Game on! God Hunt.

Hark, puny mortals! We gods have found your lack of faith disturbing, and we demand your eternal groveling and prostrating!

Go out and gather up yon divine artifacts depicting the most holy, and offer them up in reverence. Only then shall our swift and cruel retribution be staved!

Bring us the following figures, jujus, fetishes, carvings...

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Falkore’s Trivia!

Hey All! Falkore will be hosting a trivia night today! June 5th 10 CST/11 EST.

Trivia will be general Ansalon Knowledge.Rewards will be Iridium Chips with the top prize being High Roller Chips!

The format will be a timed format so you have 60 seconds to tell Falkore the answer so it isn’t first one wins, so we can have multiple winners.

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On all weekend!

Hey all, I’m laid up with the knee surgery and home alone heh.


Quests, prizes, Arena fun all the time. Come and play!

– Ziv.
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MXP changes!

If you have MXP with your client (IE. MushClient & Zmud, a few others)
You’ll now have more clickables. Unread/note list/note reading etc. To see if (if you have MXP), type unread, or note list. You can click on the numbers. Also, you will have a <<Prev  [Unread]  Next>> link to click (if anyone has better formatting lmk).

2013-08-20 Update: Now...

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