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Fri Jul 14 17:00:09 2017
To: all
They were like litter, _everywhere_. I’ve dropped back the frequency of
them so it’s not so spammy. Let me know if it seems ‘too rare’ now (it’s
more than figurines still a little).
– Ziv.

[ 5] Zivilyn: PET CORPSES
Fri Jul 21 17:42:33 2017
To: all
Great idea Larian, no idea why we didn’t do that ages ago.

Pet corpses will now make an EQ Yardsale like player corpses, if the pet is
carrying any equipment. This is only for pets, not charmies, but it should
help with the hours of re-equipping a pet if you lose one. Find it’s pile,
get it back.
– Ziv.

[ 6] Zivilyn: Level 1 Note Posting
Fri Aug 4 13:11:46 2017
To: all
Great idea, the idea was that new chars didn’t come in spamming ‘join our
game’ or ‘this mud suxors’ etc. But… we don’t have that problem in this
day and age. So…

Characters can post notes after playing for 2 hours, avoids both and allows
those crazy people with 30k TNL to post heh.
Great idea Jose/Wit!
– Ziv.

[ 7] Zivilyn: Dice/Shinare/Lancequest weight
Mon Aug 28 18:49:00 2017
To: all
Weights dropped, good idea.
– Ziv.
Also, auction is yellow again, just for Wit ๐Ÿ™‚

[ 8] Zivilyn: PAINTBALL
Wed Aug 30 14:05:56 2017
To: all
The lags in Paintball after shooting, reloading, being hit etc have been
adjusted. Please let me know your thoughts on them (too fast/slow etc).
Mode times are: 1 single, 1.5 double, 2 burst, 3 long (violence pulses)
Help me test it out in some Paintball ๐Ÿ™‚
– Ziv.

[ 9] Zivilyn: QUEST INFO
Thu Aug 31 17:15:47 2017
To: all
Quest info is a little more helpful now.
It remembers what room and area the thing you’re searching for is in,
in case you missed it in the wall of text while you traveled ๐Ÿ™‚
– Ziv.

[ 10] Zivilyn: ITEM LEVELS
Tue Sep 5 14:01:05 2017
To: all
The item levels now display as ‘level to use’
in shops, compare, identify, lore etc.
Just taking the ‘huh?’ out with the trash ๐Ÿ™‚
– Ziv & Co.

Tue Sep 5 18:31:04 2017
To: all
Player corpses will now (once again) return to the player until they pass
level 14. Also, mob corpses should now be a little more accurately weighted
(by race, random).
– Ziv & Co.

[ 12] Zivilyn: HELPERS
Wed Sep 6 12:28:04 2017
To: all
Helpers will now see when a new character has created and is about to
connect. They will be at reading the message of the day. This allows those
with HELPER toggled easier information about who could need help.
– Ziv & Co.

[ 13] Zivilyn: SAC’ING containers
Thu Sep 14 19:16:19 2017
To: all
The contents now go to the ground, had someone nuke their dice bag,
sadness ensued… ๐Ÿ™
Also, Thanks Nui for many building updates/fixes.
Ziv & Co.

[ 14] Zivilyn: ALIAS limit
Wed Sep 20 12:05:56 2017
To: all
Alias limit now moved to 45, oldschool storage issues no longer affect us
as much. This should help with telnet players etc.
(PS. Lights added to the 3 Moons per request)
Ziv & Co.

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