Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2011.

Sender Nuitari Date Wed Jan 5 19:33:07 2011 Subject A little of this, a little of that... The Merchant ship now has a life raft for leaving in case of catastrophic failure of the user. Also, there is now a way to travel from Southgate to Hybardin. Fair warning: it involves a Donkey. A big thanks goes out to Kiri for building the life raft, and wrangling the Donkey. Sender Nuitari Date Wed Jan 5 19:37:25 2011 Subject Things and other stuff part 2 Also, the cable cars now work. More thanks go to Kiri for correcting wrongs. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jan 24 17:28:50 2011 Subject improved fireproof bug Improved fireproof isn't available to clerics via const.c (only class that has fireproof but doesn't get imp. fireproof). The function that checks and gives you improved fireproof did not check to see if you were a cleric, so you would just get the message anyway, without gaining the skill. I added an !IS_CLERIC(ch) in there and all should be well now. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jan 31 18:43:21 2011 Subject New command, Whatnext There is a new command, "whatnext", which will give vague hints at leveling areas and/or mob prog quests that can be completed based on your level and alignment. If you see any typos, anything that is blatantly wrong or if you have suggestions for additions to a given level/align combo just post an idea or note. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jan 31 20:44:23 2011 Subject maladiction durations from mobs Maladictions will now cap out at level 110 and the durations have been greatly shortened for mob/player interactions only. Nothing has changed about durations for player vs player. As of, next copyover. Love always, The Staff Sender Geriant Date Thu Feb 3 20:13:51 2011 Subject MUSHclient There is now an official Ansalon MUSHclient installation, see help mushclient for more information. Sender Geriant Date Tue Feb 8 20:21:18 2011 Subject portal, violence and slain flags oh my You can now use portals while violent and the slain flag only lasts for 5 minutes now. Sender Geriant Date Tue Feb 8 20:43:35 2011 Subject violent, nexus Minor oversight, nexus will also be available during violence next c/o. Sender Geriant Date Wed Feb 9 20:25:25 2011 Subject Blackjack New thief skill: Blackjack This skill is used to initiate combat, you must be sneaking/hidden and it allows you to sneak up behind someone and whack them on the back of the head causing confusion (duration is similar to dirt kick). As always, --The Staff PS: If you notice any bugs or odd wording, etc shoot us a note. Sender Geriant Date Wed Feb 9 21:12:13 2011 Subject undeny New imm command: undeny, works exactly like deny does only instead of assigning the ACT_DENY bit it removes it... no more having to edit pfiles to undeny someone. On next c/o.. Sender Geriant Date Fri Feb 11 15:48:51 2011 Subject In city pk and holy smite A few changes to holy smite, it will now hit good aligned characters if the caster is evil, vice versa, etc. See the help file for more information. Also, any mob with spec_guard used to stop killers from attacking other players. This is done away with, they will still attack you however. Also, you'll notice the guards in palanthas are a little less vigilant (there are less of them now). Sender Geriant Date Sun Feb 13 00:48:41 2011 Subject Heal and Trip The lag on trip has been reduced by half. The spell 'heal' now heals for more damage and costs 75 mana instead of 50. Sender Geriant Date Thu Feb 17 02:30:07 2011 Subject Bug fixes, etc. There was a bug where you could flee while in a guild room and it would just stop combat and keep you in the same room. This isn't how it should work, and is no longer how it works. Also added a con check to blackjack (in addition to the already there dex check). Sender Geriant Date Wed Feb 23 05:11:50 2011 Subject Newbie School A few small tweaks to newbie school to make it more automap friendly. Still more of a streamlined style but a few extra rooms with more information now. Sender Geriant Date Fri Feb 25 04:04:39 2011 Subject Brew, Dual Wield There are now certain spells you can't brew (earthquake, smoke, web, etc). You will now get a bonus to parry and counter if you are a warrior and dual wielding instead of wearing a shield. Sender Geriant Date Sun Feb 27 01:21:19 2011 Subject No longer lose CON when thirsty/hungry You no longer lose con when you die. Sender Geriant Date Tue Mar 1 03:19:31 2011 Subject Bug fixes, etc. I may or may not have fixed the bug that stopped you from looting your own corpse. Also, the maximum input length is now 512 rather than 256.. so you can paste links that are twice as long as before. Sender Geriant Date Wed Mar 2 17:41:27 2011 Subject Battle Spam Toggle There is a new toggle option called "battlespam" which will toggle whether or not you see misses, parries, dodges, and counter messages (you still see the Your counterattack maims a mob!). Sender Geriant Date Mon Mar 7 15:07:52 2011 Subject Bless saves reduction The amount of saves on bless has been reduced (now maxing out at -8 saves at 101). In addition to that, paladins max out at -4 saves at 101 from bless. Sender Geriant Date Tue Mar 8 19:22:27 2011 Subject Clan Removal Going over the survey we deemed it neccesary to remove Mariner and Shadow. That is all. Sender Geriant Date Sat Mar 12 19:25:56 2011 Subject new "top ten" leaderboard command New command "topten". This command displays the top ten player killers, arena killers as well as top ten deaths in all three categories as well. The topten will populate as your characters enter the game, so if you don't see yourself on there try to quit out/re-enter and you should be on there if you belong there. Sender Geriant Date Sun Mar 13 12:04:21 2011 Subject wiznet This isn't in yet but will be at next copyover. There will be a new arguement available to the wiznet command, "showoff" which will show you which wiznet features you have turned off. I always got annoyed and having to manually check between show and status to see which ones I had turned off. :P Sender Geriant Date Tue Mar 22 03:19:26 2011 Subject Newbietalk You can actually read newbietalk now, as it is white instead of blue. Sender Geriant Date Wed Mar 23 04:01:01 2011 Subject New areas, pshop max placement value change The max price allowed in pshops is now 13 steel. Two new areas in, Alphens and Argon's chain (cities in the Isle of Mithas) as well as possible changes to other minotaur cities. Sender Geriant Date Wed Mar 23 16:15:42 2011 Subject PK Rules New rule (#8) in help pkill. Escort is no longer disabled. If you abuse it I will eat you alive. Sender Geriant Date Thu Mar 24 02:34:40 2011 Subject Marauder & Rogue As of the next copyover both [Rogue] and [Marauder] are no longer clans. If you currently have a character associated with either of those clans you will be removed from the clan and sent home when you log in. Sender Geriant Date Fri Mar 25 03:28:36 2011 Subject A few changes.. There will now be a global announcement when someone is killed in pk. The last person that hit you in PK is now tracked, making it easier to track and distinguish gray areas in pk-related deaths. This is going to be expanded on in the future so that you will automatically get player kill credit (in top ten) where it is due but you currently do not automatically get it. Builders now have the ability to track whether or not you've completed a quest (allowing us to do things like make one-time-only quests and make quests that have other quests as a prerequisite). Sender Geriant Date Thu Mar 31 03:54:38 2011 Subject Teleport & CA Teleport now only works in area while you are violent (so, if you are violent and cast teleport in Palanthas you will be teleported to a random room WITHIN Palanthas). This works this way no matter what area you are in, Palanthas was only an example. Combat Awareness (and advanced combat awareness, which only mobs have) have been greatly toned, halved in fact. Hopefully this evens up the melee combat a little bit. Sender Geriant Date Thu Mar 31 18:13:33 2011 Subject Typo/bug fix. Raploch was nice enough to point out that my grammar blows (as most of you usually are). A wrong tense in the hunt message has been fixed, while I was in there I also colored the person & location to make the command easier to use. In on next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Thu Apr 7 22:45:05 2011 Subject Max Saves Max saves are now a tid bit lower. Sender Geriant Date Mon Apr 11 11:05:56 2011 Subject Lastpkhit Both 'stat' and 'shortstat' now show "Lastpkhit" after PKVio. This is the last mortal that hit the person and it saves through quit, etc. Can be useful in certain pk-related arguements. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 20 16:13:54 2011 Subject Ranged Kills & PK Announcements The announcement for a pk kill was in the wrong spot for ranged hits only, which means if the kill hit was a ranged attack (bow, ranged spell, etc) then the announcement wouldn't happen. This has been fixed as of the next copyover. Sender Solinari Date Sat Apr 23 21:06:37 2011 Subject Hillhome The village of Hillhome is now in, home of the hill dwarves. Also did some rearranging in the area, slight changes to the paths near Pax Tharkas, Goblin Stronghold, Skullcap. Let me know if you find any problems, and enjoy. Lord Solinari, destroyer of speedwalks. Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 26 22:18:06 2011 Subject Combat Balance A bunch of changes to some skills going in here all in the name of balancing combat and trying to make fights last longer. Clerics: Now get dodge, parry and shield block. Mages & Battlemages: Now get dodge and parry. Also, combat awareness has been removed from the game. If you had combat awareness you will have it automatically stripped from you the next time you log in and will be refunded 6 gain points. Sender Geriant Date Tue Apr 26 22:29:28 2011 Subject Healer The healers no longer cast the 'heal' spell. They still allow you to heal 'cure crit' but the recent changes to the heal spell were meant for clerics only, oversight on our part. This is in as of the next copyover. Sender Solinari Date Wed Apr 27 09:53:24 2011 Subject Solace Transport I've added some new transport options in Solace. Qualinost, Tarsis and Hillhome caravans available in the SE corner of the city. Enjoy! Soli Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 27 13:07:24 2011 Subject Healer while violent You can no longer use the healer while you are violent. Sender Geriant Date Wed Apr 27 13:30:07 2011 Subject Wind Assault Wind assault now sends a message to the caster when it's silence affect is applied to their victim. Previously it only sent a message to the victim. In on next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Fri Apr 29 14:25:51 2011 Subject Templars It didn't quite make sense for clerics and paladins to get shield block but for templars to not get it so now they also have it. Sender Geriant Date Thu May 5 09:55:10 2011 Subject Lag on cursing is now gone.. You will no longer be lagged for spouting off profanities over channels. This is not an invintation to start cursing more than normal we just determined that in this day and age where you can easily find just about anything on the internet we need not be as worried about this sort of thing as much. Sender Geriant Date Mon May 9 07:44:46 2011 Subject Bug Fixe The violent check in the healer's code forgot to check if the person using the healer was a mob or not (mob's don't have the flag that stores whether or not you are violent), which caused a crash. *bonk self* This has been fixed. Sender Geriant Date Sun May 22 21:48:04 2011 Subject New Protocol Support We now support and will be expanding upon the following protocols: TTYPE, NAWS, MSDP, ATCP, MSSP, MSP, and MXP. We also now support XTerm 256 colors and will eventually work them somehow into the game. What this means in plain english is that the mud can now send signals to mudclients that you never see, allowing for all kinds of nifty stuff code wise.. this is only the beginning of some really cool stuff. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 24 00:06:30 2011 Subject 'back' during creation You can no longer use 'back' in creation after you get to the point where you can select skills/spells. Sender Geriant Date Thu May 26 21:44:34 2011 Subject MXP, Whois Added some MXP functionality. If you are using MXP you will now notice that everyone's name is underlined on the who list and they are clickable links to "whois" that char. Added "help MXP" helpfile. Also, the whois command now shows a character's description no matter where they are on the mud. Sender Geriant Date Thu May 26 21:45:39 2011 Subject MXP As an imm you'll now notice that character's names are clickable links to "shortstat, omni or snoop" that character, the default being shortstat if you left-click on the name. If you right click on the name it brings up the menu to choose snoop or omni. If you have any other suggested commands just let me know. Sender Geriant Date Fri May 27 15:01:59 2011 Subject MUSHclient GUI There is a new version of the Ansalon MUSHclient installation available on the wiki (help mushclient). This new version includes the first itteration of the Ansalon GUI. The Ansalon GUI adds some hp/mana/move/enemy hp slider bars on the left, as well as a basic map and some other fancy things. All of this will be expanded upon (eventually I hope the map will draw from the ascii mapper and display bitmaps). It will also show certain spell affects and the ticks left, right now only a few spells do this but I hope to expand it soon. I am also right now creating a wiki entry for just the plugin (which you can easily add to your existing MUSHclient world). Look for it on the MUSHclient section of the wiki. Also, here is a screenshot: Sender Geriant Date Fri May 27 15:42:44 2011 Subject Whois, Exits The "exits" command now uses MXP clickable links as well. Also, the "whois" command allowed descriptions to bleed color *eye Wit*, this no longer is the case Sender Solinari Date Mon May 30 20:10:44 2011 Subject Merc clan hall Merc hall has moved to the beach near Caergoth. Other changes to the clan forthcoming. HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Tue May 31 15:44:30 2011 Subject Mercenary Subclans Mercenary's subclans are gone, if you were in one it sohuld be properly stripped out as you log in. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 31 16:04:36 2011 Subject QP Coupon There is a new coupon, a "QP Coupon". It awards anywhere from 15 - 45 QP to whoever eats it, these are to be given out when you see good RP going on. The vnum is 1242. Sender Geriant Date Tue May 31 19:12:58 2011 Subject wiznet secure & wiznet logs There is a new wiznet option, "wiznet logs". If you wish to see player logs then put this on, otherwise we can now keep wiznet secure on without being spammed to hell and back, and these things continue to be sent to the logs on shell anyway. Sender Geriant Date Thu Jun 2 16:01:31 2011 Subject The Wiki The wiki now resides at and is now the Official wiki rather than the Unofficial wiki. :) Please start using the new address, however the old address should redirect yo uto the proper spot. Sender Geriant Date Thu Jun 2 21:31:52 2011 Subject Ansalon Connect Our facebook based web client, Ansalon Connect, is back and better than ever after a period of not working. Take a look as it is a good option for logging into the mud if you are somewhere that you can't install your usual client. Sender Geriant Date Sat Jun 4 13:32:33 2011 Subject Sanguine Manor As of next copyover you will no longer get quests to Sanguine Manor due to multiple factors. Sender Geriant Date Thu Jun 9 12:43:39 2011 Subject New Website We have a new website! :) While we currently don't have the storyboard or changes ported over, they and more features will be added to the new website shortly. We plan on doing some pretty cool things with this new website, so stay tuned to see what they are! :) Please note to immortal if you see any bugs, typos or otherwise horrible things. We welcome your feedback! Sender Geriant Date Fri Jun 10 18:39:48 2011 Subject PK Stars The pk stars are back, and there are now stars for NOPKs as well (cyan). These are back in under the condition that there is no NOPK bashing. If we see an increase in NOPK bashing the stars will go away just as quick as it takes to type copyover, you are warned. Sender Geriant Date Sat Jun 11 12:22:18 2011 Subject trader joe on the pants mprog, I changed convince to kill. Sender Geriant Date Tue Jun 14 21:11:27 2011 Subject Quest Time Time in between quests has been almost halved. Enjoy. Sender Geriant Date Thu Jun 16 13:02:04 2011 Subject Recall Points The default recall location is now Palanthas, for all characters. There is also a new command "recallpoint" or "recallset" both work. This will allow you to change your recall spot between palanthas pit & your god's temple in it's respective city up to three times for free. Once you've used it the full three times (or, if you want a recall point set elsewhere) you can come to an immortal with quest notes. Sender Geriant Date Sun Jun 19 14:32:20 2011 Subject Killer Flags Killer flags have been removed from the game. Sender Geriant Date Sun Jun 19 16:57:23 2011 Subject A few changes A few changes regarding resistances (sleep was RES_CHARM.. now RES_MENTAL, confusoin was RES_OTHER, now RES_MENTAL, and harm was RES_NEGATIVE, now RES_HARM). also "negative" damage type is now "unholy". Sender Geriant Date Sun Jun 19 22:16:54 2011 Subject More resistances stuff.. The spells cause light/serious/critical and harm no longer to "HARM" damage type, they now inflict either HOLY or UNHOLY damage types depending on the alignment of your victim. Also, the "charm person" spell no longer checks against your "charm" resistance it checks against your "mental" resistance. And, as of now the "harm" and "charm" resistances are no longer. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jun 20 01:01:38 2011 Subject danger sense No longer fires off for members of your group. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jun 20 01:02:10 2011 Subject setaflag New command, "setaflag" Allows you to set a room flag on every room in the area. Sender Geriant Date Mon Jun 20 15:42:09 2011 Subject Clan s Group The cap on clan level --> level has been cut in half (so, you have to be level 50 to be clan level 10 now, rather than level 101). Sender Geriant Date Tue Jun 28 10:51:18 2011 Subject Silence, Telnet Clantalk now works when your are silenced, unless you are violent. It didn't work while you were silenced at all before. Also, you can no longer use privates while silenced. And, I implemented an update to the protocols snippet that should help with some of the disconnects/drops certain people have been seeing. Sender Geriant Date Wed Jun 29 09:59:46 2011 Subject Silence + Privates I meant to make the silence affecting privates only for while you are violent. This has been fixed. Sender Geriant Date Tue Jul 5 11:39:09 2011 Subject Name Approval We are removing the name approval process in an attempt to remove barriers to entry from newbies and make the creation process less annoying. THIS IS NOT AN INVINTATION TO CREATE ANY CHARACTER YOU WANT, ALL USUAL RULES MUST STILL BE FOLLOWED WHEN CREATING CHARACTERS. NAMES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE USUAL RULES WILL BE RENAMED. Sender Geriant Date Wed Jul 6 20:09:32 2011 Subject Templars You can no longer create new Templars. This does not affect any characters that currently exist. This only affects creation of new characters. Sender Geriant Date Thu Jul 7 00:51:17 2011 Subject Skinning There is a new skill, gainable by all classes for 2CP. The skill is 'skinning', with it you will now be able to skin corpses and sell the skins for money. Skinners will be popping up all over the mud in short time. Sender Geriant Date Wed Jul 13 21:40:42 2011 Subject The Arena It is back, enjoy. Sender Solinari Date Thu Jul 21 17:26:48 2011 Subject Three Moons Transport Company Here at AnsalonCo, we understand the difficulty in playing a melee character. Ferry's are slow, Wit is greedy and cities are far apart. That's why we've contracted with the Three Moons Transport Company to service your transportation needs! With offices in Palanthas, Solace and Neraka, they are always looking to expand their business. Enjoy! *Travel at your own risk Solinari, HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Fri Jul 22 12:49:32 2011 Subject new act2 flag "always_cast" There is a new act2 flag "always_cast" this will make it so that mobs can cast even if confused, silenced, drunk, hungry or wrong align for their god and cleric. Sender Geriant Date Fri Jul 22 23:19:37 2011 Subject Demonfire & RoT Demonfire and Ray of Truth should now work against characters of the same alignment, but not those who worship the same god as you. Sender Geriant Date Sun Jul 24 16:28:38 2011 Subject Automap Toggles You can now toggle what you see on the automapper. See the "maptoggle" command, helpful coming soon to a mud near you. Sender Solinari Date Sun Jul 24 18:44:35 2011 Subject East of Palanthas There are areas once more out of the east gate of Palanthas (and the NE gate too). All the player homes that were temporarily lost a few days ago are back in too. If you don't like the new location, let me know and I'll move it. Sender Solinari Date Tue Jul 26 10:58:47 2011 Subject Three Moons Sanction Thanks to the generosity of Vasher, you all now have a Three Moons transportation office in Sanction, and all the other offices will transport you there as well. If you discover and complete a quest, remember to turn in the appropriate item to me, so I can bring new cities into the fold. Soli Sender Solinari Date Fri Aug 26 18:57:38 2011 Subject Three Moons Lacynos Three Moons Transport Company now runs to Lacynos! The Lacynos office is 1W, 2N, 1E of the bank in the city. Thanks to Lanfer, Croth and company for completing the quest. New ones coming soon! Solinari, HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Sat Sep 10 19:19:47 2011 Subject TMTC Updates I've added new content to the TMTC, go explore and open those portals! I'm also reducing the cost for TMTC to FREE for a trial period that can end at my discretion. Simply walk to any office, go up the stairs and say the destination. Easy. HMFIC Sender Solinari Date Sat Sep 10 22:05:47 2011 Subject TMTC Qualinost Shronius slayed the dragon in Qualinesti and has opened up the TMTC in Qualinost! Sender Solinari Date Sat Sep 10 23:47:52 2011 Subject New Quest Master weapons The good Kiri kicked me in the ass and we've worked together to fill in the missing quest master weapons. We've added a spear, hoopak, quarterstaff, bow and crossbow items to the quest masters, so enjoy! HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Tue Sep 13 20:35:21 2011 Subject Two Handed Weapons There is no longer a weight limit on your secondary weapon for the larger races. Sender Solinari Date Sat Sep 17 09:41:57 2011 Subject Qmaster weapons Changed the Spear from Throw to Vorpal and increased the values on the Crossbow and Bow. They should be looking better now. Any comments, let me know. HMFIC Sender Geriant Date Sat Sep 17 10:32:53 2011 Subject Three Moons You will no longer get quests to three moons after the next copyover. Sender Geriant Date Sat Sep 17 20:18:50 2011 Subject losing concentration When you lose concentration on a spell it will now tell you which spell you failed at. For example, instead of just saying "You lost your concentration." it will now say "You lost your concentration while casting shield." Sender Solinari Date Sun Sep 25 13:48:01 2011 Subject New TMTC Three new TMTC lines have been opened. Sender Solinari Date Sun Sep 25 18:06:59 2011 Subject TMTC TMTC offices in Tarsis, Caergoth and Hillhome now open! Soli Sender Geriant Date Tue Oct 4 12:12:28 2011 Subject wiznet bugs Wiznet bugs now works as intended. If you don't want to see bugs turn wiznet bugs off. Sender Geriant Date Wed Oct 5 09:18:47 2011 Subject Fishing Turns out you could bait up and reel out a fishing pole, then hand it off to your pet and rinse/repeat until you had multiple poles going at once. This is obviously a bug and it was squashed. Yo ucan no longe rgive fishing poles to pets. Sender Geriant Date Tue Oct 11 09:25:18 2011 Subject Fishing You can no longer put fishing rods into containers. Sender Solinari Date Sat Nov 12 17:42:31 2011 Subject Eastern Warrens Eastern Warrens should be properly linked now and I fixed the name on the Caergoth TMTC.