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Ansalon Player Port was last started up at Tue Jul 16 18:16:39 2024
Current as of Mon Jul 22 04:46:58 2024 Updated once per minute.
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[ Minotaur  ] <H> [Dragonarmy] Malak the Angerous Pilgrim
[   Goblin  ] Zrog is still spamming.
[ Minotaur  ] <H> [Mercenary ] <L> Not President Witrestde, fight me a hobbit.
[ Minotaur  ] Derkylos might be a robit.
[           ] <H> Mordecai Thanebreaker, more dick eye.
[ Minotaur  ] Gormak the Swordpupil
Players on now: 6
Helpers found: 3
Played since last reboot: 58
Ansalon Chat
Smasher OOCs 'you know whats real annoying. when you look at something, it selects and item, but when you try to put something in it, its selecting something else'
Smasher OOCs 'why dont they select the same item'
Derkylos OOCs 'fresh batch of tiles in path to mud school'
Derkylos OOCs 'also a bunch of shinare keys in path to mud school that i dont need and are just stacking up'
Zrog OOCs 'Erm....'
Eidilys OOCs 'just watched Dune Part Two, and then I showed my kids some clips from the 1984 version.'
Witrestde OOCs 'and they were like "oh, sting"?'
Eidilys OOCs 'They laughed at it, that one hasn't aged well.'
Someone OOCs 'Anyone awake?'
Witrestde OOCs 'no, never'
Someone OOCs 'As expected.'
Witrestde OOCs '*sage* you'll know it if I wake up'
Wyldsheed OOCs 'Yarrrru!'

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