101 Mob Quest and More!

If you weren’t here on Saturday 8/5 you missed out! I opened the 101 Mob
Arena for two runs by our group of champions! Seven 101 warriors entered the
battle, and both times the challengers ended up falling.

The final fight the last mob had only 2500 hit points left, so this group was
very very close to victory! This means everyone needs to work th...

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If you haven’t been playing, you’ve been missing out!

Hey Gamers!

We have been running immortal quests daily. You can almost always count on a trivia during the evening around 10-11pm EST. Prizes for every correct question and just for participation as well. We have also been hosting some classics like “The Great Ansalonian Race“, “Drunken Hide and Seek“, and one of the Dragonlance World’s Toughest Sc...

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Saturday Night Quest Fever!

Tonight, around 9 PM EST, as long as we have enough player participation
(at least 4) we will be having several quick fire quests!


  • Find the Incognito IMM
  • Trivia!
  • Majere’s High Roller’s Dice Game!
    And MORE!!!

So make sure to check in tonight around 9 PM EST and have some fun!
Prizes for every participant and top prizes include custom qu...

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A new fun quest for everyone to participate in, dice matching!

Your goal will be to find as many matching “sets” of dice as you can.
So that means 6 sided and up of any type of dice, as long as they are the same materials.

You will have one week from today, 7/19 to complete your sets.
Best set wins the highest level prize and everyone who plays get...

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Random Trivia today

Ran a twenty question trivia. Gave out home coupons to the four
participants and a qnote for the winner. As an added bonus I gave away one
extra home to whoever found me first in Palanthas while I was incognito.


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Greetings – Majere!

Hi everyone! I’m the new guy on the block and just wanted to take a
minute to introduce myself. I’m Majere! I’ll be in charge of player
participation initiatives and getting some interest back in both role-play
and immortal run Quests! At the start my goal will be weekly quests
typically on weekends, depending on what works best for the group...

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