Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2001.

Sender Reorx Date Wed Jan 3 00:32:10 2001 Subject Auction color change Yes, it changed color. Deal with it. Reorx, Master of Change Sender Reorx Date Wed Jan 3 02:04:37 2001 Subject Time change No, doesn't mean we're going to daylight savings... Ticks of the mud are now 15 minutes in the game, not 1 hour. You can see this by typing "time" and seeing the current IC time. Also, there's a new %t for your prompt to show the time (will be added to helps soon). Oh, and before I forget: The max number of aliases has gone from 5 to 15. Enjoy. Reorx, Changemeister Sender Solinari Date Sat Jan 13 05:13:04 2001 Subject Lemish Long story. Lemish was damaged when it first came on this port. I restored it, just a few changes: Numerous barracks Inn expanded Bazaar fixed Graveyard/Monuments fixed Ferries are operational. Have a nice day. Soli Sender Solinari Date Sat Jan 27 20:23:02 2001 Subject Small stuff South gate of Palanthas is open as is Southern Darkwoods, near Lemish, have a ball. Soli Sender Solinari Date Wed Jan 31 21:17:31 2001 Subject Areas Sorry about the downtime. New Areas: Sea Caves of Zeboim - Mid to High levels Central Palanthas - Where Gangland used to be Neraka Forest - East of Gerigheim Took out a couple stock zones, and moves some others. Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 4 17:54:04 2001 Subject The Move Ok, you might have heard a rumor that we're moving. Yes, it's true. The new location is being kept secret until the move is finallized, so don't keep asking us. Once we move, there will be a message on the login screen of this port that lets you know where we've moved to. Also, there will be some changes. Expect some changes. We're taking advantage of the move to make some nice changes. We are NOT PWIPING! (Pwipe means deletion of all player characters.) So, don't be scared. Your character will be ready for you once we move, although it might have some (slight) changes. Your friendly neighborhood implementer, Reorx Sender Solinari Date Sun Feb 18 09:18:46 2001 Subject Solinari strikes back My dedicated building crew and I have added more areas for your playing pleasure. Be sure to thank them when you see them. Kalaman (Solinari) Great Moors (Lynx) Dargaard Keep (Zeboim) Estwilde (Solinari) Telvan (Habbakuk) Northern Khalkists (Solinari) Nordmaar (Lunitari) Have fun, and note me with any errors. Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 18 23:34:18 2001 Subject Changes, part one. First off, there were some major clan changes. Out: Renegade Heathen Loner Undead Handler Mercenary Mariner Dragonarmy In: Knights of Takhisis Rogue Also, there were some changes with regard to the clan tags on the "who list". I'll try to cover that in another note, but just type "toggle" and you'll see. Some of the clan halls had some pets/mounts changed, as well as all portals removed. Ok, next change. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 18 23:37:07 2001 Subject Changes, part two. Notes, changes, stories can now only be accessed in certain rooms (main pits in each of the main cities, plus a particular room in each clan hall.) However, there's a bigger change than that. You see, you can only read notes that were written in that room, or by an immortal. Yes, it will make things a bit difficult, but we think this will be a good idea. Also, some channels are gone/moved. Auction is gone. Shout and yell have been changed (and aren't working properly right now, so I have to fix them). Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 18 23:41:31 2001 Subject Changes, part three. Ok, the toggle command. (Help file follows shortly) Ok, the who list now only shows clan, subclan, and flags, and title to non-clanned members ONLY IF YOU WANT IT TO. For race, you can toggle it to show everyone, or just the people who are currently in your room (if toggled off). Reorx Sender Reorx Date Mon Feb 19 00:07:50 2001 Subject Changes, part four. Ok, changes to pets and mounts. There were some changes to pets and mounts, basically because it was getting out of hand, and we had people using them to take ALL the challenge out of this game. So, we changed them. First off, you can no longer buy a pet/mount above your level. I mean, come on. Level 5s buying a level 25 pet? What challenge is there in any fight? Also, pets/mounts were limited to level 40. Now, no whining. EVERY pet/mount got reduced. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Feb 25 14:09:22 2001 Subject Another small change Just a little point: Last night, late last night, I was in the mood for a quick and easy code change, so I accepted solicitations on some. Someone suggested adding some more damage verbs, so I did. There are three (3) new ones, out there, all above ERADICATES. (Marlius was the first to find them all out, just FYI.) Enjoy! Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 28 01:35:12 2001 Subject Auction Houses The world now has Auction Houses! They are located: In Palanthas, Platinum Street, next to the map shop. In Solace, two west from the tree, then north. In Neraka, Snake Road, east of Highlord and north. In Caergoth, Port Lane, all north from the port. In Gerighelm, Merchant Way, north from the Herbalists shop. In Sanction, Fireflow Road, one east from the map shop. Be sure to read the 'instructions' when you get to one. Someone forces you to 'look instructions'. You look at the instructions. Sender Reorx Date Sun Mar 4 15:55:50 2001 Subject OK, we tried. Ok, some unchanges have occured. First off, you can now buy a pet up to 9 levels higher than your level. This is withing the standard "grouping" restrictments, so this should work out. (Hey, we tried something new, and it didn't work.) Also, another unchange from a long LONG time ago (think pwipe): You can now summon mobs. Let's see how long this works out. Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 6 23:18:34 2001 Subject Website The new Ansalon website is here. Zivilyn. Sender Gilean Date Wed Mar 7 00:15:21 2001 Subject hunger/tired/thirst Hunger/Thirst/Tired are now in your score, down at the bottom. Any comments/complaints, please direct them my way. -Gilean Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 15 02:18:48 2001 Subject Transportation New ship transportation system in, in Palanthas, Kalaman, Caergoth and Sanction. (no more ferry in Palanthas, take the ship to Sanction and walk if you need to get to Neraka, sorry) Have fun, explore, if you get stuck in a hold don't fret, you'll be let out soon enough. Ziv. Sender Reorx Date Sat Mar 24 15:26:08 2001 Subject Quick changes OK, first off, Palagon's idea about making the "You have become better..." stand out more has gone in. My plans are to make all informative statements stand out by using yellow. And, a small side change: Type "eq all" It will show you what equipment "slots" you're missing. Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Apr 1 15:39:41 2001 Subject Changes (and an unchange) Ok, first the unchange. You still must be in a "note" room to read and write notes, ideas, stories, etc. However, you can now read a note written to you from anywhere in the mud. There were some request for this, so I undid the change. Next, when you kill mobs, you should notice that they might leave some new body parts. And a (small) change: "who clan", "who solamnic", "who leader", etc. are now back in. Enjoy. Reorx Sender Gilean Date Sun Aug 19 22:23:14 2001 Subject new code Just a couple of changes to brighten up your day. Ignore code is in. Just type 'ignore xxxx' to ignore someone. This will not prevent you from being attacked or anything else like that, you just won't hear anything from them before they attack you :) Affected commands are: ooc,ic,say,grats,music,emote,socials,, and tells Type 'ignore' by itself to get a list of your current ignores. And 'Ignore xxxx' again to un-ignore xxxx. Heh, now the big one: object and room programs are in. (pause for applause) Things like intelligent weapons, and effective city guards are now possible. So be alert :P [UpgradeCRU] Gilean Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Aug 31 12:28:23 2001 Subject Gore You might notice that body parts and bodies do things now. Enjoy. Zivilyn. Sender Gilean Date Sun Sep 2 06:22:27 2001 Subject armor types Armor now has an 'armor type' field, similar to the 'weapon type' fields of sword/dagger/etc... All current items will default to 'magic' (i.e. wearable by everyone). In the near future, we will be adding restrictions on what types of armor certain classes (perhaps races as well) can wear. Also, we will need to get an UpgradeCRU together sometime in the near future to upgrade all existing pieces of armor (groan) to the currect armor type. Right now, the different armor types are: Magic,Cloth,Leather,Light Metal,Metal,Heavy Metal,Godlike Questions/Comments/Flames/Cash... please direct to me. -Gilean Sender Reorx Date Sun Sep 30 21:45:31 2001 Subject Yelling, shouting, and making lots of noise Well, if you haven't found out yet, both "yell" and "shout" commands have been rewritten to add a couple features. First, they now use your chosen language. Second, they are no longer area/world-wide, but go out a certain range in all directions, including around corners, through doors, etc. Now, as of this time, they're 95% done. I want to tweak with the range numbers and have them based on your Constition, race, and your relative health (a sickly Kag with 10% hp remaining really couldn't yell far, could they?) Once I get those changed, you can consider it 100% complete. Now, a certain old fogey (not myself) suggested spells that would affect these ranges. Obviously, he has found a way to look at my secret "Improvements for Ansalon to Really Piss Off All the Players" file on my PC. Appropriate punishment is coming. (And Conrad: You'll be the first to be flagged "loudmouth", which also increases your "say" range to include a couple extra rooms as well.... *cackle*) I hope you enjoy the new yell/shout code. If you see any problems, especially crash causers, let me know ASAP. [UpgradeCru] Reorx Sender Reorx Date Sun Oct 7 01:06:03 2001 Subject Go take a dip! Swimming should be 100% functional. Of course, I couldn't test 100% of the possible ways for it to work, so if you experience problems with it, let me know. Reorx Sender Gilean Date Sun Oct 7 23:13:14 2001 Subject Sleep code toned down a little bit. *waits for all the cheering to stop* Ok, toned down the sleep code a little bit. You should be able to get rested at least twice as fast as before. Appropriate furniture will also help about twice as much as before. So, if you're smart, it should take you about 1/4 of the time to get rested as before. -Gilean Sender Reorx Date Sun Oct 14 16:33:37 2001 Subject Warning Message If you haven't done so, please type "help warning". This message will also be shown during character creation, and is there due to the fact of several new players being quite young, and by that I mean under the age of 15. This is to ensure that some "Soccer Mom" doesn't see her 11 year old son reading some sexual or violent message on Ansalon and decide that her family's life would be much better with $250k+ lawsuit. I really hate to do it, but I must. Reorx Sender Zivilyn Date Sun Nov 4 15:42:10 2001 Subject Pretitles/Nicknames Someone forces you to 'help pretitle'. Zivilyn chuckles and vanishes in a cloud of sawdust. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Nov 30 18:44:03 2001 Subject Website, Building, Mprogs Section. (This change is only of interest to builders) The website now has a brand spanking new file about mprogs/oprogs/rprogs. The address is still: The document now covers if_checks, with examples and full descriptions of How to use EACH type of if_check. Simply go the if_check section and click on the type of if_check you want to know more about. (Links in easy to notice yellow, like this pc_str) Coming soon, specific object program help, and room program help. Also, more program examples. Keep your eyes peeled, course that could hurt... Just keep an eye out.. oh wait, that could hurt too ;p That's all folks, Zivilyn. Sender Reorx Date Thu Dec 6 23:39:28 2001 Subject And here we go.... Ok, there's been tons of changes. First off, let's look at character creation. We've got three new races added: Theiwar, Goblin, and Hobgoblin. Plus, races can now "override" skills. For example, ALL Kender, even those not a thief, get the steal command. All Goblins can get sneak, if they want, regardless of class chosen. Also, races are now align restricted as well. No Good Theiwar, no evil gnomes. Another big change: We have an economy. That's right, an economy. This wasn't exactly easy, but it should work fine. What you will see is not all mobs will carry cash anymore. There's only so much coins minted. Period. Also, depending on how the economy's doing, prices at your local shops will fluctuate. Consider it inflation and recession. Part of this "only so much money" change is that saccing will only give coins if you're level 14 or less. Once you hit level 15, no more saccing cash, sorry. After all, you're a big boy now, right? Another one. Type "toggle". You can now toggle a <Helper> flag, if you're in the mood for helping newbies. Also, there's a new note board: warnotes. This is to keep from spamming the normal note board with the notes based on the wars. (There's another new board for imms, but don't worry about it.) Let's see, anything else? Some small tweaking in some spells (nothing big), saccing produces ash piles, and some silly little "herotalk" channel for 101s, but that's hardly going to be used, I'm sure. If I forgot something, I'll post it later. Reorx P.S. Zivi is going to have fun with some of the new m/o/r-prog stuff I did, too. I'm sure you'll see that later on. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 13 16:20:46 2001 Subject Home coupons. Home coupons are now edible, they will send you home when you eat them. No need to pray an immortal is available when you bounce off some rocks in the chasm now. Grats Reorx for the code. (I was only a guinea pig ;p) Zivilyn. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Dec 13 17:58:13 2001 Subject New stuff We now have a new object trigger type 'CONSUME'. This ONLY works on objects obviously. Also, new mob/obj/room command for those who program. OBJ SEND $n ROOM SEND $n MOB SEND $n If you need an examply, opstat a home coupon. You can put anything you want in front, echoat/around echo's etc. Anything after the 'send' will not show. Ziv. Ps. Thank Reorx for me. Sender Reorx Date Sat Dec 22 22:29:57 2001 Subject "Anonymous" e-mail now allowed. We're opening up the e-mail system to allow "anonymous" e-mail accounts as a test run. These include,,, and some other anonymous e-mail accounts we had blocked. If you have some friends that have been wanting to play but didn't have an ISP-based e-mail address, let them know that we're opening up the e-mail system for a time being, as a test. I hope we'll see an increase of players, without an increase of idiots. Reorx