Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2018.

Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 5 17:48:24 2018 Subject PVP Saving Throws (yep that one) We now have a setsaves command for IMP level, which fixes the math done by the original code (ROM) which hadn't allowed for the expansion we've had to 101 mortal levels. This was done via weeks of testing on Coder port with much adjustments/tweaking. Really came down to after X, this is broken. We are continuing to adjust, and look to downplay the LEVEL difference impact as well. IE Level 94 vs 101, you don't land squat... more now, but we look to making the impact of higher vs lower level lessened a bit. Ps. You won't see a difference until about level 70+ish. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 10 13:53:05 2018 Subject PVP CURSE & Saves In our ongoing 'saves' battle, the spell CURSE... ... became OMG OP... Saves used to be 1 * level (spell level)/8. So, a 101 casting using a charged staff, could bump that level to 125. 15.6 rounds to 16.. With our updated saves maxes, that is like making the victim into a special needs gully dwarf wearing a magic attractor. Update: Curse now does level/25. (Minimum of 1) So max is now a 4 impact (+1 if you use a charged staff). Bless however, gets caught by the saves 'cap' so shouldn't be an issue. PS. PVE is unaffected, still /8. So yeah, they can, and you can fubar each other to your hearts content. Please let me know if you run into any 'whaaaauuut?' moments. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Jan 10 14:57:31 2018 Subject PVP POISON: Maladiction fixing POISON... big change here, Poison will no longer STACK. Also, the duration has been brought within reason. Duration is now level/15 (or /8 for charged staff). Meaning, no longer do you have a 25 hour poison in 101 PK... It's more like 7-5 ticks. There is a minimum of 1 tick. Also, poison will _always_ do at least 1 point of damage. This is the old 'anti-sleep' that somehow got fubbed before. Please, let me know of any other spells/actions with similar issues. Thanks! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 12 19:32:05 2018 Subject PVP TRACK/HUNT/SCRy Track and Hunt are now available for ALL classes. This is an effort to enable player killing a bit. Please note also: Mages/Bmages: Require to hold a wand for the skills. Both skills now use mana or movement. Lag on each has been cut in half. As well as Scry. The levels of each are now 14/23 with Scry staying as is. Scry no longer tells you who's watching you, but you can be alerted that SOMEONE is oggling you if you have DETECT MAGIC up. I debated calling them seek/farsight for mages/bmages... Bring your daughter to the slaughter :) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 25 16:17:39 2018 Subject QUEST STREAKS!!! Quest STREAKS are now in! To see how many you have simply type {HQUEST STREAK{h. If you decline a quest... it goes to ZERO. If you fail to finish a quest in time... it goes to ZERO. If you quit, in the middle of a quest... you drop to ZERO... If you complete a quest? It goes up by 1. There are rewards the higher your Quest Streak is, Quest Point bonuses! Future Plans: Different quest types if you have a higher Streak. Have fun all! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Jan 25 17:00:18 2018 Subject QUEST STREAKS!!! UPDATE UPDATE: Also a longer quest streak will shorten your time between quests :) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 26 15:26:41 2018 Subject WYWO WHILE YOU WERE OUT - QUEST - Timers Soooo, you haven't played your thief in like 3 hours, ... or 2 days etc. Quest time: You have 18 minutes remaining until you can go on another quest. *blink*... Um, so... I haven't played my thief in like 3 hours... .. and I need to wait to quest? Now? If your character has been logged out, your quest time continues to tick down. :) It takes you a minute to catch on, but this should really help those who don't have time to let their character idle for 20 minutes before wanting to go quest again. You may now quest again. Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Jan 26 18:47:22 2018 Subject WYWO WHILE YOU WERE OUT MALADICTION Durations Like Quests waiting periods, Maladictions will now 'get better' as you are offline. Blinded for 20 minutes? Log out, play another character, log back in 20 minutes later? It drops 20 off the duration. You'll still have to wait one final tick for that last bit, but... IE: [Hit Return to continue] Your poison was reduced by 2 minutes. Stay healthy my friends :) Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jan 29 15:04:06 2018 Subject WYWO WHILE YOU WERE OUT So, in the spirit of things getting better while you aren't connected... I've increased the maladiction drops to all known maladictions, so the duration of them ticks by when you're working, sleeping, etc. (This added smoke, confusion, chill touch & silence) Also, your character will now heal moves, mana and hitpoints while your away from them. The main idea is that, you don't have to do tedius things just because you don't have the time to leave your character healing before you have to go. This should really help our casual players, as well as those who wish to log out a char, play another, and know that the first char is still healing, counting down until their next quest, etc. So, it'd be a good idea to quit in a good heal room, rest/sleep first. Hope you enjoy it! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 7 16:03:12 2018 Subject PVP Bash 'Daze' In part of our effort to equalize and un-OP things... The daze state is cut in half now from bash. This should hopefully even out the bash chaining and yet stlil keep it useful. Please send feedback! - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Feb 14 16:53:14 2018 Subject WYWO WHILE YOU WERE OUT 2.0 Great idea from Funbags! Your PET will now also heal/lose maladictions etc, while you are offline. Woot! (Srsly, liked that, thanks Fundabad) - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 15 15:24:00 2018 Subject AREA PVE Training weapons & School Hoopak, Quarterstaff and Staff added to SW Pal training weapons. Mudschool bumped a bit, some updates from Majere & Tak Nerakan cleric not so newibeUNfriendly. Psuedodragon more fun to hang out with too :P Mean goblin talks about his love, and how to get there. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Feb 22 16:38:36 2018 Subject QUEST LISTING etc You'll now notice quest list (by type) shows you if how many points you have in that type of Quest point. As well, it color codes if you have enough points, and are high enough level to purchase the item/point/etc. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Feb 23 17:32:45 2018 Subject PVE AREA Goblin Stronghold Per request, goblin stronghold is now a little easier to access for low level players. It's been added to the Gully Flinger, as well as the mudschool doorman. Nice call Funbags, nice call. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 1 13:49:35 2018 Subject PVP PVE CHILL TOUCH & PLAGUE Both were stackable... and insane duration. That's been adjusted :). Chill touch will still damage, as well as plague, if cast upon a target that is already affected by them. But... no more of: Spell: chill touch : modifies strength by -13 for 18:00 hours Spell: plague : modifies strength by -10 for 45:30 hours With our PVP adjustments, this falls in line. Also, really sucked to get plagued for 3 irl hours by mobs. :P - Ziv & Co. Ps. Thanks Zemenith for the heads up! Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Mar 6 18:14:52 2018 Subject TITHE It's changed a bit guys, we no longer use personal TITHE accounts. Those are simply shown in your score ({HWORTH GEMS{h). Clan and group accounts will remain, but your personal Tithe's will now just load onto your character when you log in. Syntax: TITHE ADD 15 DRAGONARMY (tithe add # account) Please let us know if you run into any issues trying to tithe. All transactions are logged. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Mar 7 16:02:29 2018 Subject LIGHTS Lights will now only burn up fuel when it's dark (dark rooms, night etc). Rather than getting all 'hands on' and removing/wearing them constantly. They simply don't burn up while there's light out. Also, if you're in the dark, you can see if an exit is lit (varies on amount of light as well). - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Thu Mar 8 17:56:37 2018 Subject ROCIGZ - Detect Magic The Rocigz Lantern was greatly considered to be hugely over powered. The permanent detect invisible and detect hidden nullified both castor and theif alike. The stats remain, but the spell is now 'DETECT MAGIC'. That beind said... DETECT MAGIC has changed also. Detect Magic makes any items in the room (or on you) glow if they are magical in any way (hit/dam/moves/HP/invis/fly etc). It also.. gives you a warning system on being scryed. - Ziv & Co. Please note: Any players wishing to return their Rocigz for FULL QP value, can do so until 4/1/2018. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Mar 12 13:34:09 2018 Subject New MOB command New command in for mobs... MOB PEACE. Just just like our peace does, handy for stopping all combat (dummies, as well as when needed with other mobs for whatever reason). - Dave. Sender Nuitari Date Sun Aug 12 03:35:50 2018 Subject Casino And Guild Area Looking for a way to spend some of your hard earned money on an uncertain future? Look no farther! The new Casino and Guild area is in, much thanks to Majere for his hard work! Hugs and Kisses, Uncle Nuitari Sender Chemosh Date Sat Aug 18 00:07:31 2018 Subject Updates to the Halls of Chance. Added a map of the Casino Area Added a bank room to the Casino Added ability to buy 2 irridium chips for 1 steel (eliminating exchange costs) fixed a few minor typos slight tweak to prize payouts based on feedback fighter's guild has now been ported over, accessible by all classes. NO PETS ALLOWED now hard linked to schallsea just east of the arena Thanks to Majere Sender Chemosh Date Mon Aug 27 00:33:02 2018 Subject Casino update We are excited to announce a new expansion to the Halls of Chance - The Underground Grotto. This is a level 101 area that requires 3 players each with a High Roller Chip to start the game. After 3 players start the game the guard will block entry until the game is over and 90 minutes has elapsed after that to allow for resetting. The quest will be timed for 60 minutes and several parts of the quest require certain stats so make sure to bring a variety of classes! Most of the puzzle solutions are implied or not even stated at all, but will require cunning, wit and guile to overcome. There are also some challenging mobs to fight, but the majority of the challenge revolves around solving the puzzles. The puzzle solutions vary each run so no two runs are ever the same, and there are a multitude of solutions, so this one will have great replay value! Get a couple buddies together and come check it out! Thanks to Majere for the update! Sender Chemosh Date Sun Sep 2 00:32:38 2018 Subject Casino update New Updates to the Puzzle and Casino are In: Several rooms had variations updated to add to replayability Multiple more treasure chest solutions added Updated the gardening room significantly to add challenge Fixed errors in game mechanics that caused some issues with moving forward situationally Medium Fighter's Guild mob now worth 3 chips to account for price to difficulty ratio added other factors to puzzle quest, no two runs will ever be the same and By popular demand you can now sell questmaster weapons for 25 irridium chips! Cheaper entry for the puzzle quest, only 4 chips now instead of 10!!! Thanks Majere! Any problems....bug Maj. Sender Zivilyn Date Fri Sep 7 17:55:04 2018 Subject Ultra-botting & Quest Parts Due to the ultra-botting, quest parts will now have timers on them. It's long ones, like scrolls etc. And yes, you can preserve the parts at Inak. You can permanently preserve them if you like as well, but they gain a timer with each combination. It was this, or adding 1 lb weight to them, which hurts the regular player more. - Ziv & Co.