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Ansalon Player Port was last started up at Fri Feb 23 17:02:44 2024
Current as of Mon Feb 26 03:57:17 2024 Updated once per minute.
------------------------------------ Mortals  ----------------------------------
[Qualinesti ] <H> [ Mariner ] [Vanderkaum] <R> First Mistress Shizuru the Mariner Ranger
[  Gnome    ] Gnarsty is workin' on his fitness.
[ Minotaur  ] Bardak the champion.
[ Minotaur  ] <H> [Mercenary ] <L> Not President Witrestde, brack and blish, and eld the pruner
[           ] <H> Mordecai Thanebreaker, slumlord extraordinaire.
Players on now: 5
Helpers found: 3
Played since last reboot: 81
Czaenathar OOCs 'new skills when you're a 101 melee are a bit rough though'
Czaenathar OOCs 'need like 18 gains minimum on every character'
Czaenathar OOCs 'anyway I'm out, take care'
Shizuru OOCs 'Well supposed to be better for melee...if you can remeber everything'
Shizuru OOCs 'Nite Cz!'

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