Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 1999.

Sender Reorx Date Sat May 1 04:28:49 1999 Subject More fixes! OK, I believe TRACK and HUNT have been fixed. I hope I'm not wrong. Also, no longer will a space be put after your name in your title if you have a ' as the first character, (I.e: [ Minotaur ] Auschmal's thwack ===[ MarinATES ]=== you! (loves that title!) You can thank Auschmal for the title fix... I saw the old one and said: "Easy fix!" Next up: infravision, dropping spaces from emotes (like titles), and other sundry things. Have fun, Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sat May 1 23:42:20 1999 Subject Languages I know you've all be wanting this: Races now have their own languages. That's right! To say something in the room in your language, use the 'speak' command, or a leading doublequote ( " ). To say something to everyone (IC), use the command 'icspeak'. Humans and half-elves speak only common ('say' and 'ic'). Coming soon: The ability for thieves and rangers have a chance to understand another language, based on level. A spell "translate" for mages to understand others. Maybe an object that will allow it, too? Who knows! OK, _next_ is infravision... unless I decide my other idea should come first.... :) Reorx PS: Oh, and you might be able to get a skill in another language soon, too! Sender Reorx Date Wed May 5 02:10:02 1999 Subject Gambling? If you want to play dice games amoungst yourselves, try "dice", a new function I wrote. If you can find the casino, maybe you can play "craps"? (Casino coming shortly!) Reorx (Soon to also add Three Card Monty!) Sender Reorx Date Thu May 6 02:16:22 1999 Subject Gambling hall is in There is now a gambling hall in Tarsis. Enjoy! (Currently, it only offers craps, but more will be added.) Reorx Sender Shinare Date Thu May 6 23:48:21 1999 Subject hi Added help mercenary changed qnotes from 2 diamonds to 10 Shinare Sender Chislev Date Sun May 16 11:13:17 1999 Subject helps Help Builder and Help Wildrunner is in. Chislev. Sender Reorx Date Sun May 16 20:57:50 1999 Subject A couple changes First off, you might be seeing people with the following clan titles: [Solamnic] [Crown] Joe Solamnic [Solamnic] [Sword] Jim Solamnic [Solamnic] [Rose] John Solamnic Also, I fixed the problem with color in the speak/icspeak commands. The other changes are imm stuff, so you probably won't notice. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun May 16 21:00:59 1999 Subject Induction change Now, to induct into Crown, you type: induct player crown Now, to induct into Sword, you type: induct player sword Now, to induct into Rose, you type: induct player rose Note that a "induct player" with no subclan argument will induct them into Crown by default. The only way to change from one to subclan to another is to discharge and reinduct. I might make it easier later, but it's a low priority. Oh, and each subclan has their own titles. So have fun. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun May 16 21:06:38 1999 Subject Some changes for you imms First off, subclan flags had to be rearranged. White Robes, Crown Knights, and Lily are "subclan1" Red Robes, Sword Knights, and Skull are "subclan2" Black Robes, Rose Knights, and Thorn are "subclan3" This was necessary as we were running out of flags. Also, there's a new optional modifier for the "join" command. For Solamnics, "join player solamnic rose" puts a character into Rose. If you don't add the subclan, it defaults to Crown. Also, those with the "set" command, there's now the "bsteel" and "bgold" options for banked steel and gold, respectively. Reorx/John Sender Gilean Date Mon May 17 18:54:27 1999 Subject Just a little admin tool Ok, I added in a little (very) function that everytime we type 'omni' it will record the total count in a file with a time stamp on it. Eventually I hope to end up with a database (and some graphs) of when we have the majority of the players on and what not, so maybe we can schedule some Imm shifts so at least one Imm is on during those peak hours. Anyways, what I'd like from you all is for you to type 'omni' without any parameters at least once a session if you could. I wanted to put the function in 'who' but realized that with differing levels of invis I'd get conflicting values at the same time and it wouldn't be accurate. sorry for the sloopiness, but I suck at notes :P -Gilean Sender Reorx Date Sun May 23 18:30:38 1999 Subject Detect evil Some of the classes were having a hard time PRACTICING the detect evil spell. Shouldn't have that problem anymore. So, all you Paladins, Rangers, Bmages, and Templars can have fun, now. (As if you weren't having fun already!) Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue May 25 22:33:11 1999 Subject An easy fix The or promoting a character now sees what title the character has been promoted to. (I thought it already did that. Silly me!) Reorx Sender Reorx Date Wed Jun 2 00:11:41 1999 Subject Imm command changes OK, added "hours" to the set command. Also, there is a new command, usable by 103 + that sends the character to their recall place. Reorx/John Sender Reorx Date Wed Jun 2 01:32:31 1999 Subject "send room" "send room" command now sends everyone who is in the room back to their recall. Great for ending a quest. Can be used by 103+. Reorx/John Sender Reorx Date Fri Jun 4 01:19:59 1999 Subject Quest items to buy The "quest list" has been quite updated. Enjoy! Reorx, Chislev, Sirrion, and others. Sender Reorx Date Tue Jun 8 03:22:17 1999 Subject Infravision Infravision is now 50% working as advertised ("help infravision"). Those with infravision will now see exits in dark rooms. Those without infravision, while in a dark room, won't get to see the exits. The other 50% of infravision will come at a later time. (Wonders who wrote the spell/affect then never made it work...) Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Jun 8 03:26:47 1999 Subject New flags... I got bored. There is a new room flag, "SILENCE". You can't say, speak, ic, yell, or shout while in a room marked silence, unless your an immortal. I'll also make it so you can't cast a spell in a room marked silence unless you're an immortal, as well. (I'm tired, and I forgot that part). So, in the works: "silence room" spell, which flags the room silent. And yes, once aff2 is added, "silence person" spell. Other flags: Added imm, resist, and vuln fear flags. Right now it doesn't do a damn thing, but it will, soon. Oh, and there's a room flag, fear, as well. For "grisly scenes".... (That doesn't do anything, either, but I thought I'd tell you about them so you wouldn't get confused.) And yes, Kender are IMM_FEAR automatically.... Reorx (tired, and needs to sleep) Sender Reorx Date Wed Jun 9 03:28:30 1999 Subject Race/flags I added "undead" as a race. Also, there are new room flags, SILENCE and FEAR. SILENCE means no talking, etc, or casting spells, unless you're an imm. FEAR, well, doesn't do anything RIGHT NOW. There are also IMM_,RES_,VULN_FEAR flags. Have fun. Reorx/John Sender Reorx Date Sat Jun 12 02:15:29 1999 Subject Lots of minor changes (and some big ones) OK, first thing you probably notices were the *'s in the who list. That signifies which ones of you are Pkill. Next, a small command that a few have wanted: "title default" Another change was the clan title changes for Grey, where each subclan has their own titles. Speaking of clans, the "clan" speak command has been changed a lot.... Let me know if you like it. Another small fix: You can no longer hear yells and shouts while sleeping. Oh, and a small change to the "charm" spell: A charmed mob loses all aggressiveness after being charmed, so if it loses charm, it won't accidently get you in trouble for a OOL PK... (had a couple requests for this one, and I was happy to do it. Sure, it has a down side, but still....) There were also some other changes, but you probably will never notice them, until we decide to permanently imp them.... some features I have in but aren't really used. That's about it for now. Expect the next BIG change to be even BIGGER! Reorx Sender Reorx Date Mon Jun 14 01:47:15 1999 Subject Minor stuff OK, here's some more changes. Shield block now works as advertised: Flails can't be blocked, whips can get around, and axes can now split (destroy) your shield. Watch out! Dodge now generates several different messages. No space after a , or ' if it's the first character of an emote. You will no longer be quested to kill a mob that's charmed. Demilon's area has been added. (He won it in the Deck of Many Things quest). You can now see what you're sending during a clan message, and you can't clan when sleeping, as the page won't wake you up... :) You can no longer hear a "speak" when sleeping. (*bonks self*) Fixed a few minor bugs here and there, as well. OK, the NEXT one will be big, I promise. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Thu Jun 17 22:23:15 1999 Subject Wayreth added. OK, old Conclave hall is OUT. Wayreth Forest and Tower is IN! Way to go Solinari! Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Jul 6 03:14:25 1999 Subject CHANGE IS IN! OK, it's in. Thanks for being so patient. So, with no further ado, here we go: Mariner is IN! The following are new skills: sharpen endurance languages (human, silvanesti, qualinesti, etc) swim NOTE: Doesn't work yet due to areas. I'll let you know when it works. The following are new spells: detect neutral Added to detects flameshield Added to protections conceal align confusion corpse visage fear silence translate understand tongues All added to new group, mental flood waters thunderclap thunderstorm All added to "weather" Misc changes: gravity will now affect your items, so don't drop something in the air sharp weapons will now lose their edge. Sharpen them with a whetstone vorpal weapons will now do some extra damage clan channel should be somewhat less spammy Disarming someone with two weapons will cause them to switch the secondary to primary web-based who is now IN COLOR! *sigh* That's the majority of it. Should work fine, If now, let me know. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Jul 6 03:41:35 1999 Subject Languages Sorry, forgot to say this, but to switch languages, type: "language silvanesti" (for example) "language" by itself will show you what you're currenty set for. "language common" will switch back to common. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sat Jul 10 04:30:22 1999 Subject ANNOUNCE act2 flag OK, new flag added. It's an act2 flag, "announce" for NPCs only. When that NPC is killed, a gecho is sent to the whole mud announcing its death and the person who killed it. Good for quests, et al. John Sender Reorx Date Mon Jul 12 18:58:37 1999 Subject Rules Please read the following helps: 1) help rules 2) help pkill 3) help multikill Some of the rules have been fine-tuned. You need to know these. Ignorance is no excuse for rules violation. Thanks, The Management Sender Reorx Date Mon Jul 19 23:04:07 1999 Subject extrabit You might have noticed that I added no_ident to the extrabit flags. If you change any flags on a quest item make sure to put the no_ident back on. Thanks, John Sender Gilean Date Wed Aug 18 12:58:29 1999 Subject Traps on Objects, and 2 skills to match Just put in some new code for Traps on objects. Now, before you open that neato chest you just killed the head monster to get to, you might want to get an expert to check for traps first. Any object that can be opened, can be trapped. And some of the traps are pretty nasty. Thieves now have two new skills available to them: Detect Traps, and Deactivate Trap. Detect traps works like peek, when you look at a container, it checks your skill, and if you make the roll (and the object is trapped) it tells you. To deactivate a trap, you just type "deactivate " and if you make your roll, bingo, no more trap. However, if you don't make your roll, the trap is still there. And if you really buffoon it up, you set off the trap. There should be help files on both of the new skills as well. Just a little modification to make your day more fun :P -Gilean Sender Shinare Date Sun Aug 22 03:32:15 1999 Subject HELP PRICES Added some things to HELP PRICES Shinare Sender Shinare Date Sun Aug 22 13:58:36 1999 Subject toned down EQ I toned down several pieces of EQ: Crushed Velvet Cloak Shinare's Perfect Diamond White Gold Ring There will be more toneing downs as soon as I get to them. Shianre Sender Reorx Date Mon Aug 23 15:20:03 1999 Subject Small changes to make you imms happy! OK, a couple changes: 1) You can now see color while switched. 2) "act" triggers now work for mob_progs. Other little changes also happened, but no big deal on them. Reorx/John Sender Shinare Date Tue Aug 24 00:44:27 1999 Subject New Area! I finished the main and upper levels to teh temple of Takhisis. I added that in and took out Hell since it didnt really fit in the theme here anyway. Enjoy! Shinare Sender Reorx Date Wed Aug 25 21:43:40 1999 Subject Fixes OK, the following bugs are fixed: 1) Receiving a clan message disables AFK. 2) If you're AFK and you go into "the void", your AFK flag stays. Some other minor fixes (typo corrections, etc) also took place. Your friendly bug-chasing imm, Reorx Sender Shinare Date Sat Aug 28 01:52:26 1999 Subject push Fixed small problem with the push program. wont trigger falsely now. Shinare Sender Reorx Date Thu Sep 2 20:47:20 1999 Subject Clerics Seems there were some problems with the Enhancement group for clerics. It is now fixed. Reorx Sender Gilean Date Wed Sep 8 17:00:58 1999 Subject new skill for Mages and Battlemages Ok, origionally mages and battlemages were not supposed to have dodge, and it was only added after mages didn't have enough exp/level. This is why they had it but Templars and Clerics did not. To rectify this situation, I made a new skill: Phase It will only be available to Mages and BattleMages, and those two classes will loose the dodge skill. Phasing works like this. When you're high enough level to get the skill (exactly same levels that you got dodge before) you can type 'phase' and this will turn your phasing 'on'. You will attempt to phase out to avoid melee attacks by confusing your opponent with your vast intellect (IC here :P), it's borderline psionics but this is as close as we'll ever get to psionic spells so DON'T ASK! Anyways, this concentration costs a little mana each time you're attacked and you try to phase. This will also cause you to take just a _little_ bit longer to cast normal spells, again because you're concentrating on phasing. Bottom line, works a lot like dodge, but is more realistic for mages and battlemages. -Gilean Sender Gilean Date Wed Sep 8 17:13:06 1999 Subject Phasing for Dummies Ok, I wasn't very clear on just how phasing works. It works like this: Normally, your phasing is 'off', you don't try to phase in combat. When you type 'phase', you turn your phasing 'on' Now, whenever you are attacked, each melee attack you will attempt to phase out. Each successfull attempt will cost you a little mana, and each unsuccessfull attempt will cost half as much. If you don't want to attempt to phase, just turn it off by typing 'phase' again. Hope this is clearer. Sender Shinare Date Sun Sep 12 18:59:47 1999 Subject temple of tak added a handfull more objects to the area and a new "feature". Shinare Sender Gilean Date Fri Oct 15 10:51:54 1999 Subject Pkill/non-Pkill/clan/non-clan corpse looting Ok, I _finally_ fixed the corpse looting thing, here's what it is: 1) If you are pkill, your corpse can be looted by other pkill players, regardless of if they're in a clan or not, or if you are in a clan or not. 2) If you are non-pkill, you and only you can loot your corpse. 3) If you are below level 15, you can only loot your corpse. If you have any questions, or if you find that the code does not work as advertised, please let me know and I'll answer/fix whatever is needed. -Gilean Sender Reorx Date Sun Oct 17 01:26:10 1999 Subject Little change OK, ALL classes now have poses! Yea! Thanks to those of you who helped come up with them! Reorx Sender Gilean Date Sun Oct 24 02:02:07 1999 Subject Stringable Individual clan titles Ok, the Imms can now string your clan title if it is necessary. This is not like hotext in where you can RP and get yours changed. If you are in a situation where it is appropriate (i.e you retired as High Justice, we'll string your clan title to "Retired Justice" or something like that) for your clan title to be changed, then we'll do so. Same rules as whotext apply. No wierd colors, or titles that make no sense RP wise. hotext = whotext :) -The Management Sender Solinari Date Tue Oct 26 00:49:33 1999 Subject Sanction Hello all, after a couple months of work, I've finished Sanction. I hope you all enjoy it, but good aligned people beware. Consider that your warning :P Solinari Sender Reorx Date Tue Oct 26 00:59:03 1999 Subject New imm command OK, an imm command that should have been in a long time ago: psave Basically, lets you save a character without having to force them. Great for when we have unstabilities (yeah, right!). Some of us have "psave all", for short. It will also save a level 1, so if you need to copyover with level 1s on, just "psave all" and then copyover, and everything will be fine. Well, at least it should in theory. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Nov 2 00:27:19 1999 Subject Ranged attacks OK, first, the new command breakdown. fire throw dislodge (Helps available on all the above, as well as bow, crossbow, blowgun, arrow, quarrel, and dart.) Also, some spells are now ranged. Oh, and watch out for those mobs. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Nov 2 00:27:51 1999 Subject Color coding OK, "skill" and "practice" is now color coded, as well. Hope you like it. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Nov 2 00:28:18 1999 Subject NOTITLE New command: notitle. If you have nochannel, you now have notitle. John Sender Reorx Date Sat Nov 6 02:33:45 1999 Subject AOL Ban Some of you may notice that I've changed the AOL ban to be a NEWBIE ban only. This is in preparation of my new code, which should allow us to pick and choose players. Let's hope it works. Reorx/John Sender Chislev Date Thu Nov 11 14:36:37 1999 Subject Help File Additions I just recently added the following helps. Please enjoy. Help Prices Help Clanprices Help Mariner Help Grey Order Help Handler Help Pantheon Thanks....Your local MA Sender Reorx Date Sun Nov 14 02:17:55 1999 Subject You guys, I tell you... Some of you (no names, Zimrilim) have been teleporting into clan halls. Well, those days are done. Now, a room isn't just "no_recall". There are now "no_teleport", "no_summon", "no_gate", and "no_trans". All Clan Hall rooms have been made no_teleport, and verified to also be flagged LAW. Oh, and some doors are now "secret", as well. How will you know if there's a secret door? *grin* Figure it out yourself. Reorx, who is looking forward to the next code change he makes as well. Sender Reorx Date Wed Nov 17 00:24:10 1999 Subject Holy Order HO is now divided into Light, Balance, and Dark. Enjoy. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Wed Nov 17 23:55:24 1999 Subject Exits Just a couple small changes. Doors now show up in your exits. If the door is closed, it will have a set of <>'s around it. If the door is open, it will have a set of ()'s around it. If you have exits in your prompt, a closed door will be lower case (i.e. [NSd]) Secret doors that are closed won't show up at all. And if you try to go in the direction of the secret door, you'll get the "Alas,..." message. Oh, and I fixed the web-based who, too. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Mon Nov 29 01:37:28 1999 Subject Changes First off, there is no longer the Grey Order. Dragonarmy has replaced it, to fit more with our timeline. They have the Red, Green, White, Black, and Blue subclans. Also, we now have writable notes. Look at the helps for "write" for more info. You can also now "escort" a non-clan-member into your clan hall. "help escort" Lastly, there is a new prompt choice, %l, for language spoken. "help prompt" Expect more coming soon. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Dec 5 02:12:14 1999 Subject More updates... The little stuff: Clerics now have that one spell they were missing. Wizlist is updated. Now, the bigger one.... Character creation has changed a bit. You MUST now enter your e-mail address, as your original character password is now e-mailed to you. This will hopefully keep people who have been known to cheat and abuse the system away. Reorx, who has been waiting to get this in Sender Shinare Date Sun Dec 26 19:30:48 1999 Subject Throt I added a new area called Throt. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Shinare Sender Shinare Date Thu Dec 30 00:18:33 1999 Subject 2 new areas Two new areas imped today, written by Kagonos. Happy exploring! Shinare