Changes on Ansalon MUD!

Changes made to Ansalon during 2021.

Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 21 17:45:28 2021 Subject notes/boards Note boards require level 3 now to post, that spammer troll is posting dumb stuff. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Wed Apr 21 18:17:42 2021 Subject Name approval Due to our bridge dweller, we've put back in name approval. We'll also hopefully be allowing hero helpers the command soon as well. Sir fierydildo, etc etc, should fade away. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Apr 26 15:00:42 2021 Subject Name approval It's back, with MXP links for approval/disapproval, should be easier to spot/read etc. LMK if there are suggestions, thanks! - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 27 15:34:22 2021 Subject IGNORE COMMAND The ignore command has been updated to allow you to remove players NOT connected. See also: {HHelp Ignore{h. - Ziv & Co. Sender Zivilyn Date Tue Apr 27 15:36:27 2021 Subject IGNORE For imms... you can also IGNORE people :) Because well... yeah, there are THOSE chars sometimes. - Dave. Sender Zivilyn Date Mon Jun 7 19:28:14 2021 Subject Mudportal (amazonaws) new chars Any chars from our Mudportal/ have to be approved, their timer actually climbs up instead of down. Only from that socket. So Condom/Dipshit/Cumface kid can sit there all day if he likes. That being said, if you're on, please approve any 'good' names from there. Thanks all! - Dave.