Making Mobiles

Note: Parenthesis are only for illustration, do not use when building.
IE: ACT (flag)… would be input as act scavenger etc.

HELP MEDIT : – help file for mob creation
EDIT MOB CREATE (vnum) : – create the mob of vnum specified and
starts you editing the mob.
EDIT MOB (vnum) : – starts you editing on a mob already
made of the vnum specified.
NAME (string) : – sets the mob’s keyword name
ACT (flag) : – sets mobiles’s special actions

ACT Explanation
  • sentinel – mob will note leave a room on it’s on accord
  • scavenger – mob will pick up objects in the room
  • banker – no brainer
  • aggressive_all – mob is aggressive to all in it’s level range
  • stay_area – mob won’t leave it’s area vnum range
  • wimpy – mob will flee upon reaching 20% hp
  • pet – for petshops, mob will be charmed when bought
  • train – mob is a trainer
  • practice – mob is a practicioner
  • aggressive_good – mob attacks good characters withing level range
  • aggressive_neutral – mob attacks neutral characters withing level range
  • aggressive_evil – mob attacks evil characters withing level range
  • undead – mob has no intelligence, imm charm etc.
  • cleric – mob can cast cleric spells
  • mage – mob can cast mage spells
  • thief – mob can sneak, backstab etc
  • warrior – mob can use warrior skills (regardless of weapon),
    ie, disarm, bash, parry, etc.
  • noalign – mob has no align
  • nopurge – mob can’t be purged
  • outdoors – mob will not enter outdoors
  • is_safe – mob cannot be attacked/pushed
  • indoors – mob will not enter indoors
  • questmaster – mob will give quests
  • healer – mob will heal those of it’s align for a fee
  • gain – mob will allow PC’s to gain skills
  • update_always – mob always active
  • changer – mob will trade steel for gold & vice versa
  • gambler – mob will gamble (craps) with you
ACT2 (flags)
  • repair – will repair damaged weapons/armor for fee
  • mount – mob is a mount
  • announce – mob does a gecho announcement that soinso killed it
  • no_brawl – mob will not brawl, regardless
  • mortician – mob can pick up PC (player) corpses
  • wanderer – mob will wander at twice the normal rate
  • undetectable – mob will not be visible to mortals, ever.
  • xenophobe – mob will attack anyone of a different race
  • tracker – mob can track who you tell them to.
  • fish_small – increase the rooms fpool abundance (more fish) some
  • fish_large – increase the rooms fpool abundance (more fish) MORE

Limiting by Sector

  • water_only – mob stays in water areas only
  • underwater – mob will ONLY move to underwater areas
  • land_only – mob stays on land, unless flying or boat for water, or waterbreath to go underwater, flying for air.

SHORT (string) : – sets the mob’s short name (example: while you are fighting the mob, the mob’s name)

LONG (string) : – sets the mob’s long name (exmaple: A really scary monster is here.)

DESC : – takes you into the mob description editor, same commands as the DESC and ED DESC editor in the MAKING ROOMS section above.

LEVEL (number) : – sets the level of the mob

WEALTH (number) : – sets the amount of gold on the mob

ALIGNMENT (number) : – sets the alignment of the mob ((Demonic) -1000 to 1000 (Pure))

AUTO, AUTOHARD, AUTOEASY: – Allows you to set basic stats of a mob via the computer generating them (Always double check this), if the level is already set. Feel free to modify the settings.

HITROLL (number) : – sets the hitroll of the mob

HITDICE (number) : – sets the hp of the mob Type HELP HITDICE for a guideline. 30000 hp maximum. Done in the format of (number( d (number( + (number( meaning if I set hitdice at 200d3+100, it will roll a 3 sided die 200 times, and add 100 to that number. DAMDICE (number) : – sets the damroll of the mob. Type HELP DAMDICE for a guideline.

PIERCE (number) : – sets the ac for pierce on the mob. Type HELP MOB_AC for a guideline.

AC # # # # : BASH SLASH EXOTIC MAGIC Armor Class values you set the same way.

DAMTYPE (string) : – sets the message for hitting players. IE The golums pound scratchs you.


Piercing attacks (pierce ac): bite, pierce, sting, chomp, scratch, thrust, peck, stab
Bashing attacks (bash ac): beating, crush, smash, blast, peck(peckb), suction, pound, punch, thwack, charge, slap
Slashing attacks (slash ac): claw, grep, slice, cleave, slash, whip
Acid attacks (magic ac): acidic bite (acbite), digestion, slime
Cold attacks (magic ac): chill, freezing bite (frbite)
Energy attacks (magic ac): magic, wrath
Fire attacks (magic ac): flame, flaming bite (flbite)
Holy attacks (magic ac): divine power (divine)
Lightning attacks (magic ac): shock, shocking bite(shbite)
Negative attacks (magic ac): life drain (drain)

MANADICESets the manadice, usually “level”d10+100

AFF flags

Sets the AFFECTED BY flags. Type ? AFF for a list of flags. See below for an explanation of all available aff flags.

  • berserk – is berserk as in spell.
  • blind – is blinded
  • calm – calm, won’t start fight
  • charm – is charmed
  • curse – is cursed
  • dark_vision – can see in the dark
  • detect_evil – can detect evil characters
  • detect_good – can detect good characters
  • detect_hidden – can detect hidden characters
  • detect_invis – can detect invisible characters
  • detect_magic – can detect magic
  • faerie_fire – is outlined with faerie fire
  • flying – is flying
  • haste – is hasted
  • hide – is hidden
  • infrared – can see PC’s by heatsource in dark
  • invisible – is invisible
  • pass_door – can walk through locked/closed doors
  • plague – has the plague
  • poison – is poisoned
  • protect_evil – is protected from evil
  • protect_good – is protected from good
  • protect_neutral – is protected from neutral
  • regeneration – regenerates hp
  • sanctuary – is affected by sanctuary (Don’t overuse)
  • sleep – is affected by sleep spell
  • slow – is slowed
  • sneak – is sneaking
  • swim – can swim
  • true_sight – can see invisible/sneaking/aura
  • weaken – Mobile is weakened

AFF2 flag

Sets more affected by flags for mobs Type ? AFFECT2 in medit. See below for an explanation of the aff2 flags available.

  • detect_neutral – Makes the mob able to detect neutrals.
  • conceal_align – Mob is affected by ‘conceal align’ spell, no one can detect it’s align not even spells which affect align.
  • fear – Mob is affected by ‘fear’ spell, runs away.
  • translate – Mob is affected by ‘translate’ spell, can read other languages.
  • confusion – Mob is affected by ‘confusion’ spell.
  • flameshield – Mob is affected by ‘flameshield’ spell.
  • silence – Mob can not do anything that involves talking, including channels and spells.
  • generate_fear – Any victims of the mob act as if they are affected by the ‘fear’ spell.
  • tongues – Mob is affected by ‘understand tongues’ spell, can hear other languages.
RACE flags

There are some preset races on most muds, such as: human, elf, giant, etc, which will toggle certain vunerablities and immunities and resistances. Type ‘race ?’ for a list.

unique human kender silvanesti
qualinesti kagonesti dargonesti dimernesti
half-elf neidar hylar aghar
minotaur gnome aurak bozak
baaz kapak sivak bat
bear cat centipede dog
doll dragon fido fox
goblin hobgoblin kobold lizard
mist modron orc pig
rabbit school monster unique snake
spider song bird troll water fowl
wolf wyvern undead


Sets the sex of the mob – (male/female/random/none)

SIZE (size)

Sets the size of the mob.. ? SIZE for a list of flags. See below for an explanation of sizes.

  • tiny – Birds, Insects, or smaller
  • small – Large birds, rats, gnomes
  • medium – Elves, Dwarves, Humans
  • large – Ogres, Trolls, bigger humanoids
  • huge – Giants, Small Dragons, Wyverns
  • giant – Monstrous sized, biggest dragons, giants
PART (parts) : Adds parts that can be cut off when killed.

Part Explanation

  • head – has a head
  • arms – has arm(s) (usually assumed to be 2)
  • legs – has leg(s) heart – has a heart
  • brains – has brains (not all mobs with heads have brains)
  • guts – has intestines
  • hands – has hands capable of manipulating objects
  • feet – has feet
  • fingers – has fingers capable of wearing rings
  • ear – has ear(s) eye – has eye(s)
  • long_tongue – has a _long_ tongue (like a lizard)
  • eyestalks – has eyestalks (it should also have eyes)
  • tentacles – has one or more tentacles
  • fins – has fins
  • wings – has wings
  • tail – has a usable tail (no stubs)
  • claws – has combat-capable claws
  • fangs – has combat-capable teeth
  • horns – has horns, not necessarily dangerous ones
  • scales – is covered with scales
  • tusks – has some teeth elongated into tusks
FORM (flags) : Type of mobile

Form Explanation

  • amphibian – an amphibian (and able to swim)
  • animal – a “dumb” animal NOTE: Animal will make the creature have int of 3-6
  • biped – bipedal (like a human)
  • bird – a bird (will make feathers, fly etc)
  • blob – a formless blob (when used with mist, a cloud)
  • centaur – has a humanoid torso, but a beast’s lower body
  • cold blood – cold-blooded, cannot be seen with infravis.
  • construct – a magical construct, such as a golem
  • crustacean – a crustacean (i.e. a crab or lobster)
  • dragon – a dragon
  • edible – Mobile corpse can be eaten
  • fish – a fish (and should be able to swim)
  • insect – an insect
  • instant_decay – corpse disappears at death.
  • intangible – immaterial (like a ghost)
  • magical – magic nature causes strange effects when eaten
  • mammal – a mammal
  • mist – a partially material mist
  • other – not flesh and blood (defined by material type)
  • poison – poisonous when eaten (should also be edible)
  • reptile – a reptile (and should be cold-blooded)
  • sentient – capable of higher reasoning
    NOTE: Sentient will make the creature have humanoid int
  • snake – a snake (and should be a reptile)
  • spider – is an arachnid
  • undead – an undead, and not truly alive at all
    NOTE: Undead will make the creature have int of 1 To make intelligent undead, also add sentient (or animal as needed)
  • worm – a worm, that is a tube-shaped invertebrate
IMM (flags) : sets the mobs immunities. Type ? IMM for a list of flags.

Immunity Explanation

  • summon – Summoning and gating magic
  • charm – Charm spells (the beguiling spell group)
  • magic – All magic (be very careful using this flag)
  • weapons – All physical attacks (be very careful using this flag)
  • bash – Blunt weapons
  • pierce – Piercing weapons
  • slash – Slashing weapons
  • fire – Flame and heat attacks and spells
  • cold – Cold and ice attacks and spells
  • lightning – Electrical attacks and spells
  • Acid – Corrosive attacks and spells
  • Poison – Venoms and toxic vapors
  • Negative – Life draining attacks and spells, or unholy energies
  • Holy – Holy or blessed attacks
  • Energy – Generic magical force (i.e. magic missile)
  • Mental – Mental attacks
  • Disease – Disease, from the common cold to the black death
  • Drowning – Watery attacks and suffocation
  • Light – Light-based attacks, whether blinding or cutting
  • Sound – Sonic attacks and weapons, or deafening noises
  • Wood – Wooden weapons and creatures
  • Silver – Silver or mithril weapons and creatures
  • Iron – Iron and steel weapons and creatures

VULN (flags) : sets the mobs vulnerabilities. Type ? VUL for a list of flags. Same as IMM above.

RES (flags) : sets the mobs resistances against. Type ? RES for a list of flags. Same as IMM above.

OFF flags) : sets the offensive techiniques the mob will use in combat.

OFF Explanation

  • area attack – hits all characters fighting against it. Very powerful.
  • assist_align – will assist others with this align.
  • assist_all – will help all other mobs in combat.
  • assist_guard – will act as a cityguard.
  • assist_players – will assist the players in combat.
  • assist_race – will assist the same race in a fight.
  • assist_vnum – should assist the mob with the vnum that follows.
  • backstab – can backstab to start a combat
  • bash – can bash characters off their feet
  • berserk – may go berserk in a fight
  • crush – can crush opponents in its arms
  • disarm – can disarm _without_ a weapon wielded
  • dodge – dodges blows
  • fade – can fade “out of phase” to avoid blows
  • fast – is faster than most others, so has extra attacks
  • kick – can kick in combat for extra damage
  • dirt kick – kicks dirt, blinding opponents
  • parry – can parry _without_ a weapon wielded
  • rescue – may rescue allies in a fight
  • tail – can legsweep with its tail or tentacles
  • trip – trips in combat

POSITION START (position) : sets the starting position of the mob.

POSITION DEFAULT (position) : sets the default position of the mob.

POSITIONS: – sleeping, resting, sitting, standing

SPEC spec_(flag) : – sets the spec_fun of the mob, if any. Type ? SPEC for a list. Try not to make too many mobs with spec_funs, as it lags the mud some. EXAMPLE: SPEC spec_breath_gas – Sets the monster to have a gas breath weapon

SPEC Explanation
  • breath_any – breathe any type of breath weapon
  • breath_acid – breathe an acid breath weapon
  • breath_fire – breathe a fire breath weapon
  • breath_frost – breathe a frost breath weapon
  • breath_gas – breathe a gas cloud breath weapon
  • breath_lightning – breathe a lightning bolt
  • cast_adept – casts spells as a low level mage.
  • cast_cleric – casts spells as a cleric.
  • cast_judge – high explosive ammo
  • cast_mage – casts spells as a mage.
  • cast_undead – casts spells as an undead.
  • executioner – Will kill KILLER/THIEF flagged characters
  • fido – will eat corpses.
  • alley_cat – Makes it act like a cat, all kinds of fun
  • guard – attack pc’s flagged KILLER or THIEF
  • janitor – picks up trash mayor
  • poison – Will use poisonous bite in combat
  • thief – can steal, backstab etc as a thief
  • nasty – like thief, only worse ;p
  • troll_member – auto-fight ogre members
  • ogre_member – auto-fight troll members
  • patrolman – breaks up fights
SHOP KEEPERS – When making shopkeepers, you must set the following fields:
  • SHOP HOURS (#opening #closing) – set the shop hours, EXAMPLE: shop hours 1 23 – This will make him open at 1 am, close at 11pm.
  • SHOP PROFIT (%buy %sell) : – set the amount of profit the shopkeeper will make. (example: ‘shop profit 110 60’ will make the shopkeeper sell equipment at 110% of the worth of the object, and buy it at 60%.
  • SHOP TYPE (# 0-4) – This sets the type of equipment the shopkeeper deals in and buys. EXAMPLE: shop type 0 weapon shop type 1 armor this would make the shopkeeper deal in both weapons and armor.
  • While editing mob: shop assign – Set’s Mobile as shopkeeper
  • shop profit 110 60 – Price to buy/sell (percentage)
  • shop type 1 (type) – Shop will buy “type” (see TYPE below)

(note: to sell items, put object in mob inventory (see RESET below))

*SPECIAL NOTE* For shopkeepers, remember to read the extra note in the RESETS section. When making mobs, balance is key, too hard of a mob and no one wants to play the game, too easy and it’s munchkin… This is why we have builders from our players, so you know what IS or isn’t a tough/easy mob. Feel free to STAT mobs you wish to emulate, or ask help from another builder if you have questions with statistics.

EXAMPLE of MOB Creation:

  • edit mob create 32987 – creates mob vnum 32987
  • name hermit bob – sets the keyname as hermit and bob
  • short Bob the Hermit – sets the mob’s short name as ‘Bob the Hermit’ .during battle, it will say “Bob the Hermit’s punch “damages” you”
  • long Bob the Hermit is here. – sets the long desc for when you enter the room. Use punctuation at the end of the long desc.
  • desc – enters the mob desc editor (You see this when you look at the mob) NOTE: There is a maximum oh how much you can type without hitting enter, somewhere between 3 and 4 lines. You may enter anywhere (dont enter in the middle of a word) then use .f to format the whole description.
  • A little old hermit named Bob stands here looking at you with a lustful eye. – sets the desc
    • .f – formats the description
    • .s – shows me what the description is so far
    • .r “hermit” “sickly looking hermit” – replaces the text
    • .f – formats the description
    • @ – takes me from the desc editor into the mob editor
  • race human – makes him a hoooman (defaults, but use it for autos)
  • form edible biped mammal – makes body parts eatable, 2 arms/legs, etc parts head arms legs – possible parts to get chopped off WEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • level 20 – sets the level to 20
  • wealth 100 – gives it 100 copper
  • align -1000 – makes Bob have alignment of -1000.
  • damtype pound – when Bob hits you, it’ll say “Bob the Hermit’s pound “damages” you!”
  • hitroll 5 – sets the hitroll
  • damroll 3d2+5 – sets the damroll to 3 rolls of a 2 sided dice plus 5 which will be average 9.5 ((3×2)+(3×1))/2 + 5 hitdice 10d2+5 – 10 rolls of a 2 sided dice + 5
  • pierce -20 – sets the pierce ac to -20
  • bash -20
  • slash -20
  • exotic 10
  • aff haste sanctuary – puts the mob in haste, and sanctuary
  • sex male – sets the sex to male. “random” will pick a sex randomly each time. Neutral is an ‘it’
  • size medium – makes is human sized (defaults to this already)
  • imm weapon – immune to any type of weapon vuln magic – especially vulnerable to magic
  • res heat – resist heat spells or affects
  • off disarm dodge parry crush– makes the mob able to use these skills in combat
  • spec spec_cast_mage – lets the mob cast mage spells
  • act sentinel warrior aggressive – makes the mob stand and not leave the room, a warrior, and aggressive.
  • asave area – saves the area
  • done – takes you back to regular game play