ROCIGZ – Detect Magic

The Rocigz Lantern was greatly considered to be hugely over powered.
The permanent detect invisible and detect hidden nullified both
castor and theif alike.

The stats remain, but the spell is now ‘DETECT MAGIC’.

That beind said… DETECT MAGIC has changed also.
Detect Magic makes any items in the room (or on you) glow
if they are magical in any way (...

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While you were out…

So, in the spirit of things getting better while you aren’t connected…
We have increased the maladiction drops to all known maladictions, so the duration of them ticks by when you’re at work, sleeping, etc.
(This added smoke, confusion, chill touch & silence)

Also, your character will now heal moves, mana and hitpoints while your away from them!


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Maladiction Durations (while not playing)

Like Quests waiting periods, Maladictions will now ‘get better’ as you are offline.
Blinded for 20 minutes?
Log out, play another character, log back in 20 minutes later?
It drops 20 off the duration.

You’ll still have to wait one final tick for that last bit, but…

IE: [Hit Return to continue]
Your poison was reduced by 2 minutes.

The idea here is ...

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QUEST – Timers (when not playing)

Soooo, you haven’t played your thief in like 3 hours,
… or 2 days etc.

Quest time: You have 18 minutes remaining until you can go on another quest.

*blink*… Um, so… I haven’t played my thief in like 3 hours…
.. and I need to wait to quest?

Now? If your character has been logged out,
your quest time continues to tick down. 🙂
It takes you a minute...

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Quest STREAKS are now in!
To see how many you have simply type QUEST STREAK.
If you decline a quest… it goes to ZERO.
If you fail to finish a quest in time… it goes to ZERO.
If you quit, in the middle of a quest… you drop to ZERO…

If you complete a quest? It goes up by 1.
There are rewards the higher your Quest Streak is,
…in Quest Point bonuses!


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Track & Hunt!

Track and hunt for all classes now!
(I was going to make them ‘seek’ and ‘farsight’ for castor classes, but… ok, still might)

Track at 14, hunt at 23.
Half the lag!

Scrye… HALF THE LAG!!!
Go peekayze😜 Lots of updates, log in and…

[Hit Return to Continue]

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POISON: Maladiction fixing

POISON… big change here, Poison will no longer STACK.
Also, the duration has been brought within reason.
Duration is now level/15 (or /8 for charged staff).
Meaning, no longer do you have a 25 hour poison in 101 PK…
It’s more like 7-5 ticks. There is a minimum of 1 tick.

Also, poison will _always_ do at least 1 point of damage.
This is the old ‘ant...

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Saving Throws for Highbies…

Hey guys, log in and check out the update on Saving throws.
We’ve adjusted (and can on the fly) saving throw rolls as the original code was built around about half the level of playing that we have now, busted the Matrix and all that.

We are still working on a few things like level vs level impact, as well as a few others.
Let us know of any concer...

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New Area! Zhakar Fortress!

New area went in today, it’s one for the explorers of the world!

  • Name: Zhakar Fortress
  • Level: Ranges 30-45 for experience

The Fortress of Zhakar is built upon the long since ruined City of Zhakar,
most of which was below ground. Rumors say the city was vast and held
countless tunnels and chambers. During the cataclysm the entire region was
torn a...

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