Maladiction Durations (while not playing)

Like Quests waiting periods, Maladictions will now ‘get better’ as you are offline.
Blinded for 20 minutes?
Log out, play another character, log back in 20 minutes later?
It drops 20 off the duration.

You’ll still have to wait one final tick for that last bit, but…

IE: [Hit Return to continue]
Your poison was reduced by 2 minutes.

The idea here is that you don’t log in and go ‘oh shit, my guy still has plague for 3 freaking hours!’.

You log in, if you were out 10 minutes, 10 minutes pulls off the maladiction timer.
It goes to 0:00, so they ‘wear off’ next tick.
Just another way to NOT penalize players who can’t idle online all day.

Stay healthy my friends 🙂 – Ziv/Skol etc

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