Aghar “Anguished” (Gully Dwarf)

Races_AgharGully dwarves are short, squat demi-humans, averaging four feet in height. Aghar are physically much like other dwarves, except that they are often covered with scars, boils, sores, and filth due to their living conditions. Gully dwarves don’t appear to be as heavy and stocky as the other races of dwarves. They also have narrower fingers and limbs.

Gully dwarves are the product of interracial marriages between gnomes and dwarves, retaining none of the better qualities of either race. Further intermarriages were banned by dwarven and gnomish societies, and members of this new race were driven out of their clans, particularly by the dwarves, who regarded them as a blight.

Though derided by the other (more) intelligent races, gully dwarves continue to thrive under conditions that would have broken many others. Gully dwarves don’t have an easy time with any classes’ skills, though pilfering seems to fit them best. But their intelligence is just two low to grasp the complicated concepts required for wizardry.