The Clans of Ansalon – Rogue.

The Rogue

by Orryn (additions/edited by Skol)

Rogue is your first, and only, family. You came to us because you had no
one who would accept you. You had no where you could call home.

You were ignored.
You were reviled.
You were hunted.

Now, you are safe. You are welcome into our fold but you must never forget
how it was before you came to us. The memory will keep you loyal to your
family as well as help you recognize others who share your pain. We are
always willing to help another lost soul; however discretion is the
operative, and only, word here. We exist on the borders of society because
of what we are.

Think of your half-elf brother. He came to us because he was despised by
his father’s kin and feared by his mother’s. He came here for the
acceptance we can give him. What would he have if we were gone? He would
have fear and hatred.

Think of your sticky-fingered sister. She was orphaned and had to steal
what she could to survive. She has spent time in prison for her attempts at
living. If she didn’t have our flop houses to sleep in she would be left
with the gutters, at least, until the law dogs caught her again.

Secrecy is what keeps us safe and free. If the knights, mages, lawmen and
bounty hunters knew we existed, knew where we were, we would be no more.
For that reason we must be sure that any who we would think to bring into
our fold understands what that means. We cannot risk being revealed. Each
mouth we tell is a mouth that can betray us and thus we must make sure they
are loyal to what we represent before we let them see we exist.

We don’t care who you are, what you have done, or what you plan to do. So
long as it does not bring attention to your brothers and sisters here, your
plans are your own.

Be warned though: Those whose actions have brought light upon us, either
intentionally or not will find it hard to find those willing to help them
fix their mistake. Should their misstep be too great they may find it hard
to find any of their former siblings, at least before their siblings find
them. We must stay hidden. We are Rogue.
– Gentleman Thom



  • Any class
  • Any race
  • Any alignment
  • Any religion
  • RP: Mandatory
  • PK: Either

Rogue accepts all races, professions (or lack there of), religions, and
virtually all backgrounds. We are a motley collection of misfits, people
who do not fit into any other category for various reasons. If you choose
to avoid the other organizations because you don’t fit into their crowd, or
because you are something out of the norm, such as a renegade mage or
knight errant it doesn’t matter to us. What does matter is that you
realized that we are not a clan like any other. We support each other as
much as possible, but we will not throw ourselves onto the blade to save
you. We have been ignored or mistreated all our lives. Our basic natures
cannot be ignored completely; this has lead most of us to act a bit
selfishly when the pressure is on even when we claim altruism. Even the
most stalwart dwarf will regress into his base instincts when faced with
painful memories given flesh, trust me on this point. I have done the
experiments. Many of us strive to live a life together but we must accept
that we are not always prepared for what that means.

That said we will accept the most devout of clerics just as quickly as we
will take the blackest-hearted pirate and every greedy merchant and kindly
healer in between. The only thing that matters to us is that you understand
that our life, and now yours, depends on being able to keep your mouth shut
and your head low. Should you fail in that, well, I always can use a spare
set of hands down in my lab.
-Necromancer Jhailus

Level: 15
Class: Any
Race: Any

As mentioned above, virtually any background/role play is acceptable.
However, you must have a background. If we have no background information
about you how do we know we can trust you?

A basic description of your characters physical attributes. Things such as
hair color, eye color, height, and build are all helpful, and let’s be
honest, required. This clan is built upon role-play and as such we require
people to do so.

Player Killing/Stealing:
Players can be either PK or NOPK. PK requires well written warnotes,
stories, and reasons for the attack. Simply put, role-play.

HOW to get into Rogue:
Perhaps one of the most oft asked questions, ‘How do I get into Rogue?’
along with ‘Does anyone still play Rogue?’ The answer is yes, the clan is
active and does exist. To get into Rogue you must first have a detailed
character description, then have a background for your character, and write
a note to ROGUE IMMORTAL. The note will be story format, and tell about
your background, upbringing, and your general role play. (It can have ooc
parts of course). Please note that Dual clanning in Rogue IS possible, but
any betrayal of the Rogue will be met with extreme punishment.

  • Have a good description
  • Create character background information
  • Note to ROGUE & Immortal with your story and any other reasons you feel like adding

Declined players will NOT be notified by Rogue, perhaps by Immortal though.

Please note: People with backgrounds of being poor PKers with regards to
role-play will most likely be turned away unless they’ve shown that they
can actually do BOTH. This isn’t a clan of pure PK’s, it’s a clan of PK &

Former Rogues

The captain of a pirate ship on the Blood Sea often told me loose lips sink
ships. If that’s not plain enough for ya, let me put it simply. If you open
yer yap about who we are or where we can be found, ya risk our whole
operation. I ain’t speaking lightly, neither. If some of us are found,
they’ll die and not in a quick pretty way. They will be keel hauled or
blooded and dropped in sharky waters as fish bait. They will be made
examples of. Cuz o’ this, we ain’t about to let those who know us to leave
us. We are, as someone put so prettily before, a family. You can avoid some
o’ your kin, but you can never leave your family. It’s there for life. We
cant afford to trust anyone who has decided they be better served without
us beside them. They hold a dagger to our throat with what they know.

If someone leaves us, they have called down the Darkling Sea’s storm upon
their head. All clansmen are required to do what they can to gather
information on where the Betrayer’s new stop-hole abbey might be. Any who
are able to bring ’em back in front o’ the clan is to do jus’ that. If the
turn-coat is a right enough threat a Hunt may be called on him. If that is
the case, their stinking carcass is not required jus’ the evidence of their
punishment. When you are done with the body, bring back their gear; all o’
-James ‘Red Legs’ Klegg

Player Killing

Pk is a very viable way to put forward your role-play. In many ways it is
the ultimate expression of your characters role-play. You have found
someone your character disagrees with so very much that they are willing to
ignore the ingrained resistance most people have against taking their foes

Pk for its own sake, however, is entirely different. If you attack someone,
you need to have a good reason. In addition to that, we expect you to post
decent war notes. “Jaymes attacked me so I cut him. 24 to him from Rogue
and myself” and “I got bored and jumped Rolf when he wasn’t expecting it.
24 hours from rogue” are not good notes. You need to explain what you were
doing when you were attacked. Why you chose to beat someone to
unconsciousness while they were distracted by something else. If you think
you know why you were attacked, then, please, try to explain it. Even if
you are wrong it gives people a view on your character’s beliefs. Not to
mention that misconceptions are a great source of later role-play. There is
nothing quite like having to come to terms with the realization that the
evil knight who just died in his sleep due to your blade is really a
paladin in the service of Solamnia.

Example Warnote


I sat in the back of the inn watching me lads show their appreciation of
the serving wench's fine shape when that twice damned whore's son of a
guard stepped into the light behind me, his shadow falling over my cards.

Guess he had heard that I had made my way back here.

He'd be wantin' to slap irons on me no doubt, for the beating I gave one of
his law dogs last time I was in town.

I heard the rasp of steel coming free of its scabbard and before he could
land a blow I rolled out of my chair.

"Welcome back, Trench. I just wanted to let you know, that guard you
decided needed a new hole to breathe out of? He died, and now it looks like
you are resisting arrest. Seems like you might need a new breathing hole

It was a rough fight, the boys anger made it seem like he swung a mast
instead of a blade. In the end though I got a good cut on him and he went
down faster'n I would have thought.

24 hours protection from myself. Nothing taken beyond pride.



Warnotes to all will not mention Rogue,
a SEPARATE WARNOTE to Rogue Immortal
with protection stated is required. This is due to the secretive nature of the clan.
Do NOT out yourself in a warnote.

Example Warnote

I weaved through the masses as I followed the thief through the street. He
had been the one to rob the orphanage donation box but the Solamnics
Knights would do nothing about it. They had no ‘proof’ and refused to act
before they knew. Well I knew and I didn’t want to let him get away now
that I had him in my sights.

I waited until he ducked into an alley way before I drew my sword and
announced my presence. “You, thief.”

He turned to face me, his hands dipping into his vest. A fight then. Good.

“Your deeds have gone unnoticed by the Knights but I am not restrained by
their code. Repent or face atonement.”

Funny thing about criminals, they never choose to repent. His dagger was no
match for my broadsword. I took back the money he had stolen as well as his
dagger, leaving him bloodied.

The Matron of the orphanage would appreciate having this back.

24 to Rhavin from me. I looted his weapon and all the money he had on him.
Rocigz, the gully from the wrong side of the tracks.

Each note should be a well thought out epilogue to the violence and having
a reason before hand will only strengthen your position.

On a related note, you may not like someone in the clan, or their views on
how to solve a particular problem, however infighting does nothing but
serve to weaken us. Due to that it is heavily frowned upon to attack clan
members. It is not disallowed, but if you do so you had better have an
extremely good reason. If you haven’t been reading this far we see each
other as brothers and sisters. Fighting, arguing, shoving, it’s all
allowed. Attacking is, generally, an unnecessary step. If it begins to get
to that point remember the guild leader’s job is to deal with clan members,
be it through mediation or through throwing problem members to the curb.


Leadership Roles

The leader of the clan. His job is to govern and regulate the members of
this clan and make sure that everyone keeps our laws. He is the lid to
our boiling pot of people.

The second-in-command of the guild. His job is to handle the day to day
activities. Collection of moneys, recruitment, collecting information
which needs passed to the captain, all these are his duties.

These are the people with an ear to the pulse of our clan. Their job is
to advise the Seneschal and Captain as to the course they believe best
should they disagree with the current course of actions. They are also
allowed to assist the seneschal in bringing new members into our ranks.

Non Leadership Roles

Please note: Non-leadership ranks are purely role-play, the number has no
bearing, simply the name is tied to the players current role-play.

People born with blades (or clubs) in their hand. They are the brawn of
our group and tend to focus the martial side of things

Masters of all things economic. What they sell could be anything from
pottery and weapons to information and secrets. They know the worth of a

Sea dogs who spend their days on the open waters. They could be pirates,
trade-ships, fisherman or any other number of things.

People who excel at getting things out of, or into, controlled areas. If
you need a special order, this is the group of people to talk to.

Unsavory folk who will do whatever is necessary, for a price…
Cut-throats, thieves, grifters and con-men, watching your wallet might
not be good when they talk you into giving it to them.

Intellectuals, magic users and extortionists. These are people who
understand that secrets can be very powerful.

Wanderers, Explorers, Bums. Call them what you will, they tend to move on
before the dust has settled.

When I was young, perhaps 17, I petitioned the Order of Solamnic Knights to
take me into their walls. I thought that the world was a dark and dreary
place that needed light. Light that few had and that I was sure I could
bring. To my shame I was brought in and, in time, began to believe that as
a page, then a squire that the light that the world needed would never be
brought into full view if I was stuck delivering documents and learning
etiquette. I set my eyes upon the Rose Knighthood. To the position of Grand
Master, even. I was sure that if I were given the position I wanted, nay,
needed, the world would be made a better place for it. In my arrogance I
never understood the one simple truth that those in a better vantage point
saw: I am not a leader. My sword arm and my belief in Paladine are strong
but that does not mean that I can set the course for the entire knighthood,
let alone the world.

I will not go into the details but the fact that I now bunk in Rogue flop
houses instead of Solamnic barracks should give you a clue as to how things
went. Mainly, this is all to say that some are meant for leadership and
some are meant to follow and support those they believe in. If you find
that you are put into the position of leadership be prepared to ask
yourself, daily, if you are able to keep those in your care safe and alive.
If you are never given that responsibility, be happy that your days can be
filled with your own desires.
-Tarin a Free-knight

Just a note upon what my friend Tarin has chosen to share with us. Your
“rank”, if you will permit me to call it that for the moment, is not a
means of measuring of your advancement. We are all equal, with those who
lead us simply being given the respect deserved by one who dedicates his
life to keeping you alive. Keep it in mind.
-Gentleman Thom