Colossal Cave Adventure

Colossal Cave Adventure - IE adventAdventure, also known as Colossal Cave Adventure, was the forefather of text gaming. (see also Zork)

The origins of ‘Adventure
“I had been involved in a non-computer role-playing game called Dungeons and
Dragons at the time, and also I had been actively exploring in caves
Mammoth Cave in Kentucky in particular.

“Suddenly, I got involved in a divorce, and that left me a bit pulled apart
in various ways. In particular I was missing my kids.

“Also the caving had stopped, because that had become awkward, so I decided I
would fool around and write a program that was a re-creation in fantasy of my
caving, and also would be a game for the kids, and perhaps some aspects of
the Dungeons and Dragons that I had been playing.”

My idea was that it would be a computer game that would not be intimidating
to non-computer people, and that was one of the reasons why I made it so that
the player directs the game with natural language input, instead of more
standardized commands. My kids thought it was a lot of fun.”

– William Crowthe

Ps. As a side note. Colossal Cave Adventure was the first computer game I
ever played, back in 1979 on my fathers 1mhz IBM clone computer. I was
hooked, making maps and notes, and I never did get it all solved. When I
found MUDs, in particularly Ansalon, many years later… I was hooked, it was
the old game, but smarter, and a world much more immense, and there were
other people! Thanks to all of those who paved the way. – Zivilyn.