Gilean is the patriarch of the neutral family of gods. He holds a book, the Tobril, that contains all the knowledge possessed by all the gods. All truth is contained within that single tome, but portions of it are sealed. Gilean’s abode is believed to be the Hidden Vale, a perfect valley of nature that exists everywhere and yet nowhere. The ways to the vale are sometimes opened to those who follow the wisdom of Gilean.


Hi folks, thanks for checking Ansalon out.

I am Gilean, one of the original co-founders of a little place called Ansalon. Dave (original Paladine) and I started Ansalon on a Ohio State University computer in the summer of 1996, because we couldn’t find a good Dragonlance Mud to play on. Over the years, many friends have come and gone, but a couple things have remained the same about Ansalon.

1) PK/RP – It was mine and Shane’s (original Takhisis) belief that a good Mud must always have an element of risk inherent in it. Otherwise, it’s just boring right? The pendulum of PK/RP has swung back and forth many times, as it should. Any Mud that remains static will not last.

2) True-to-Dragonlance Theme – Everything that was ever proposed to be added to Ansalon, whether it was code, areas, player names, quests, items, themes, etc…, was run through a filter. If it didn’t exist in the Dragonlance universe, then it wasn’t allowed.

3) Me – I have been an Imp/110 on Ansalon from the first second that the playport has been open. I have coded a bit, built some areas, Imm/Imped quite a few folks, banned some folks, had fun, been frustrated, taught some things, learned some things, and all in all, grown as a person as my pet project, Ansalon, has also grown. Dave (orig Paladine) had a mud up before Ansalon, but it was called Ahotasu’s Alpha Mud. It was my idea and convincing of him that turned the place into a Dragonlance Themed world called Ansalon.

Suffice it to say, I consider this place home. And thanks to some very generous, willing, and caring individuals, I still have a place to come home to. I won’t go into recent events, but if you are curious, send me an e-mail and I’d be glad to expound.

But let me be clear. This mud is Ansalon. I have been the driving force behind shaping the Meme that is Ansalon. Guiding, proding, cutting, healing, shaping, creating what this Mud is over 7 years of my life. Not just in software work, but in the subtle mental worldview of each and every Immortal and Player ever to spend an hour on my Mud.

So, to those of you who are new to Ansalon, I say welcome.
To those of you who are not new to Ansalon, I say welcome Home.

-Jason (Jair/Gilean)

Gilean’s player is a pilot in the USAF, currently flying the WFFF, the F-15E. Aspirations include Test Pilot school, and eventually NASA.

Gilean drops in from time to time to help his project…

Now flying insanely new F20somethings!!!