Windriders of the Wildrunners

Windriders are an ancient elven organization that exists among the Kagonesti
Elves, Silvanesti Elves, and the Qualinesti Elves. Regardless of their national
affiliation all Windriders are Warriors that fight on Gryphons.

In 2190 PC, the Windriders were formed when Kith-Kanan and his brother Sithas
traveled to the Khalkist Mountains. Vedvedsica provided the twins with a magical
scroll. Sithas used the scroll and bonded the griffons with the elven people.
Kith-Kanan later formed the Windriders. Kith-Kanan opened up the Windriders to
anyone regardless of house.

Many elves left Silvanesti to form the new nation of Qualinesti in 2073 PC. This
split the Windriders among the two nations. Kagonesti Windriders tend to care
more about their mounts than other Elves. Silvanesti members tend to get lost in
their own superiority, but will be pleasant to their allies. The Windriders of
Qualinesti tend to be more down to earth compared with their Silvanesti cousins.
The Silvanesti eventually started to restrict membership to the Windriders to be
of House Protector. The Silvanesit later allowed Wizards of House Mystic to join
the Windriders during the War.

Entry into the Windriders All potential windriders must be of Elven
descent. All three pureblood races of elves will be accepted. Half-elves will be
considered, and further resrticted to a ranking no higher than Flight Leader
(6), if accepted. The potential member is tested. Their fighting skills and
ability to get along with gryphons is checked. Those that fail are offered
positions in the Wildrunners. While this is the usual method, the need for
skilled members has caused the Windriders to sometimes recruit new elves. Once
an initiate skills are tested and trained they are sent to Avalune, in the
Anviltop Mountains, on the island of Cristyne, to be bonded with a gryphon.
(This requirement is strictly a Role play via story or ICC, in which the rider
and gryphon choose each other as companion.)

(1) Recruit
(2) Gryphon Tender
(3) Cadet
(4) Gryphon Rider
(5) Gryphon Rider First Class
(6) Flight Leader
(7) Pride Lord
(8) Wing Commander
(9) Sky Warden
(10) Marshal of the Sun

Marshall of the Gilaedai, the Month of (Clan Level 10): The Leader of the Windriders. This person
is the commander of the Windriders and their units. They execute the orders of
the Field Marshall. They are responsible for the actions of their clan and
resolve issues and treaties with other clans. The Field Marshall is also the
subclan representative to the Wildrunners as well as the Immortals. They are in
charge of all three Wards. There may only be ONE Marshal of The Sun.

Sky Warden (Clan Level 9): These are the elite, most highly skilled of all
Wildrunners. They execute the orders of the Marshall of the Gilaedai, the Month of and are charged
with daily running and upkeep of the Windriders within their Elven Nation. They
lead the forces of the Windriders during battle. They’re divisions are called
Wards, which may consist of up to two Wings. There may only be three Sky
Wardens at one time (One per Elven Nation).

Wing Commander (Clan Level 8): The Wing Commander may be given command a large
geographic area specific to an elven nation (such as Silvanesti). They may
oversee a number of aviaries within their area. A Wing commander’s division is
called a Wing, and they may be in charge of one to four Prides. There may be up
to six Wing Commanders at one time (two per Elven Nation).

Pride Lord (Clan Level 7): A Pride Lord is responsible for the overseeing and
leading several Flights. They’re division is called a Pride. A Pride of
Windriders may consist of anywhere from one to four Flights.

Flight Leader (Clan Level 6): A Flight Leader, is given command of the smallest
unit of Windriders. In times of war, a Flight Leader is directly responsible for
training and leading all lower ranks within his or her unit into battle. They
are in charge of divisions called Flights. This unit can consist of anywhere
from three to twelve Windriders.

Gryphon Rider First Class (Clan Level 5): A Gryphon Rider First Class has earned
special priviledges. He or she may be called upon for extremely dangerous
messenger missions.

Gryphon Rider (Clan Level 4): Upon reaching the rank of Gryphon Rider, a
Windrider becomes an official messenger and ambassador of both the Wildrunners
and the elven nations. Gryphon Riders continue the mentoring of younger troops
throughout their progression.

Cadet (Clan Level 3): This is the first rank where a Windrider may first mentor
a lower ranking clan member. The Cadet has been around and earned his rank and
should impart his wisdom to those below him. Despite his skill, he may not yet
lead troops in battle. Cadets begin full training in ariel combat, as well as
assisting recruits with initiation.

Gryphon Tender (Clan Level 2): This person has seen a bit of the world and
earned a little respect. They’ve likely seen a battle or two and are growing in
skill. At this rank, each Gryphon Tender should now be bonded with his or her
chosen gryphon, and will see to its health as well as those gryphons or higher
ranking officers.

Recruit (Clan Level 1): These are new initiates into the clan. Green troops
that have yet to see battle. This rank is the first rank that all Windriders
get when they are accepted into the clan. As a subclan of the Wildrunners, all
Windriders are subject to superiority from both ranks. Rank is an important
aspect of the Wildrunners. Showing proper respect and is not only encouraged,
but mandatory.

Player Killing, Roleplay, etc
Player killing (PK) should not be considered a taboo act to be looked down upon
if it is done with consistant following of Ansalon’s rules regarding PK and
looting. PK must be done within Roleplay (RP) guidelines and is highly

As a Windrider, any form of god rp, on reference to your gryphon will be
considered in bad taste, and is not allowed. (This means no use of your gryphon
as an RP weapon during a PK ie. Your gryphon can not bites a players head off or
rip off their arms etc.) Anyone found to be violating the rules may be subject
to expulsion from the clan and possible loss of equipment by the clan Immortal.

As well, grouping with people of opposite alignments (i.e. a Cleric of Paladine
grouped with a Warrior of Takhisis) is frowned upon, and the offending person
could be considered a traitor to the clan. The only forum for Out of Character
(OOC) actions is the OOC public channel.

– Written by Codex (02/09)