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Fri Jul 14 17:00:09 2017
To: all
They were like litter, _everywhere_. I’ve dropped back the frequency of
them so it’s not so spammy. Let me know if it seems ‘too rare’ now (it’s
more than figurines still a little).
– Ziv.

[ 5] Zivilyn: PET CORPSES
Fri Jul 21 17:42:33 2017
To: all
Great idea Larian, no idea why we didn’t do...

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Pet Corpses – Yardsales!

Pet corpses will now make an EQ Yardsale like player corpses, if the pet is carrying any equipment. This is only for pets, not charmies, but it should help with the hours of re-equipping a pet if you lose one. Find it’s pile, get it back.

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Greetings – Majere!

Hi everyone! I’m the new guy on the block and just wanted to take a
minute to introduce myself. I’m Majere! I’ll be in charge of player
participation initiatives and getting some interest back in both role-play
and immortal run Quests! At the start my goal will be weekly quests
typically on weekends, depending on what works best for the group...

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Quaf Quaf! And…. Perm Fireproof

Quaf a potion, used to lag like hell. Now only if you’re VIOLENT.

If you’ve gotten improved fireproof, you’re way more likely now to permanently fireproof things (it basically rolls and unless you over/equal to your skill, it will be permanent.

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Magic Missile & Lightning Bolt tweaks

Magic missile can have 2/3 EXTRA missiles if above 95% in the spell (Battlemages also got a tiny bump, like 5-10 damage per shot). Mainly, this helps low level battle mages.

Lightning bolt has had a 2nd chance for an additional bolt, this goes up now if you have it above 95 for battlemages also...

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Ansalon GUI 2.somethingBeta_something WIP

First looks at a new Ansalon GUI (still WIP, re-writing from scratch).


ansalon_autumn_mushclientThis is again a Mushclient GUI (plugin) that will be available soon.

The background and all controls/gauges change with the seasons, just a little more flavor for the game play...

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Shinare’s Mercs

The Shinare‘ Mercs are now in!!

The quest master’s now have a new list ‘Shinare‘ which are pets that are +9 to your level, and BUFF. They are tougher by a degree than the toughest clan-pets, and up to level 60 in level. They can wear EQ, and generally perform bad-assery.

There are Thief, Ranger and Warrior Mercs available (currently just human, ...

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You exclaim ‘wandering kender is a burly-boned full-gorged half-breed!
A wandering kender exuberantly exclaims ‘Zivilyn is a cockered gully-dwarf-humping flax-wench!!

You say ‘a wandering kender is a weak-preying milk-livered pignut.
A wandering kender exuberantly exclaims ‘Zivilyn is a tottering fart-sniffing popinjay!!

You exclaim ‘a wanderin...

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New Gems in Score/Worth!

Gems are now a stat on your character (see score or worth gems).

Values: (in copper) 
  • Garnet: 1,300
  • Pearl: 1,500
  • Opal: 2,200
  • Emerald: 5,100
  • Ruby: 7,200
  • Diamond: 10,000
  • Star Diamond: 1,000,000

Shops do charge the usual 10% fee, so listed prices will reflect that.

BUT…. gems are light… really light… 🙂
If you run low on cash, just sell <gem ty...

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