What do all of these different coupons do?

Ansalon has a series of “coupons” that can be purchased with quest points at a quest master if desired.  The following will try to explain what each one does.

  • An Official Pardon
    A pardon will make the guards no longer see you as a KILLER or THIEF. In fact, you simply eat it and no one will call you either of those, unless you commit another heinous crime. (Eat to use)
  • Restring coupon
    Redeeming one of these with an Immortal allows you to change the appearance of any piece of equipment that you own. For example, you can change your mithril sword to be a vicious looking saber. You may now use the RESTRING MACHINE in Palanthas to automatically restring your items! (Imm approval at the end)
  • Petstring coupon
    Redeeming one of these with an Immortal allows you to change the appearance of a pet that you own. If you use your pet for Role Play, a unique Dragon or Mercenary could be great! Hans the stick, Firlung the Red Dragon… all petstrings must be immortal approved.
  • Home coupon
    Redeeming one of these with an Immortals allows you to be sent “home” from any place on the MUD. (Eat to use)
  • Quest note
    A quest note can be redeemed for a corpse retrieval, a restring (see above), or cashed in for 10 diamonds.
  • Global echo coupon
    Redeeming one of these with a few select Immortals allows you to have a “global echo” sent with your choice of words (within reason). A global echo is a set of text that is set to all players currently on the MUD. It can contain color if desired.
  • True faith coupon
    Redeeming this with one the implementors/creators allows you to “see the light” so to speak and have your alignment reset to its “proper” value. (eat to use)
  • Makeover coupon
    The most expensive of coupons, this allows you to get a complete whole-body equipment restring: a restring (see above) of every piece of equipment that you’re can wear, as well as a container. Very rare, and worth it for big RPers.
  • Mastercraft coupon
    A Mastercraft coupon lets your weapon be improved, mastercrafted, which causes it to do an additional dice of damage (if it was 10d12, it’s now 11d12), this increases it’s damage in combat. Weapons can only be Mastercrafted ONE time. A Mastercraft coupon is VERY valuable.
  • Enchantment coupon
    An Enchantment coupon adds magical damage and hitroll adjustments to a weapon. The maximum enchantment on any item is based upon the ITEM’s level. IE. A level 121 sword (101 to use), 18/18 is maximum, level 61 sword 9/9 (.3 or 3/10ths of the item level). Obviously, 8/8 is a normal 101 mage’s usual maximum, so items under level 60 would be a waste of the coupon, but can be done if insisted.
  • Weaponflag coupon
    This coupon may be used to CHANGE any ONE flag on a weapon to another flag, this is only extra flags like vampiric, vorpal etc. This coupon will not change the damage type. This coupon must be presented to an implementor to be used, and may be used multiple times on a single item. This coupon is only valid on STOCK and NON-CLAN items. This weapon only changes Special Types, such as Shocking, Throwable, Poison etc. This coupon can not be used to change two-handed, rot death flags.
  • Train/Gain/Practice coupons
    These coupons when eaten will add a trains, gains, or practices to your score. They can be very useful when you want to add that certain skill… Trains increase stats (STR/INT/DEX/WIS/CON) or gain skills, Gains let you add skills, practices let you get better at a given skill (up to 75% efficiency)

In addition, other coupons may be given out as quest prizes, etc. For more information about those coupons, please ask the Immortal that gave them out.

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