping the village safe, though it will, it is for the recruits to get to know each other, and Tesnos knows it. This fact slightly annoys Tesnos as he has been enjoying the daily outings into the woods with Shizuru; At least I am outside he thinks, but his thoughts still drift off into the woods. 'You have such a nice sword. Why is it that you carry an axe as well? Why not just the knife?' The question pulls Tesnos from his thinking and he turns to the elf with a slightly confused look as he tries to piece together what had been said to him. Then with a shrug he replies, 'Oh, I actually prefer the tomahawk and knife to the sword. I am not real skilled with the sword, but I can get by.' 'Huh. May I see it?' 'Uh, sure.' Tesnos pulls the sword from its sheath on his back and hands it to his patrol partner. The elf accepts it and makes a few swings and jabs with it before handing it back. 'It is a marvelous weapon. Why do you keep it if you do not prefer it?' 'Thank you. And I keep it as a reach and secondary weapon. It was also given to me by the man who trained me before he died.' 'Oh. Well you should not just let a weapon as beautiful and meaningful sit in its scabbard. How about I teach you how to better wield it? I am pretty good with a sword if I do not say so myself.' Tesnos stopped walking and considered the offer. It would come in handy to be just as good with a reach and secondary weapon, and if there would be anyone who knows how to wield a sword it would be a warrior. 'Yeah, sure, ' he responds with a shrug. For the rest of the patrol the two tell one another about their lives. Tesnos tells about his time as an apprentice to a master ranger and learns about what warriors grow up doing. Author: Tesnos Date: Wed Sep 23 22:24:31 2009 Subject A Cloaked Figure The cloaked figure moves silently through the forest. He moves towards the fire which, in the dark of night, sticks out. As he approaches he notices the two people in the camp; elves, with Wildrunner armor on. A grin crosses his cloaked face as his plan begins to form. The figure darts nearer the camp, moving up behind on of the elves, the other sits across the fire from him, leaning against a tree. The only sign of the dagger's flight was a quick flash as it caught the light of the fire. It embeds itself in the tree, along with a large chunk of the elf's cloak; pinning him to the tree. As the dagger lands, the figure moves quickly, putting his large, curved, hunting knife to the neck of the closer Wildrunner. The two warriors, frozen from shock, say nothing. So, it is the figure that speaks first. With a chuckle the cloaked figure says, 'You two are easy targets.' The man with the knife to his neck puts a look of curiosity on his face and looks to the hand holding the blade. Recognizing the tattoos on the hand he relaxes. 'You scared the hell out of us.' The pinned elf, now entirely confused, looks a the spectacle as the attacker lowers his blade and emerges from behind the warrior. The third elf then recognizes the wild elf. 'Tesnos!' he exclaims with a sigh of relief, 'that was not funny.' But as the initial shock wears off, he joins in the laughter that the other two have broken out into. 'You know you owe me a new cloak.' 'Okay, okay, ' Tesnos laughs, 'I will get you a new cloak, Desthmos.' 'What are you doing here? I thought you were of duty?' asks Sil-Koth. 'I am, but I am hungry and can only take so much of the mess, So I am out hunting and what do I find? Guards who are not guarding, ' Tesnos chuckles. 'Yeah, but most of the things that we are guarding from are not as quiet as trained rangers,' Sil-Koth states with a hint of sarcasm, 'plus, we are just stopping to eat ourselves.' 'Yeah? What do you have?' Tesnos says peering into the pot on the fire, 'Rations?! I tell you what. I am off to get some real food, I will bring you two some when I get it, ' the ranger yells as he runs into the woods, once again the cloaked figure. 'That would certainly be nice, ' Sil-Koth states says, more to Desthmas than Tesnos. 'But announce yourself next time!' Desthmas adds, yelling at the forest. The cloaked figure chuckles to himself as he scours the ground. Then, finding what he is looking for, a paw print, he starts of in its direction. Author: Tesnos Date: Fri Sep 25 02:26:25 2009 Subject Waking & Unease The ranger wakes from his sleep just before sunrise, as the sky begins to brighten. He has made his bed in a tree not far from the village, sleeping where the large trunk splits and another limb joins creating a bowl. He has also made a few touches, weaving in a bed of stick with a slight wall and laying his bedroll on it. He has also fashioned a limb that allows him to have a sort of footlocker. To him, this is a better living than sleeping in a barracks; and he is glad that he is allowed to stay out while off duty. As he throws his boots, armor and weapons on, he grabs a piece of dried venison and chews on it absently. He then drops a rope down and slides to the ground. He then hides the rope, making it look like a vine crawling up the tree. As he starts off towards the village for morning role call and chuckles to himself, recalling the faces of his friends when he ambushed them the night before. Sil-Koth had become like a brother to Tesnos, and, although he did not know Desthmos as well, he enjoyed the elf's seriousness. As he gets closer to the village and away from the woods he, again, starts to feel uneasy. Before the Wildrunners he did not have rules to follow except his own rules and the ones he adopted from his master as a Ranger of Zivilyn; but now he had the rules of the Wildrunners. Thinking about these rules brings a thought to his head. He does not regret his decision to join, as he knows it will help him protect his people and his forest more efficiently. He just feels uneasy about having to be around the cities and large amounts of people. What will they say about the happenings of the night before? Tesnos emerges from the woods, hiding his unease; but it will be sometime before the unease completely lifts, if it does at all. Author: Tesnos Date: Sat Sep 26 00:58:10 2009 Subject As the Dust Settles Waiting outside of Ahmaria's office for Hilcaia, Tesnos stands at attention, assuming it is the appropriate thing considering the reprimand he just received. His thoughts drift to what had happened in the last twelve hours. He accepts his punishment as he understands how his joke could have ended badly, but the only reason he regrets his actions is that he also go his two friends in trouble, and possibly a third, Shizuru, although he is confident that she will find her way out of trouble. He is also glad that the punishment is not so harsh. He does wish the restriction on his off duty hunting had not been put in place and the kitchen duty does not sound appealing. He would rather tend the gryphon stables. At least there he would be able to remain somewhat outdoors and he would be able to be around the magical animals; which would probably be more of a reward than a punishment. As he begins to relax from his stand at attention, the door begins to open, snapping him to attention as Hilcaia exits the office. Author: Tesnos Date: Tue Oct 13 23:35:35 2009 Subject Kitchen Duty Tesnos enters the makeshift mess hall through the kitchen door. He carries the deer he and Hilcaia had just felled. It is time for the part of his penance foe the trick he played on a guard post, Kitchen Duty. He has been dreading this part of his punishment since he left Ahmaria's office. He knows that the staff, alert to the fact that this is a punishment, will more than likely take advantage of the situation, making him do more work than he should. This, on top of the fact that it is a hot enclosed space, opposite to his liking, is causing him a slight amount of stress. 'Where should I put this?' he asks the officer nearest the door, indicating the deer. The woman just points to an empty table across the kitchen, 'Skin and gut it.' Tesnos rolls through the task quickly and silently, and then goes back to the officer. 'What is the next task, ma'am?' The woman looks up from the reports she had been reading. 'I do not have the time to direct your every move as I would normally; I have a meeting to attend; but I will be putting the head chef in charge and you are to do as he says.' 'Yes, ma'am, ' Tesnos states, all the while thinking that his worst nightmare is coming true. He turns to search out the chef, but is startled to see the man right in front of him, a wide grin passing over the chef's face. 'Come here, I will show you the kitchen.' After a short tour the man turns back to Tesnos, 'Now that you know where everything is, we, ' pointing to himself and the rest of the staff, 'want you to stay out of the way. You will be doing the clean up.' The same grin passes over his face, and a few chuckles break out among the staff. In no mood to deal with the people, Tesnos takes it all stoically and retreats to a stool in the corner of the kitchen and waits for the meal to be over. When the chef signals the ranger that it is time for him to work, the dishes had already been stacking up, and as he approaches the chef, the man only states, 'Your turn, ' and produces another of his grins. Tesnos follows the chef to the wash station, which could be used by multiple people, and begins washing the dishes alone. As he works, the chef and staff snicker behind his back and talk about how it is nice to not have to do their duties. Growing sick of the staff and their annoying chuckles and comments, Tesnos decides to play on their beliefs that his race is savage and unpredictable. He turns around and shoots the staff a look of rage. The staffs, thinking they have angered an unpredictable Wild Elf, quickly came up and begin washing as well. Tesnos turns back to his work with a smile and as calm as ever. Author: Tesnos Date: Sat Oct 17 00:01:26 2009 Subject Returning Home, Part 1 Tesnos walks confidently through this portion of the forest near Solace. This is where he lives, but he has not been back in many months, do to working as a Wildrunner. A week off from his duties has allowed him to make the trip here to make sure all is well in his part of the forest. The ranger strolls through the forest; all the while he sets his traps. When he arrives at a large vallenwood he runs his hand down the side, and then speaks a word of opening and the bark of the tree pivots open, revealing a living area. Tesnos steps into the humble living quarters. Inside a small bed sits low to the ground on the right. Two comfortable looking chairs sit opposite the door and a table with two seats is to the left. In the exact middle sits a fire pit. Between the chairs is a rope ladder that leads to a door in the ceiling. As Tesnos looks around his home, a mat at the foot of the bed flips up to reveal a large hole as another exit from the tree. From this portal comes a black fox with a silver undercoat and a white tipped to its tail, emerges from the hole. A smile crosses the ranger's face as a fox emerges. 'Hello, Aldin, my good friend.' The fox, showing how nimble it is, runs up Tesnos' leg and into his arms. The smile on the elf's face grows even brighter. 'I have something for you.' The fox's head pops up to look at the ranger, then he jumps out of Tesnos' arms, allowing him to pull out a piece of dried venison. He promptly gives it to the fox; that lies down near the fire pit and begins chewing on it. Tesnos then begins to light a small fire to heat up the small space. He quickly gets it going, and cooks himself a meal. After the meal, he lies down on his bed to rest from the journey. The next morning, Tesnos awakes to noises outside his home; something had set off a trap and is stuck in it. Getting up, he glances at the fox curled up at the foot of the bed, 'I think we have out breakfast, ' he says with a smile; but as he emerges from the door, it is not the sound of an animal that he hears but the hissing of words. (to be continued) Author: Tesnos Date: Sun Oct 18 10:00:23 2009 Subject Returning Home, Part 2 Quickly moving through the forest, the Kagonesti ranger follows the sounds of the hissing voices, and fears he knows what is up ahead. As he gets to a small clearing where the trap was set the night before, a large draconian had set it off and is now hanging by his foot, his head about as high as the elf stands from the ground. Around him his comrades are trying to find a way of cutting him down. To Tesnos, the hanging one seems different, and continues to give the others orders. Then as he spins around helplessly he gets his answer. Not daring to question his good look at having caught the leader of the patrol, a bozak, he turns to his fox, 'Go make some noise, ' he whispers as he points to the other side of the clearing. As the ranger waits, he pulls out a small, impossibly sharp, dagger from his boot. The baaz draconians hear the noise that the fox is making and turn to find out what it is. The elf takes the opportunity to slip out and move to the bozak unnoticed, cutting his throat and then jumping back behind a large vallenwood. The only thing the draconian does to protest is mak a grotesque gurgling noise. The baaz hear the gurgling noise now and turn to their dangling leader no longer attempting to get out of the rope. One of the baaz is able to get out of the area, but two are not. One, thinking as quickly as he can, grabs the other and holds him as a shield from the ensuing blast. The blast knocks both these down killing the living shield and stunning the other. The third baaz comes back into the clearing to find out who did this, to find a flicker of light pass by him and the wild elf wading in towards him, readying a tomahawk in one hand and holding a large hunting knife in a reverse grip in the other. The elf, knowing the blast was coming, emerges from behind the vallenwood following the explosion that was the dead bozak. He holds a large hunting knife in his off hand and his small dagger in the other. As he enters the clearing, he launches the small dagger at the stunned baaz. The dagger, unerringly, hits its target in the chest killing it; as the ranger readies his tomahawk in his other hand. The final baaz makes the first move swinging his sword in a high arc towards the waiting elf, only to find it hooked by the tomahawk and pushed harmlessly away, unlike the hunting knife which to the monster's arm cutting a deep gash. The baaz comes back slash, but to the side that is also parried. Then, finally the third, only half parried, catches the elf's side. The fight continues, the two parrying an countering, then the baaz puts a large grin on his face; but unintentionally looks behind it. The ranger, seeing the look on the baaz's face turns in time to hook a slash from a kapak's short sword. The parry leads the tip of the knife into the baaz's wrist; causing his look of victory to become one of pure horror, as the burn of the poison crawls up his arm. As the baaz goes into convulsions the kapak pays no attention as he puts the ranger on his heals. The offensive is short though, and a small black figure jumps from the bushes latching on to the kapak's arm. The ranger uses the surprise to bring the tomahawk down on the kapak's neck. He then follows through with by stabbing the hunting knife deep into its chest. He then quickly removes the weapons and he and the fox jump back as the creature's turns into a pool of acid. Then wild elf retrieves his small dagger from the pile of dust and replaces it in his boot. Then, as the adrenaline runs out, he feels the pain of his side and looks at the gash. He lets out a gasp of annoyance and returns to his home to dress the wound. Author: Tesnos Date: Thu Oct 22 23:31:45 2009 Subject Returning Home, Part 3 'Why were they so far into my forest, Aldin?' The ranger asks his friend, though he knows an answer will not be forthcoming; because no matter how hard he would like to try, he knows that the fox could not learn to speak. Although, the animal does recognizes its friend's anxiety. During the fight with the draconians a few days ago, Tesnos was injured and, though he had cleaned and dressed the wound, it was bad enough to keep him in bed most of the time. He only gets up to cook the game that the black and silver fox brings back for him. The ranger gets up from his bed now, with a slight groan of pain, and moves to a well stuffed chair near the fire pit in the middle of the tree that is his home. The question he posed his animal friend is something that has been bothering the wild elf since the encounter. He has come to the conclusion that it was either a random patrol that came out to his part of the forest on their own will or got lost, for he could see no reason why the dragonarmies would be so deep into the woods. Although his thinking is sound, the ranger has not completely convinced himself of this point and would love to investigate it further, but between the injury and needing to leave in the next day or two to get back to the Wildrunners, he does not have the time or energy to do so. So, taking a scale that had stuck to his tomahawk from the fight, he calls Aldin to him. Leaning over the chair, with the scale in his hand, he holds it out to the fox to smell. The fox immediately turns away as if in disgust, causing Tesnos to chuckle. 'I know it is bad, but I need you to do me a favor. If more of these creatures come here, you need to find me and let me know.' While not any smarter that the smartest of foxes, Aldin has been trained to do certain things, by Tesnos, that other foxes might not do on their own. One of these is to catch game and bring it back, another is reconnaissance. Many times before, Aldin has brought Tesnos some information that he needed; though this is always in the form of something physical as, again, the animal can not talk. The fox, after smelling the scale for a few seconds, looks up to the ranger, and in its own way agrees to the task. Rarely would the animal disagree with the wild elf due to the fact that they have a close relationship and Aldin trusts in Tesnos as the ranger trusts the fox. The next day, although the wound has been healing well, the pain is still there; something that is be expected when healed be nature and not be spells. This fact does not deter the ranger though, and he gets his things together. Strapping on his leather armor he looks down to the gash on the side and makes a mental note to repair the armor when he gets back to the village. He then finishes getting his weapons and the rest of his gear and heads out to the village, Aldin on his heals, following him so that he knows where Tesnos might be if he has to bring him some evidence of draconians in the forest. Author: Tesnos Date: Tue Dec 1 01:56:47 2009 Subject The Courier, Part 1 The white mare with black speckles flies down the small trail, taking turns without slowing. The rider on top of the horse stands in the stirrups and crouches over the mane of the creature. The ranger never likes to push the animal so hard, but some messages are urgent. The wild elf puts his hand on the animals powerful neck and leans closer to its ear, I am sorry friend, but I need you to go a little faster, he says in Kagonesti. As if it understands its rider, the horse begins to gallop faster. The ranger smiles at the intelligence of the animal. It did not take long for him to train it to respond to other commands other than spurring it. As he rides, Tesnos wears the cowl of his cloak low to block the wind from stinging his eyes and luring his vision. He wears only what he needs to survive in the wilds and to protect himself. He carries his tomahawk and hunting knife in the sash at his waist and his magical dagger in his boot, not bringing his curved elven longsword or his elven bow. These forest trails are no stranger to the wild elf, as he grew up in and outside of Qualinost; but lately, with the rise of the Dragonarmies, it seems as though no place is safe. A few riders have mentioned bandits in the woods near Qualinost and there is a possibility they have become bold enough to attack a Wildrunner courier, so the ranger is on his guard. As the courier rides down the trail, he looks for a threat in every direction. As he looks about, the attack comes from the front in the form of a spear planted in the left fork in the trail with a masked man holding it up. The rider sees what is happening, and follows it anyway, taking the bait and going to the right. Another bandit emerges on horse back through the trees as the elven rider passes by. The wild elf makes space between the two as the bandit kicks his horse into a gallop. Ahead of the wild elf, another rider emerges down the path, blocking the way. The Wildrunner smiles and turns his mare down a small, almost hidden path to his right. As he finishes the turn, he stands up on his saddle and balances there, waiting. He sees his opportunity a moment later, a low hanging branch. He jumps up into the tree, remaining hidden as the first rider passes him. As the second rider passes by the wild elf, he drops onto the horse, behind the rider. He pulls his hunting knife from the sash holding it and buries it deep in the bandits side; and pushes him off the horse. He turns in time to see a third rider coming around the turn. He, with reluctance, kicks the flanks of his new mount, riding towards the first rider. The lead bandit draws his longsword as he realizes the ranger is behind him and slows his mount to engage him. Author: Tesnos Date: Thu Dec 3 01:45:50 2009 Subject The courier, Part 2 The wild elf approaches the bandit slowly. After sheathing his hunting knife he crouches on top of the saddle and jumps after the bandit before he can look back again. He crashes into the rider, sending both of them to the ground in a small clearing of trees. After a short struggle, the wild elf manages to pull his tomahawk out and smash the flat side against the bandits temple; knocking him out. The third bandit rides in with a swing of his longsword, too high. The ranger rises from his stand from his crouched position as the third bandit dismounts and is reinforced by four other bandits coming out of the tree line into the small clearing. Dreadlocks with beads and feathers in them fall from the hood as the Wildrunner pushes it off his head. Is this all of you? A band of seven? the wild elf says with a mocking tone. Five armed SWORDSmen and two bowmen in the woods versus a savage elf, I think our odds are much better, the shorter of the group states, with the voice of a leader. The wild elf smiles, I do hope that your bowmen can shoot better than your men chase. You laugh in the face of death, I do admire that, but my bowmen could hit you before you even knew there was danger, the leader says with confidence. He raises his hand, commanding his hidden bowmen to ready. Now wait a second. Let me see these legendary bowmen, the wild elf throws his hunting knife into the ground, a foot away from him, let their first shot be right here. Let me see their skill. If they are good, I will go with you quietly, imagine what you could get for a Wildrunner hostage The leader seems to think on it a moment. Fine, the leader states, pointing to the knife. An arrow flies out of the trees to the wild elfs right, and lands beside the knife, no more than half an inch away. The ranger looks down at the arrow and smiles, A fabulous shot. My name is Tesnos, a Ranger of Zivilyn, and a soldier of the Wildrunners. I have come here to deliver a message; and that message is: Lay down your weapons and you can walk out of here alive. You will be a prisoner of the Wildrunners, but you will be alive. If you take make any aggressive move here, you will be killed. The leader laughs at this, You think that you could take us all? Maybe, Tesnos states flatly, but while he wears a smile, YOU certainly do not frighten me. The short man does not seem to appreciate the comment and charges out towards Tesnos. In an instant an arrow sinks deep into the mans chest. He looks at it in disbelief as darkness takes him. Tesnos puts on a face of disappointment, then shrugs it away, Oh, he chuckles, I am not the only Wildrunner in this forest, he states to the rest of the bandits. The remaining bandits immediately toss down their weapons, as a Qualinesti elf comes out of the tree line with a bow in hand. Tesnos looks at her and frowns, I could have taken him, and possibly alive. Yeah, but that was much more fun, Shizuru states blithely. The two elves proceed to tie the bandits hands, two to a rope. Tesnos vanishes into the trees momentarily and emerges with his mare and Shizurus mount. They tie their prisoners to the saddles of their horses and begin their trip to the Wildrunner base in Qualinost. Author: Tesnos Date: Wed Dec 16 00:35:10 2009 Subject The Obvious Information The wild elf paces the hallways of the Wildrunner base, waiting to hear what comes of the interrogation. The group of bandits he and Shizuru had captured are being held and questioned about whom they are and why they were in the Qualinesti forest. The Kagonesti, normally uncomfortable with being inside, is even more so with the possibility of the weight of these brigands' answers. He already knows what the answers will be, or something close to it. He has heard of the war that had been fought by the Dragonarmies against the Knights of Solamnia; any troops or the bandits that follow the Dragonarmies definitely see the elves as a weaker opponent and might venture off into the forest to raid the surrounding area. This idea makes him think that their could be more bandits out in the forest and he would rather be ranging, trying to find them, than waiting to hear from his superiors that it is exactly what he thinks. Several minutes later the information officer immerges from the interrogation room and begins to head towards the unit commander's office. Well? the ranger asks as the officer passes by him, What did they say? Are their more? You will know the information when the commander briefs the unit, the information officer says gruffly. The officer disappears into the commander's office, and forces the wild elf to wait longer. Deciding that he will know the information no sooner than any of the others, he makes his way to the briefing room to wait for the commander's appearance. Soon the room begins to fill with other ranger scouts and other fighters, coming to be briefed on the situation. Among them he recognizes many from the village that he was working at before coming back to Qualinost for the first time in half a century. The city had changes quite a bit to him, but the forest had not changed since he was the servant boy of one of the houses. Much like then, he tries to spend as much of his time as he can in the surrounding forest, volunteering for ranging and other missions; which lead him to these bandits that he and Shizuru brought in. Author: Tesnos Date: Thu Dec 17 01:30:36 2009 Subject The Obvious Report & The Surprising Mission Soon after the briefing room is filled, the commander enters through another door and stands at the front of the room. Alright everyone, this is the situation, the commander says loudly, attempting to grab the group's attention, it appears that the group of bandits that we have captured is in fact, a group of mercenaries that were working for the Dragonarmies in their war against Solamnia. It would appear that they have broken ranks and have come here, to what they thought was, easy pickings. We have clearly shown them that this is not the case. They have also said that they were not the only ones to do this. There are a number of other groups of bandits in the forest, and I would assume that these groups are the ones harassing our people. So, we will be sending out scout groups to comb the forests and flush out what bandits are there, if they have remained after the capture of this group. You will be sent out to capture what you can alive. You are not to engage unless you are sure you can handle it, if not then you must send for backup and wait till they arrive. Either way you must send a runner as soon as you engage a group. You will get your group assignments as you exit the briefing room. Good luck and clear 'em out of our forest. Yes, sir, the crowd responds as they rise from their seats and make their way to the door. The wild elf waits till the room is nearly cleared and then begins to walk out; but is stopped by the commander. Tesnos, I need you to stay behind. Tesnos stops and turns to face the commander, looking slightly puzzled. I have a different mission for you, he states as he takes a step down from the podium towards the wild elf. Something more important than protecting our people? This will be protecting our people, from possible future harm, he states with a deep sigh, these bandits are only the symptom, the Dragonarmies are the problem, they do not seem to care if their men slip into these areas and I am not sure that they accidentally do this. There are reports coming in that Palanthas has fallen to them and I fear they may soon turn their eyes south. I need you to go to Palanthas and check if the reports are true. You will go alone. A gryphon will take you to the other side of the New Sea. From there you will be on foot. Stick to the woods when you can and do not use any roads. That will not be a problem, I have traveled that area many times. And that is why I have chosen you. Now you must get your things together, the gryphon flies tonight. Yes, sir, Tesnos says with a salute, before wheeling around and dashing to get his gear, taking only weapons and what he needs for survival. Author: Tesnos Date: Tue Dec 22 00:39:18 2009 Subject The Decision Now, I know you have told been debriefed by the information officer, but I want to hear what you have seen and heard from your scouting mission, the elf behind the desk asks the ranger standing in front of it. The rumors we have hear are true, Palnthas has fallen to the Dragonarmies, the wild elf states, but it would appear that the Knights of Solamnia have not given up on their city and are regrouping on an island north of the city. I understand this information came from some knights making their way their? I also understand that you came upon another group and offered them passage to our woods and to help them get passage to the island? Yes, sir, the ranger says, afraid that he will be punished for his decision. It is a shame that they did not accept the offer, I hope they make it. Now as to whether or not we send help. What would you do? Sir? the standing elf states with confusion, It is not my place to make decisions such as those. Unless they are asked of you as an order, the older elf states with a tone of authority. Sir, I would give some form of help to the knights; either militarly or otherwise. Palanthas is a great city and I do not think it should be in the hands of Takhisis and her minions. The elf sitting at the desk nods, thinking, I have come upon the same decision as you have. Sir, would you allow me go to the island with what ever form of help you choose. I thought you may want to go, the leader states with a small, knowing, smile, That, and the fact you have made contact with the knights, is why I have picked you as one of the leaders to go over there. You will lead twenty-five of our elves to this island of theirs and help them any way you can. You will also be promoted to Corporal. But sir, I was under the impression I could not lead men into battle, even if I am promoted. Ah, and you will not. You may lead a skirmish here or there, but if it comes to battle you are not to fight, only give council. These elves we will be sending are rangers to aid the knights with what they need to survive and as scouts to make sure they know of what is happening around them, they will not be there to bolster the strength of the knights; and you are to stay in contact with us at all times. Is that understood, Corporal? Yes, sir, it is, the wild elf states, trying to hide his excitement. Than go, and Tesnos, the leader says a little softer, you will be representing us there, no sneak attacking our own encampments, the older elf states with a smile. Tesnos smiles and wonders how long the trick he played on his friends when he had first joined would be remembered by his leaders; but that does not matter now, he will be leading men to the knight's island. Author: Tesnos Date: Tue Feb 16 03:42:14 2010 Subject Getting Ready to Sail Tesnos stands in front of his men that he has formed up in a clearing away from the main camp. "Alright, everyone. Soon we will depart back for the main continent. We will be the first group over there and it will be our duty to scout the area. I will be dividing you up into groups on the way over and each group will scout out a specific area. Is that understood?' "Yes, sir," the group responded. This group of Wildrunners has been on the island with him since they sailed from Qualinost and he has served in a scouting group with all of them atleast once and has learned each one's strengths and weaknesses and helped them to improve. "Also, I will be picking another small group that will have a special mission once the rest of the group lands. This group I will pick after the area has been scouted out. We will not be running into simple groups of goblins when we land. There is a possibility of running into draconian or human patrols as well. So keep a sharp eye out, and if the group seems too powerful do not attack and just mark there location. Is that all understood?" "Yes, sir." "Then you may all go to get your things together." As the group disperses, Tesnos sits on a fallen tree to think of who he will put in each group and especially who he will put in the special group for after the knights land. Author: Tesnos Date: Fri Jan 21 07:52:28 2011 Subject Following Defeat The deer lifts his head, looking straight at a spot in the woods, seeming to look through the thick brush. It seems to have found nothing and lowers its head, continuing to graze. Like a bolt of lightning, and arrow flies from the brush on the other side of the clearing. The arrow lands true on the deer's side, sliding in up to the grey fletching. The deer does not take a step to run off, nor take another breath; it drops to the ground without a twitch. A wild elf, covered in tattoos, steps out into the clearing with an ornate bow in his hand. The bone beads in his dreadlocks click quietly as he walks towards his kill; as he does, several more elves step out into the clearing, Silvanesti, Qualinesti and Kagonesti alike. The wild elf with the bow steps up to the deer, and kneeling next to it, whispers something to himself. "Should be bring this back to the others?" A tall, elegant Silvanesti elf asks. "Yes, but I want you to pick two others to go with you and scout out to the creek, make sure there aren't any Dragonarmy minions about." "Yes, sir," the Silvanesti states, and after picking two men, he makes his way into the forest on the opposite side as the way they entered. "Private, come over here and lash its feet together and find a pole to lift it with. You help him," he says to one of the other elves. They both jump to, and in no time, the whole party is trekking through the woods. There is no trail, but the elves have no problem finding their way back to camp; and after several hours of hiking, the group walks into the camp. Atleast twenty elves are in the camp, many are lying on cots or bedrolls with brutal wounds; others tend the wounded and the camp. The two carrying the deer walk over to a secluded area of the camp and begin to clean and dress it. The others disperse into the camp, helping where they can. The wild elf walks up to a Qualinesti elf and stands over him as he tends an elf with a large gash in his side from a battleaxe. The Qualinesti turns around after finishing up his work, "Ah, Tesnos, good to see your back." "How are the wounded?" "Everyone still alive will make it. Mishakal is smiling on us right now." "If only the Gods had been smiling on us before; anyways, it is good to hear they will make it." The cleric looks at Tesnos with pity, "Let me take a look." Tesnos scowls, then unbuckles his well used and well patched leather breastplate to reveal a bloody bandage on his left shoulder. The cleric undresses the wound to show a wound from an arrow, clearly self stitched and well cared, but some of the stitches have ripped and a small line of blood was running down the wild elf's chest. "Why don't you let me heal this? You would not have to worry about reopening this." "Save for prayers for those that really need them. I will be fine." "Well at the very least let me re-stitch it," the cleric says motioning towards a chair. The wild elf reluctantly sits still in the chair as the cleric removes the stitches, cleans the wound and re-stitches the wound. "So, Any further plans?" "Only to find the rest of the Wildrunners." OOC: Quite belated, but there it is. Author: Tesnos Date: Sat Sep 12 10:16:22 2015 Subject Deja Vu

The wild elf crouches in a tree at the edge of the forest, looking down on the Dragonarmy encampment. His men, most he could not pick out in the forest, were doing the same. As he studies the army and continues to count troops his eyes catch something familiar. He keeps his eyes on the masked man, as he reaches back to grasp his elegantly carved bow. It had been a couple years, by he remembered looking down into a camp much like this one, controlled by the same mysterious Highlord. He unslings the bow, last time the elves out numbered the Dragonarmy soldiers, last time he was sure he killed the man. ****************************************************************************{- Tesnos crouches in a tree at the edge of the forest, looking down on the Dragonarmy encampment.The squad he had recently joined, most he could not pick out in the forest, were doing the same. The wild elf spots a group of what look like officers approaching, and nocks an arrow to his bow. He slowly draws back the string and takes aim, waiting for the signal. That signal comes as the Windrunner wing descends on the camp. Tesnos lets his arrow fly, and watches as it soars through the air One of the griffon riders shoots at the Highlord as well, hitting him just before the wild elfs arrow. Having seen the arrow hit its mark, Tesnos slings his bow and drops to the ground gracefully. He pulls the tomahawk and hunting knife from his belt and begins charging towards the camp, bone beads in his dreadlocks clicking. He watches as another volley of arrows strikes into the camp as he reaches the first tent. Then he begins moving through the camp methodically, using both tomahawk and hunting knife in tandem. He cuts down goblin after goblin, making it look like a dance. He notices a draconian land a hit on a nearby griffon, carrying the same elf that had hit the Highlord as well, but the creature receives an arrow through the eye in turn. As it falls to the ground, it takes the visage of the griffon rider. The wild elf looks around as elves continue to slaughter the goblinoids. A snarling hobgoblin charges him, leading with a spear. The ranger deflects it with his tomahawk, hooking it to bring the monster close and bury the hunting knife in its chest. He looks behind the massive thing as it falls, and sees another group of goblins regrouping near the edge of the cliff. Tesnos unslings his bow, and nocks an arrow in a heartbeat. He levels the weapon at the one wearing an officers uniform and release the projectile. The creature gets lucky as one of its subordinates steps in front of him and takes, not only the young Wildrunners arrow, but a number of his comrades who had the same idea. The force from the arrows caused a fount of blood and through the two off the cliff. The rest of the group turns and runs the same way. The ranger charges towards the edge and finds a small trail that leads down to the river. He pulls up his bow and begins releasing shaft after shaft, burying each arrow in another of the goblins. Three make it into the swift river, including the officer. Tesnos nocks his last arrow and draws the string back, and takes a deep breathe, aiming for the quickly escaping officer. He releases one the final missile, but it falls short by only a few meters. One officer would have to do for the day. ****************************************************************************{- The Captain reslings his bow, as he continues to watch the masked mage. He had assumed they had simply removed his body from the battlefield. Two arrows hit him, and Tesnos had used a poison on that one. How did he survive it? This time, the Dragonarmy soldiers outman him and his men. This time, there will be no killing...yet. (This is to tie in with Lahrag and Teague's stories. A flashback to bring old characters to current events.)

Author: Tesnos Date: Thu May 10 15:59:36 2018 Subject A New Plan

Tesnos stalks out of the the Field Marshal's office in the Qualinost Wildrunner barracks, fury poorly hidden on his face. Soldiers salute him as he passes, and he quickly returns the salutes as he moves through the halls of the barracks. As he exits the building he takes a deep breath, relieved to be outside once more. Finding that the fresh air is clearing his mind, he makes his way towards the stables. As the stables come into sight, he notices a stable boy recognize him and duck into the stables to ready his horse. The wild elf takes a mental note of the kagonesti boy's actions. "Sir," one of Tesnos' sergeants calls out, as she hustles over to the Colonel. With a brief salute, that Tesnos returns, the woman continues, "Did you get good news from the Field Marshal." "Unfortunately not," the wild elf states with a frown, "They are content to rest on their laurels and hope the war does not enter elven lands." The sergeant nods as if it were the response she was expecting, "I suppose we will have to wait until the Dragonarmies are at our doorstep to do anything." Concern crosses the female Qualinesti's face as she speaks. Tesnos looks around the courtyard briefly, then, confident there are no ears listening, he turns back to the sergeant, "I intend to do no such thing." The wild elf suddenly seems to have wheels turning in his head as he continues, "I need you to gather a group together discreetly. Those that would stand against the Dragonarmies outnumbered and against orders." A small smile grows on the sergeant's face as she realizes what the wild elf is considering, "Any recommendations?" Just as the wild elf is about to respond, the groom returns with his horse in tow. Tesnos checks the saddle before swinging up into it. The horse recognizes its rider's agitation and begins stamping at the ground and turning in circles. Tesnos reaches down with a hand and places it on the animal's neck. With a word, the creature stops its fidgeting. "Lad, what is your name?" he asks of the groom. "Wyrlas, sir," the groom replies meekly. "Have you been studying combat along with your stable duties?" the wild elf asks of the boy, but when he gets a coy look from the boy he continues, "I have no want to punish you." After the reassurance, the boy nods his head. Tesnos turns to his sergeant, "Start with him, and get him a uniform and a weapon. He undoubtedly has overheard plenty to help your search." "And where are you going while I try to put together this squad? It would help to have you here." "If this is going to work, we will need the best elven scouts in Ansalon. I am sure you can handle this," Tesnos states with confidence, "I will return as quick as I can. Good luck. I have to go find a Shadow." With that the wild elf urges his mount out of the gates with a cloud of dust following. He leans low over the horse's neck as the animal begins to move faster than would be expected under the request of its rider.

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