Fishing History


 *                       Fishing v1.1                       *
 *     By David S. Leverich and Scott MacLean (2005)        *
 * Based on Fishing v1.0, Plains of Nomaia by Scott MacLean *
     Fishing v1.2 (c) Skol/Zivilyn/David S. Leverich (2005)                  
      Expanded and rewritten from v1.1
     121205: Rods now show the line in the water
             Fish weights changed, people shown to 
             be 'is here fishing.' rather than (fishing)
     121505: 20 more species added, sunfish bass crappie
             Bug fixed so sizes are random
             weights based on length vs max/min
             Depth caught influences size now.
     121905: 15 more fish species.
             REEF type fishing pool added
     122205: Examine pole now shows what it's doing
             Entire examine reworked so its a sentence
             rather than container list.
     031606: NULL ch error fixed, poles get extracted
     Fishing v1.3 (c) David S. Leverich (2007)                  
     021307: Fishing pools up to 1000 feet now (oceans)
             Fish line up to 300 lb test
     030807: Giant Catfish in lakes!
             SHARK ATTACK!!! Great Whites
             Sand sharks, Thresher etc.
     031407: Fish length weight equations redone.
             Fish size now shows in examine
     031607: More fish. Lampreys for fresh water
             Hammerhead sharks, shark sized catfish...
             Price per pound on fresh water fish raised.
     031907: Snag code reworked, much nice.
     040507: School command, stops fishing first
     051807: Line lower/raise rewritten completely
             Now based upon sinker weight and char dex
             Cost & Max Size of many fish increased. 
             Some sharks topping 1500 pounds!
     052207: Pole length taken into consideration for raise/lower
             Deep pools don't require boat IF not water sector
             Docks, iceholes etc,
             Underwater casting no longer ;p.
             Examining pole shows approximate line left.
     071307: Examine now shows approximate length and weight.
     080207: Line and pole breaking now take into account the
             durability of the pole, and line weight.
             Five new shark species added.

     Fishing v1.4 (c) David S. Leverich (2007)                  
     080407: Fish now pull line out, they fight back!
             Dropped perfect looking (spammy), only beat up fish
             Show condition in desc.
             Only large/small fish indicate size in descs
     080807: Fish now bite hooks and bait that are adequate sizes
             Hooks and Baits match sizes
             Hook sizes increased from 1-3 to 1-10
             Bait sizes increased from 1-4 to 1-10
             New shop in Caergoth with other sized hooks/lines/baits etc

     Fishing v1.5 (c) David S. Leverich (2008)                  
     081508: In act_info.c it now shows bait size if its been
             nibbled down by the fish.
     081508: act_obj.c it now will usually chew up bait more
             when fish get pulled off the hook. Create hole
             so that people have something to spend more on.
     Fishing v1.5a (c) David S. Leverich (2012)                  
     041712: fish.c added GMP (Global Mud Production) 
     withdrawal on fish creation to offset