Ansalon GUI 2.somethingBeta_something WIP

First looks at a new Ansalon GUI (still WIP, re-writing from scratch).


This is again a Mushclient GUI (plugin) that will be available soon.

The background and all controls/gauges change with the seasons, just a little more flavor for the game play. The Compass… works, click on the directions to go that way (planning right click to scan that way), with tooltips. Adding an Experience TNL gauge on the right side with bubble on top containing your level, or perhaps to the right of the existing gauges.

Figuring out where to put Money, and a ‘score’ type box. But Score I’m thinking I might add to a custom avatar on the left side under the compass. Then have score stats be a popup window so they aren’t constantly in the way, or a draggable one perhaps.

Feedback welcome!

2 comments to Ansalon GUI 2.somethingBeta_something WIP

  • Arjin

    This looks great! I would absolutely love a static map window if possible?

  • Zivilyn

    Yeah, working on that :).
    I’d like to also have a static chat box, and have all the plugins in ‘one’ GUI. Perhaps a mouseover ‘character’ also, that pops up a score.

    Still in progress hehe!

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