Gate Mobs

Falkore’s Great Gate Mob Guidebook




Abanasinian Plains water buff
Alphens Rez High Level Gate Only
Alhanost grouchy villager
Bandit Area dwarven cook
Bazin – See Village of Bazin
Bloten ogre citizen
Blood Sea crayfish
burning ship teldin
Caergoth rocino password is perseverance and honor
Daemon’s Ground, Graveyard large bug
Daerforge thorbardin slug , tiny spider* *Take Elevator to first floor, go west 1 south about 10 rooms.
Dak Roth minotaur outpost guard
Darken Wood abanasinian gryphon
Dark Woods oron Head East watch out for Druidess Ragnell she is agro good or evil.
Dekarian * No Gate Mob You can gate to blood sea in lower left find the room with the rope and ship and type get rope.
Dun Ringhill militiaman
Dwarven Mines gorlig, baby fire Some death traps, make sure to have a recall item.
Eastern Warrens disgusting rat
Estwilde gomja, yellow lab, Xylia
Foghaven foghaven
Freeport red lizard It’s south and a few west, look for an (Up)
Garnet travel bard, garnet capt
Gryphon Veil teeth
Haven tiny kitten
High Clerist Tower pocket gopher
Hillhome hillhome
Hopeful Vale plains gopher* *Head South by South East
Holy Grove hierophant
Hybardin tiny spider
Ice Cavern ice wall
Icewall kassr, ice beetle
Istar (Ruins) blood imp*, Flecten *Please have something that lets you breathe underwater on.
Itzan Nul plains gopher* * No direct gate mob, Head South and take the west route around the mountains and to the west and north.
Jelek jelek
Kalaman woodsman, stray dog, ranger
Klarbardin black bat note: need to be able to see hidden
Kurmost kurmost
Lacynos lacynos
Lantern local shopper, lantern may have to target 2-6.lantern
Lemish lemish may have to target 2.lemish
Meitol wealthy minotaur
Mercenary Camp (Southern Abanasinia) hobgob conscript
Misty Swamp trapper
Mudhole large cent
Neraka pedestrian
Nordmaar thaknos
Nissia Grotto Claudisa Viable Exists are all underwater, however gate mob is not.
ogre village lone knight east 4
Palanthas aristocrat, sanitation
Pax Tharkas Kith-Kanan, aghar cook sometimes 2.aghar cook
Pirate Lords hawkman
Plains of Mithas grazing goat
Qualinost page, elven teen, cleaning initiate
Qualimori Ergothian Warbler
Quag Meth Kith-Kanan*, Mountain Goat** Head North and West, **Mountain Goat Is no longer a reliable gatemob.
Que-Shu – See Village of Que-Shu
Sanction black robe female
Sanguine Manor dwar sheriff
Skullcap hillhome* * Go to hillhome and exit the east gate.
Slave Caravan caravan lookout
Solace boar, brow rabbit, page
Solanthus solanthus
Solamnic Outpost No gate mob Pocket gopher then south away then east along the road following the river bed, or you can miltiaman go west loop back around the path to the north and go ne, first door on your north after a ways.
Southgate plains gopher Usually ne or nw depending on where the gophers move.
Stone Rose playing child, visiting sightseer
Tantallon large rock toad, lone knight few north then west to be at eastern gate
Tarsis constable, tarsis, human slave
Temple of Undead hobgoblin leader*, luna** *s s d caution deadly zone, ** Caution Agros
Thorbardin plains gopher Usually ne or nw depending on where the gophers move. Have to walk north through southgate.
Thelgaard thelgaard may have to target 2.thelgaard
Trigol betai, lehv, saroth
Tower of Tran plains gopher* * No direct gate mob, Head South and take the west route around the mountains and to the south.
Urione lobster Need passdoor.
Village of Bazin hungry mutt, nomad child
Village of Khol centaur townsman
Village of Que-Kiri barbarian guard
Village of Que-Teh crying baby
Village of Que-Shu gazelle, large bison* * Zone is no trans you have to agree to fight the champ to get the cape to be let into zone.
Vingaard (City) solamnic nobleman, artisan, dwa ad maybe need to target 2.solamnic nobleman sometimes
Vingaard Mountains gate Vingaard From the West Gate of Vingaard, 13 west 2 north, very dangerous zone
Western Warrens med beetle
Willik barbarian refugee
Xak Khalan chickadee east then say enter after that either 3 south or 2 north , might need passdoor
Xak Tsaroth kapak guard lieutenant