Zivilyn’s massive staff flares.
The Mysterious lantern of Rocigz’s resistance is overcome by your staff!

Name(s):      lantern mysterious rocigz qi
Short:        the Mysterious lantern of Rocigz
Long:         A strange lantern, with strips of burlap holding it together, sits on the ground...
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STAFFS (Imbue/Charge)

The ‘magicstaff’ code has been looked into for all spells. Some stayed the same, many got a slight ‘power’ boost (not level when it comes to PVP). Durations a tad longer etc.

Also the GEM cost for IMBUE is 1/3 what it was. See also: HELP IMBUE.

And… because I’m _me_… Superfood exists sometimes in create food :P...

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The MudScrabble game now can be used by the players themselves without needing an Immortal/Implementor. (You’ll still need it for DL words)

Simply type SCRABBLE to see how to use it.

SCRABBLE SUBMIT will turn in _ALL_ tiles in your inventory.

SCRABBLE POINTS will show you the points, and how many you have.

If you DO wish to turn i...

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Create Food: Now has some random food creation (generated), even dragons lol (and yes, I’d like to make food more useful, slight heals still, thoughts?) Some are MASSIVE heals, but big fill too. The Superfood ones are less filling, more healing 🙂

– Ziv & Co.

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Spell Adjustments

Summon works as intended now (we had it NOT allowing summoning of mobs with quest parts… forgot the ‘mob’ part, so it stopped summons of players, fixed).

Lightning now does more damage underwater (if you are able to cast it, ie free action/water breathe), as well as above any ‘water’ zones.

Magic Missile does a little more ‘oomph’ at low...

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There is now the option to PEEK ALL when in a room.

You’ll need to have your peek skill practiced up a bit, and it will…

Peek all, ever (humanoid) in the room.

There’s a little lag, except for our little borrower friends as they are constantly looking at everyones bits and pieces anyway.
Have fun!
– Ziv & Co.

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ROCIGZ – Detect Magic

The Rocigz Lantern was greatly considered to be hugely over powered.
The permanent detect invisible and detect hidden nullified both
castor and theif alike.

The stats remain, but the spell is now ‘DETECT MAGIC’.

That beind said… DETECT MAGIC has changed also.
Detect Magic makes any items in the room (or on you) glow
if they are magical in any way (...

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While you were out…

So, in the spirit of things getting better while you aren’t connected…
We have increased the maladiction drops to all known maladictions, so the duration of them ticks by when you’re at work, sleeping, etc.
(This added smoke, confusion, chill touch & silence)

Also, your character will now heal moves, mana and hitpoints while your away from them!


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Maladiction Durations (while not playing)

Like Quests waiting periods, Maladictions will now ‘get better’ as you are offline.
Blinded for 20 minutes?
Log out, play another character, log back in 20 minutes later?
It drops 20 off the duration.

You’ll still have to wait one final tick for that last bit, but…

IE: [Hit Return to continue]
Your poison was reduced by 2 minutes.

The idea here is ...

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