Ansalon lulz – Trouts Carp and… potions?

Trouts, Carp… and potions?

Lynx ICs in Common ‘Yes, Prepare healing drouts.’

Kesh OOCs ‘drouts?’

Segwarides OOCs ‘draughts’

Lynx ICs in Common ‘They will be most needed, along with draughts of sanctuary.’

Etilyn OOCs ‘fancy talk potion’

Kesh OOCs ‘I can understand draughts, but is drouts a real word?’

Lynx OOCs ‘blah :p’

Kutaka OOCs ‘no’

Kesh OOCs ‘didn’t think so.’

Kutaka OOCs ‘trouts is’

Kesh OOCs ‘and carp!’

Segwarides OOCs ‘good eats, bit boney’

Etilyn OOCs ‘back to fish slapping again?’