Majere is the favored god of monks. He is said to give his followers symbols that, when cast upon the ground, become insects that fight for their owner. One of the gods who came from Beyond, he followed his friend Paladine into this great adventure of creation.


Hey guys! I’m a 19 year veteran of Ansalon and have loved every minute of it. I have done everything from PK to RP to questing and am looking to bring Ansalon’s players the best mud experience possible. I will be directly working on player participation initiatives including daily random trivia and prizes, as well as cool memorable handouts. I’m always open to ideas and more than willing to put my personal time in to making your game experience the best one possible.

Little bit about me, I’m a sales manager living in North Carolina working with a private company that markets and sells services for Fortune 500 companies. I’ve always been a fan of text based, tabletop and console gaming. I’m on PS4 is anyone ever wants to play. I’m also a huge sports fan and I’m always down to talk football, basketball, soccer etc.

Looking forward to having a great time on Ansalon with all of you!