Making Resets

A few basic rules, when making resets (occurances of items/mobs).

  1. Items in room come first. (ie. Chests, treasure, furniture)
  2. Then Mobs in room.
  3. Then stuff in Mob’s inventory
  4. Then eq Mob is wearing
  5. Then next mob in room…if needed
  6. See 3-5. 🙂

Redit is the reset editor. Feel free to experiment with it, as it allows
easy access to setting global numbers of mobs, and in room numbers of mobs
for complicated areas with multiple roaming mobs, such as within a City.

You may also set resets without being in the reditor. This is the method I
mainly use because I am generally one mob per area used. If you start
having a situation like elemental canyon or the forest of zhan, you need to
use the reditor. However, for just a single mob, with unique items, feel
free to use the quick and dirty method. For example..

Reset 1 Obj (vnum) room          (See also: oreset (below))
Reset 2 mob (vnum) room          (See also: mreset (below))
Reset 3 obj (vnum) none          - sets this object into the last mob's inventory)
Reset 4 obj (vnum) weilded       - sets an item on a mob wielded
Reset 5 obj (vnum) light         - sets an item on a mob held as a light
Reset 6 obj (vnum) rfinger       - sets an item on a mob worn on mobs right finger

reset                            - when used alone shows room resets

Help Reset:

RESET (number) OBJ (vnum) (location on body)    - equips last mobile
RESET (number) OBJ (vnum) inside (obj vnum)     - store in container
RESET (number) OBJ (vnum) room                  - store in room
RESET (number) MOB (vnum) [(max #)]             - load a mobile
RESET (number) DELETE                           - delete a reset

RESET alone will display the resets in the current room. The (number) will
be displayed with this list. Typing ? WEAR-LOC will list possible locations
that an object can be loaded to. The [(max #)] is the maximum number of
mobiles allowed in this room and will default to 1 if no number is entered.

For resets to be successful make sure that you add them in a logical order.
For example if you are equiping a mobile don’t load a container in the room
and fill it with some objects and then continue equiping the mobile. It is
likely that resets will backfire if they are not carefully entered.

If you wish to reset the room then use EDIT ROOM RESET.

EXAMPLE of Resets:

In room. ‘RESET’ yields something like this:

Resets: M = mobile, R = room, O = object, P = pet, S = shopkeeper
 No.  Loads    Description       Location         Vnum   Mx Mn Description
==== ======== ============= =================== ======== ===== ===========
[ 1] M[16203] Lumpy the bar in room             R[16203]  1- 1 The Severed Hea
[ 2] O[16200] a pint of bee in the inventory of S[16203]       Lumpy the barte
[ 3] O[16203] a piece of sa in the inventory of S[16203]       Lumpy the barte
[ 4] O[16202] a bowl of ste in the inventory of S[16203]       Lumpy the barte
[ 5] O[16206] a bottle of r in the inventory of S[16203]       Lumpy the barte
[ 6] O[16201] a pitcher of  in the inventory of S[16203]       Lumpy the barte
[ 7] M[16205] An off-duty S in room             R[16203]  2- 1 The Severed Hea
[ 8] O[16221] a solamnic br wielded             M[16205]   0   An off-duty Sol

To set these resets, in redit mode:

    reset 1 mob 16203 1 1        - Places 1 mobile (16203) in the room,
                                   with a maximum of 1 in the world.
    reset 2 obj 16200 none       - Places object 16200 in the inventory of Mob (16203)
    reset 3 obj 16203 none       - Places object 16203 in the inventory of Mob (16203)
    reset 4 obj 16202 none       - Places object 16202 in the inventory of Mob (16203)
    reset 5 obj 16206 none       - Places object 16206 in the inventory of Mob (16203)
    reset 6 obj 16201 none       - Places object 16201 in the inventory of Mob (16203)
    reset 7 mob 16205 2 1        - Places 1 mobile (16205) in the room
                                   with a maximum of 2 in the world.
    reset 8 obj 16221 wielded    - Places obj 16221 wielded by the last Mob (16205)

NOTE: For instantly resetting an object or mob

mreset (vnum) # #       - Instantly places mobile in room
                           (# # = world limit, room limit of the mobile)
                           If #s arent placed, defaults to 1 - 1        

oreset (vnum)           - Instantly places object in room
                           (see mreset for world limit/room limit also)