MUSHclient & Ansalon

Many of our players find Mushclient to be their game client of choice.

You can download the client from Gammon’s here.

Plugins: (right click, ‘save as’ and put them in your plugins folder)

History: Map Plugin

  • Adapated by Nick Gammon for Smaug and similar MUDs
  • Bits of this plugin and ideas were borrowed and remixed from the MUSHclient community. and others.
  • Modifications for Aardwolf and extra awesome sauce added by Fiendish with help from Orogan
  • Modifications for Ansalon MUD ( 8679) 2010- Geriant/CLeary
  • Updated with area names, room names 2015 – Skol/DSL

History: Chat Plugin

  • Modifications for Ansalon MUD ( 8679) by Geriant/CLeary 11.23.10