Qualinesti Elf

Races_QualinestiQualinesti Elf

The Qualinesti are slightly smaller and darker than the Silvanesti. Their hair ranges from honey-brown to blond, and their eyes are blue or brown. They prefer woven slacks and jerkins for men, long dresses for women.

The Qualinesti are more friendly than the Silvanesti. They have traded more openly with other races and even constructed a trade center in conjunction with the Mountain Dwarves. The only barrier to improved relations with humans, is the elves’ dislike of interracial marriages.

Because the Qualinesti society is far less structured than that of their Silvanesti cousins, all classes are available to the young Qualinesti Elf for study. However, just like the Silvanesti, their relatively slight build prevents them from becoming extremely effective warriors.