How do I change which god I worship?

Only a high level immortal can change which god you worship. If you desire a god change, you must do the following:

  1. Use the ‘godchange’ command to automatically do so. OR if that fails due to alignment or other restriction (as in changing from a good to evil etc)…
  2. Send a note to ‘immortal’ asking to be changed. Make sure to list who you want to be changed to.
  3. Role-play out your new “religion”. A story on the story board might help.
  4. Present a true faith coupon upon approval by an IMP.
  5. Wait a bit. It will happen. Continually bugging the Immortal Staff about it doesn’t help your cause.

There is also the ‘godchange’ command which is  useable by all players.  This allows you to change gods within the same alignment for free if under level 15, or with a true faith coupon if higher than level 15.  If your alignment differs from the deity you choose to worship this still requires immortal intervention.

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