New Happenings On Ansalon!

War is Brewing!

The Dragonarmies of Takhisis and the Knights of Solamnia are gearing up for war.
A massive story-line is unfolding and each side is looking for brave souls who want to tell their tale.
Which side will you choose?
War tensions are escalating and the city populations are uneasy.
If you don’t have a character on either side yet, check out which one you’d like best and make one! 

Story Quest 2.0!

We will be announcing a brand new story quest in the coming weeks to coincide with our Solamnic/Dragonarmy War.
Just like the last one there will be prizes for every participant, multiple entries will be allowed, and there will be an open scenario so you don’t have to keep your story to the confines of battle.
Details and scenario to be released in the coming days.

Weekly Mud-Wide Quests!

On Tuesday and Sunday night Ansalon is the place to be!
We run mud-wide games for all levels and have fantastic prizes for each participant.

Usual Game times:

Tuesday: 11:30 PM EST/8:30 PM PST
Sunday: 11 PM EST/8:30 PM PST
Stop by and play some Marker Crossbow, have a Drunken Race, wander through Majere’s Labyrinth or even fight some of the toughest challenges in the DragonLance world.

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