While you were out…

So, in the spirit of things getting better while you aren’t connected…
We have increased the maladiction drops to all known maladictions, so the duration of them ticks by when you’re at work, sleeping, etc.
(This added smoke, confusion, chill touch & silence)

Also, your character will now heal moves, mana and hitpoints while your away from them!

The main idea is that, you don’t have to do tedious things just because you don’t have the time to leave your character healing, or sit around idling all day.
This should really help our casual players, as well as those who wish to log out a char, play another, and know that the
first char is still healing, counting down until their next quest, etc.

So, it’d be a good idea to quit in a good heal room, rest/sleep first.
Hope you enjoy it!
– Ziv & Co.

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