The Mariners

The Mariners

Clan Qualifications

  • Any classes are allowed to join.
  • Any alignments are allowed to join.
  • Any races are allowed to join.
  • All mages must agree to the Conclave Clause (to avoid retribution upon the clan).

Mariners Today

Mariners are many kinds of people, from the Merchant who simply sails the shipping lanes delivering goods between ports, to the Minotaur warrior in the Blood Seas, to the Pirates raiding the coastal towns, or the Palanthian Navy trying to keep peace.

Entry into the Mariners

All classes are accepted into the Mariners and all can have a role within the clan.

Clerics, paladins, templars and monks will most likely be still part of their Holy Order, but it is not required by any Mariner ship.

Mages and battlemages are very welcome but again it’s recommended that they first receive training through the Orders of High Sorcery (Conclave).  Choosing NOT to do so will often cause undue pressure and notice to the Mariners from the Orders of High Sorcery as the person will be hunted as a renegade.

Thieves and warriors often make up the bulk of any Mariner ship. A sailor is often a blend of the two depending on how hard fate has played their hand.

Rank Structure

  1. Cabin Boy
  2. Ensign
  3. Gaffer
  4. Cook
  5. Master Chief
  6. Mate
  7. First Mate
  8. Captain
  9. Commander
  10. Admiral

Rank in Mariner is more of the role that your character plays, once you hit First Mate or above though, your words carry power over the crew.

Player Killing & Role Play

Player killing is allowed and encouraged. Proper role play of the kill and warnote are strictly required. Bring the flavor of your character into the role-play and enrich the game with the story. Craptastic warnotes will result in you being tossed overboard (OOC: Write good ones or float with fishes)

Ships of Mariner

EACH SHIP IS AUTONOMOUS!  Every ship is it’s unique ‘ship’ there is not a single  overriding ‘Mariner’ clan. This means that there might be good ships, bad ships, pirates,  merchants, navy etc, but each is unique.


While an occasional crewmember has been spotted, the Orlouge is believed to be lost at sea or perhaps simply on a long voyage.


Tempest is the pirate arm of the Mariner fleet. She is a black-hulled ship that is rumored to be able to move without the natural powers of Krynn’s wind. Members of her crew should be of the mindset that wealth and power are gained by being the mightiest upon Zeboim’s seas. They take what they want when they want it. Any who oppose them are rumored to be swallowed into the depths of Krynn’s dark oceans. They are a group made up of many races and classes. For more information about this ship, please contact a crewman.

New Ship Requestments

  1. The base cost is 4000 diamonds.
  2. A list of players for the ship, there must be a minimum of 5 crew members (players) for each ship.  For every crew member under 10 the ship costs an additional 500 diamonds for the NPC crewmen that are needed to fill the void.
  3. A proposed ship name, which must be approved by an implementor.
  4. A proposed style of ship role play.  This includes any prerequisite races, classes, etc and the general roleplay direction of the ship.
  5. A proposed default ship berth (location), these ships can sail and additional berths can be purchased at the rate of 1000 diamonds per berth.

For more information about how this works and what each ship gets please see ‘help mariner’ in game.