Game on! God Hunt.

Hark, puny mortals! We gods have found your lack of faith disturbing, and we demand your eternal groveling and prostrating!

Go out and gather up yon divine artifacts depicting the most holy, and offer them up in reverence. Only then shall our swift and cruel retribution be staved!

Bring us the following figures, jujus, fetishes, carvings, idols, icons, statutes and peripts, and receive the following rewards:

Complete Pantheon (all 21 gods) – 5 High Roller Die
Full Single Alignment (7) – 10 Irridium Prize Die

Three Godheads (Paladine, Gilean, Takhisis) – 20 Platinum Pala_Chance Dice
Three Moons (Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari) – 35 Gold Pala_Chance Die
Second Best (Sargonnas, Reorx, Mishakal) – 50 Silver Pala_Chance Dice
A Fool and his Coin (Shinare, Hiddukel, Majere) – 1000 Shinare Points

Do-Gooders (Branchala, Habbakuk, Kiri-Jolith) – 500 Dragonlance points
For the Wild (Zivilyn, Chislev, Sirrion) – 100 QP
Dead Heads (Chemosh, Morgion, Zeboim) – 50 Silver

In addition, the following sets will be worth EXTRA or BETTER rewards:

a Bone Set of Dead Heads = Gold Sash
a Wood Set of For the Wild = Green Sash
a Perfect Three Moons (Pearl Solinari, Ruby Lunitari, Dolomite Nuitari) = Backpack of Levitation
a Full Single Alignment with gemstone inset eyes = Gloves of the Champion
Amber material is wild! (Usable as a substitute material, ONLY once per set)

LASTLY, turning a set of all the same material (does not apply to the specific sets) = DOUBLE PRIZE

Ongoing Quest through the end of July!

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