Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, Dragon-queen, She of Many Faces – in all lands and cultures, her countenance has been the visage of evil. Takhisis led the shadows from Beyond and brought them to aid in the creation of this cosmos. Her deeds have ever since been a constant struggle to assert her rule over all creation. It is, in her view, only right and just that this be so. Sargonnas has been her consort since before the beginning of all things. Takhisis can appear in any form she wishes and often takes on a disguise. She is most often seen as either a five-headed chromatic dragon, or as a beautiful temptress, equally deadly in either form. Takhisis is the driving force behind the Dragonarmies.


Takhisis lays down the law. Sort of.

Takhisis is currently working through law school, which is frightening as he may some day pass legislation. Truthfully though, he will most likely star in a late-night TV ad that starts with If you have been hurt or injured in an automobile accident.

Takhisis is one of our newest immortals, but has been playing Ansalon on-and-off since 2000, a while now. He always seems to find his way back, and doesn’t really have the heart to leave.

When he has a moment to enjoy the outdoors, Takhisis enjoys catching waves, the occasional fish taco, and sangria on the beach.

He enjoys all sorts of role-play, which is great because he cant build or code! If you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of, Takhisis is always happy to help flesh out a story or play the part of a NPC. And if you’re interested in joining Dragonarmies, Takhisis is the immortal for you.

Oh. Did you not get the memo? Sandra from HR has your last paycheck…