Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2000.

Sender Reorx Date Sun Jan 2 03:20:31 2000 Subject knock! Told you I'd add it. "knock" is now a command. Thanks to Liam for the idea. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Jan 2 03:21:45 2000 Subject Sneaking and e-mail logs Imms can no longer be sneaked by mortals. Also, we will now log valid e-mail addresses people create with, so that we can track players. Also some cleanup of code, which you shouldn't notice. John Sender Shinare Date Mon Jan 3 00:53:18 2000 Subject New Area New area built by Solinari called 'Knights High Road'. Check it out! Thanks Soli! Shinare Sender Shinare Date Thu Jan 6 01:30:11 2000 Subject bensoldi's candy Limmited the repop of the candies... I thought I had done that a long time ago but noticed that it was at 0. Sender Shinare Date Sat Jan 8 15:15:57 2000 Subject Handler Hall Handler Hall is now connected to Palanthas where it should have been a long time ago. Sender Shinare Date Sat Jan 8 16:12:45 2000 Subject Goblin Caverns and Throt Since I cant freakin read a map I totally goofed up the posision of Throt. Thats fixed. Added goblin caverns, thanks Demorque for buildin it! Sender Reorx Date Fri Jan 14 01:16:55 2000 Subject Imm changes OK, new command: "mudstat" Also, people who can see "sites" on wiznet now see sites on logoffs as well. John Sender Reorx Date Sun Jan 16 03:23:35 2000 Subject e-mail ban change You can now ban by e-mail site: (I.e. *, &c), have already been banned. Any other free/anon/remailers out there? John Sender Shinare Date Sat Jan 22 12:01:09 2000 Subject Merc hall improvements Using the 1200 total diamonds both Ryven and Trekos collected the puuchased a training room and trainer for the total price of 1100 diamonds. The currently have 100 diamonds left over. Shinare Sender Gilean Date Sun Jan 23 00:35:29 2000 Subject Lay on Hands Skill Ok, finally got the Lay on Hands skill for Paladins finished. This is the first of new class/clan specific skills/spells. The effects, and ammount of effect changes with alignment, and level. I'll try to get a help file in soon :) -Gilean p.s., this is a paladine basic skill, (you get it for free), if you are a paladin, and don't have this skill, find an imm that can give it to you, it's free. Sender Reorx Date Mon Jan 24 01:01:26 2000 Subject Mount and Gaining Yes, that's right. MOUNTS are in. (Calm down, Chislev!) There are is a mount store in each major town, where you can buy them. "mount" and "dismount" are the commands. There is no skill needed to ride. Also, you can now buy gain points from the questmasters which can be used to buy skills/spells from your guildmaster. Note, however, that you cannot buy HP, mana, moves, or stat increases with them. Help files for the above changes will be added ASAP. Reorx Sender Shinare Date Wed Jan 26 22:39:55 2000 Subject clan hall addition 1000 diamonds payed in full for a Banker (only) in the Merc clan hall. Shinare Sender Shinare Date Mon Jan 31 20:26:03 2000 Subject merc and conclave clan halls Put in conclave changes as per Nui, and added changer and prac'er to merc for 2000 diamonds. Shinare Sender Shinare Date Tue Feb 1 20:14:16 2000 Subject Merc subclans Yah, Yah, Yah... save your dumbass jokes about the stupid [Scrounger] subclan. I have already heard them. Anyway, if you havent already noticed, Merc has been split into 2 subclans, here is what they mean: [Elite] = People who are hired guns [Scrounger] = People who can be hired to get items or who sell items Shinare Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 6 00:01:14 2000 Subject Engage! The new skill, "engage" is in. Engage allows you to switch targets during a fight. High level characters can actually attack someone that isn't even fighting them! Warriors, thieves, paladins, rangers, templars, and battlemages can get this skill. (I know I was talking about making it a warrior-only skill, but I Enjoy! Reorx Sender Shinare Date Mon Feb 7 22:55:54 2000 Subject ferrymaster Ok guys, I was able to convince the ferrymasters to let you take a mount with you, PROVIDED that you be rideing it. Otherwise they still would rather you not bring 'their stinky animals on our ships'. Sorry, did my best to convince them to allow more. Finniky boat owners! Shinare Sender Reorx Date Wed Feb 9 20:04:49 2000 Subject Skills! Two new skills have been added: danger sense - available to all blind fighting - available to cleric, thief, warrior, paladin, ranger, and templar Help files are available. (And on a side note, you can't name your pets anymore. People were abusing it for PK, so it's been pulled.) Reorx Sender Reorx Date Fri Feb 11 00:44:07 2000 Subject Character name approval Character name approval is now in Ansalon. Make sure your wiznet "newbies" is on. You'll see a message like: Testing awaits character name approval. You can then "approve Testing" or "disapprove testing" If you disapprove, you have the option to give a reason, such as: "disapprove testing The name does not fit the genre. Choose another." And the player will get that message as the reason the name was disallowed. If it happens that no imms are on (or are all AFK), the character autoapproves after 5 minutes. All name approvals/disapprovals are logged. So pay attention! John Sender Reorx Date Fri Feb 11 00:51:30 2000 Subject Character Name Approval Due to some rather "inane" names people have been coming up with, I've been force to code up character name approval. All that means is that during character creation, your name needs to be approved by an immortal. If no immortal is on (or available), you automatically become approved after 5 minutes. Hopefully, this will cut down on names like FrostDeath, the Silvanesti Ranger. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sat Feb 12 18:22:55 2000 Subject Gain Gain had to be changed due to skill/group name confusion. So, it's now "gain skill engage", "gain group engagement", etc. Hope that doesn't affect you too much. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sat Feb 12 18:24:02 2000 Subject approve/disapprove Ok, now "approve" or "disapprove" with no arguments will list those who are awaiting approval (for those of you without socket, and who might have missed the wiznet.) John Sender Shinare Date Sun Feb 13 20:01:30 2000 Subject Super Secret I added a high-level mount for you uppers out there... its hidden (kinda) Enjoy, Shinare Sender Shinare Date Sun Feb 20 23:58:51 2000 Subject Milk Upgrade At a cost of 500 diamonds, the Merc fountian was upgraded to Milk. Shin Sender Shinare Date Sun Feb 27 18:55:44 2000 Subject prompt stuff %q (quest time) was added to the prompts and a new 'HELP PROMPT' was imp'ed. Sender Gilean Date Tue Mar 21 11:26:46 2000 Subject Engagement, engage, and Battle Ok, finally fixed the Engagement Engage problem at creation. Engage can now be taken at creation with no conflict. Engagement spell group has been changed to 'Battle' spell group. I _attempted_ to change this in all active Battle Mage's above level 10 or so, if I missed you, please leave me a note and I'll rectify the situation. -gilean Sender Chislev Date Thu Apr 13 14:21:33 2000 Subject HELP FILES Help files have been updated some. (1st addition of new ones) Help Solamnic has been improved (Thanks Kiri) Help Rules has one additional rule and clarification. Good God Files have Been UPDATED (Neutral and Evil next week) Wizlist Updated Mudsex helpfile implimented Mount Help File, Neutral-Evil God file Updates, and ANY other suggestions you may want to make will be done next week). Note me with any spacing/color/wording problems. Chislev Sender Chislev Date Fri Apr 14 13:02:05 2000 Subject SMOTE Smote is now level 0. Everyone can use it like pmote or emote. Next time I put in another help change, the smote helpfile will be avalible. Here is what it does... "Smote works exactly like emote, except that you must place your name somewhere in the string." For example: emote dances a merry jig! Shows the room: Chislev dances a merry jig! Smote works like this. example: smote OMG! Shes really lost it this time. Just look at Chislev dance a jig! shows the room: OMG! Shes really lost it this time. Just look at Chislev dance a jig! Or type: smote Giggling like a schoolgirl, Chislev turns red. shows the room: Giggling like a schoolgirl, Chislev turns red. Have fun and enjoy. Chissy Sender Reorx Date Sat May 13 14:24:17 2000 Subject Repairing equipment (First off, I'm finally finishing all the code I started for Ansalon. I made a deal with Gilean that when I left I'd finish the code I started as well as support any bugs in my code. I'm not back to Ansalon. Sorry.) Two new commands: 1) repair 2) estimate They do what you think they do. The mobs that do this are the armor sellers in Solace, Palanthus, and Neraka. As well as new mobs in Tarsis and Sanction. I hope you enjoy this. "help repair" for more info. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Fri May 26 00:47:19 2000 Subject A couple changes (Note: I'm just finishing up the code I started, and a couple bug fixes.) First, new command release. Second, changed the quest system so all NEW areas are now valid quest areas. Look forward to fighting Tzarost and the Giant Kingfisher for a quest. Thirdly, and I'm expecting a lot of flak, "help prices" has been corrected. (Other helps have been added, too) Enjoy. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Fri May 26 00:48:13 2000 Subject NOSAY New penalty command: nosay 'nuf said. Sender Reorx Date Mon May 29 17:30:28 2000 Subject Dump, School, and helps. A couple new commands: dump allows you to empty the contents of a container, either onto the floor, or into another container. school automatically transports any character level 5 or under to mudschool, given that they're not fighting. Also, help newbie has been change to make it more informative, although longer. Enjoy. Sender Gilean Date Sun Sep 3 00:44:19 2000 Subject new imm command New command: slip _exactly_ the same as trans, except neither the target, room they came from, or room they're going to will see _anything_. Usefull in a few circumstances, please be circumspect with use. Also, you now can't change your transin/out until you actualy have trans :) Slip is the same level to use that trans is. -Gilean Sender Reorx Date Sun Sep 10 17:44:27 2000 Subject Log-in, Log-out As you'll see, I added Room vnum to log-in, log-out messages. So, if you see someone log out, another (same site) log into same room and log right out, odds are they're multiplaying. Enjoy. Sender Reorx Date Sun Sep 17 03:47:44 2000 Subject "vnum" command "vnum" command has been greatly modified. Please be careful. If you don't know what you're doing, you could lag yourself off. John Sender Chislev Date Sun Sep 17 12:29:19 2000 Subject Reo's Awesome vnum commands I noticed Reo didnt tell all about the HUGE changes he made in vnum. So here is what he did. It looks just absolutely awesome, and I seriously think he should make it a patch for rom. :) vnum type light This will show you all the lights in the game. This also works for things like pills, potions, wands, etc. Basically anything you can set to a type in the OLC. Dont type vnum type armor. You dump link fast. :) Hehehehehehe. vnum type weapon mace This will show you all the "MACES" in the game. This works on any other weapon type as well. Sword is very spammy. vnum wear hands This one shows you where on the body different objects fit. Hold was pretty efficient at dumping all of our links this morning. We have a whole heck of a lot of hold items out there. WE dont have many feet or hands. :) Lets put these new commands to good use and find some of the unused forgotten eq and get it back out there in the mud. ;) And make sure builders are aware of the gaps, and utilize them. Chislev (Thinks Reo is a_maze_in!) Sender Reorx Date Wed Sep 20 01:38:12 2000 Subject Switched imms and spell level Ok, in order to quell some of the problems of "new imm abuse", I've changed the code (hence the change note) so that when any imm 108 or lower switches into a mob, their spell level is the level of their imm, NOT the mob. For 109+, it's the level of the mob, so we, at least, can terrorize morts with chain-lightning-casting level 400 mobs... :) A couple of the newer imms were doing enchants, spellups, etc. with Khirsah (808) and the FerryMaster mobs (which are 1000, which I changed to 120, but somehow they got changed back...). Also, made it so you can "owhere pccorpse" and just find those, too. John Sender Solinari Date Sat Oct 21 23:39:33 2000 Subject Solinari: A new hope New Areas, for your playing pleasure. Here's the list, along with the builders name. Vingaard Keep (Dradius) City of Vingaard (Dradius Solinari) Solamnic Plains (Solinari) Solanthus (Lunitari) Thelgaard (Solinari) Warden Swamp (Zenith) Caergoth (Skol) Central Thelgaard (Skol Solinari) Lemish (Solinari) Dwarven Mine (Skol) As always, find any errors/bugs in the new areas and note them to me and I'll reward you. Also, be sure to check out the new maps of Ansalon, available in most major cities. Enjoy the new areas.... Solinari Sender Reorx Date Sun Oct 22 00:35:52 2000 Subject One little thing.... You might notice something else has changed, too. If you "examine" an object, it'll show you a new piece of information on the objects. And yes, that might mean something, too. Enjoy. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Tue Nov 7 00:36:54 2000 Subject PLAYER FILE REMOVAL No, I'm not talking about a pwipe. So calm down.... Ok, now that your heartrate is back to normal, we will now be removing some pfiles on a weekly basis. The only pfiles that will be removed are: 1) Level 0 characters that were created and level logged on. 2) Level 1 characters 3) Characters that haven't logged on in over six months For most of you, this won't have any affect. However, if you made a new character and never logged on as him/her/it, you'll have to recreate him/her/it. Oh, and the first purging happened about 5 minutes ago. In the long run, this will improve the stability of the mud, as we won't be running out of disk space as quickly. Reorx Sender Chislev Date Sat Nov 18 15:38:21 2000 Subject Palanthas Maps Everyone give Zivi a round of applause when you see him. He spiffied up Palanthas's maps today. Chislev Sender Solinari Date Mon Dec 25 01:37:38 2000 Subject Palanthas Gates Is it just me, or does it bother everyone else that there is nothing going out of Palanthas's gates? Anyways, as an effort to change that, I'll be adding little areas here and there over the next few weeks, nothing big, just some new playground :P Soli Sender Gilean Date Sat Dec 30 02:09:19 2000 Subject Ref: Conrad's latest idea. Yup, you guessed it. Sleep is now in. If you notice yourself getting tired, you might need to get a little beauty rest to enable you to swing that sword just a litte faster, or to actually be able to cast that spell without stumbling over the words. We'll try and get it added into the help file ASAP. But bottom line is, you now have to manage your sleep just like you manage your food and water intake. Brought to you by the Campaign to Make Ansalon More Realistic -Gilean, CtMAMR Chairman