101 Mob Quest and More!

If you weren’t here on Saturday 8/5 you missed out! I opened the 101 Mob
Arena for two runs by our group of champions! Seven 101 warriors entered the
battle, and both times the challengers ended up falling.

The final fight the last mob had only 2500 hit points left, so this group was
very very close to victory! This means everyone needs to work this week to
get stronger, gather more equipment and potions and prepare again to fight
Tuesday night 8/8 @ 11:30PM EST! If a group is victorious, I will slightly increase the
difficulty and change the prize from the gloves of the champion to the
helmet of the champion. And as always the more heroes that fight the

This Tuesday I will reopen the 101 Mob Arena for another group of
brave souls to take their shot at the most challenging gauntlet in Dragonlance gaming.

Also on Tuesday I will be running a few quests for all levels including Hot
Potato, The Drunken Race, and The Labyrinth of Majere.

Stop by at 11:30PM EST on this Tuesday night, 8/8 and play some games for a
few hours!


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