The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a small book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Xorn' scribed in white ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Xorn's book..

Author: Xorn Date: Thu Feb 18 09:25:47 2010 Subject (RP) Interesting..... Percival glances at Xorn across the park. The sun disappears beyond the horizon, and Xorn rests upon a blanket, taking in the moon's risings. His eyes drift from the white, to the red, and seem to search for something invisible. He smiles to himself for a moment, before scanning the park. Upon seeing the young man across the way, Xorn grins slightly, his ice-blue eyes catching the white moons light. Percival feels a funny feeling when their two eyes meet and smiles slightly. Pretending not to notice the young man, but obviously ignoring him on purpose, Xorn leans back upon the blanket he is resting on. With his finger he begins to trace a constellation. Percival meanders his way slowly to the blanket that the cute human is on. 'The dark queen may be gone from the sky, but I see your consort is still there.' Percival says 'I have also noticed a few missing. Hi, I'm Percival' At the statement and the greeting, Xorn sits back up, and looks the man over thouroughly, pausing a moment before speaking. 'Few know the stars and their meanings. During this time of upheaval...........who would have guessed the heavens would be missing the two most important constellations. But I digress.' Percival says 'I know, those were my two favorite stars. They burned the brightest to me.' Xorn looks at the man with a questioning gaze, but it is gone as soon as it came. He grins again, his eyes once again looking the man up and down. Percival begins to check Xorn out secretly. 'It is such a beautiful night, to sit under the Ironwood trees. I often read the stars. And I am being rude, since I have your name and you do not have mine. I am Xorn. Would you care to join me?' Xorn pats the blanket he rests upon, scooting over slightly to make room on his right side. Percival says 'I would love to' and as he sits on the blanket. He reaches out his hand. As Percival extends his hand, Xorn reaches out and both shake hands. But as Xorn releases his grip, he runs his delicate fingers down Percival's palm, looking him directly in the eyes as he does. 'So what brings you to don't look like you are from around here? Displaced from the west, or......I seem like the adventurous type.' Percival says 'wow, you can read me like a book. I am the adventurous type.' Xorn grins at Percival, nodding to his statement. From behind him, he pulls a leather satchel. When he opens it, there are several books and scrolls inside. He pulls a piece of parchment from it, and speaks. 'I do love And I have a knack for could say.....interesting people. Are you an interesting person Percival?' Percival asks 'I think so...Why would i have such an interesting jacket if I was not interesting?' Xorn takes the parchment in hand and begins to fold it. A corner here, a corner there. His hands work quickly but with skill, and he keeps folding the parchment while he converses with the young man. Percival asks 'So where are you from?' 'I have travelled extensively these last few years. Collecting..........interesting things. Knowledge mostly. It has power you know. But if I had to call a place home it would be Tarsis.' Percival asks 'I've been there... Do you collect people's hearts?' At the question, Xorn looks perplexed, and a little uneasy, his eyes looking up as if he is remembering something. But again this is quickly gone, his normal expression returning, the smile back. 'I once killed an elven cat, and took it's heart. But it wasn't exactly a person was a matter of neccesity.' Percival asks 'Nice... So tell me, you have any family?' Xorn continues to fold the paper, and it begins to take the shape of something familiar and unsettling. When his hands stop moving it has become a dragon crafted of parchment, it's wings spread out in flight. Percival says 'I like it. You gotta teach me that sometime.' 'Family...........once upon a time. But that is something I would rather not discuss. ' Percival says 'Alright. I have never known my family.I have had to fend for myself all of these years.' Xorn pulls the tail of dragon, and the wings flap up and down. He studies it a moment, before reaching out and placing it in front of Percival. Percival says 'Thank you.' and grabs the parchment dragon. He studies the dragon carefully... It seems to look semi realistic to him. 'Fending for yourself is the way of the universe my friend. The strong live, and the weak die. It's just the way of nature and existence. To believe otherwiseis...well foolish.' Percival abruptly hisses 'I say kill the weak! Show no weakness! Cept in times.' 'Killing is neccessary upon occasion, but the weak and foolish end up dooming themselves. But such is not a conversation for such a beautiful night,and..interesting company.' Percival says 'Too true. All too true. So, do you have a wife?' As Percival studies the paper dragon, again Xorn studies the man closely. Reaching into his satchel again, he pulls a vial of what appears to be dust. 'I have never married, nor do I think I ever shall. I am devoted to something greater' Percival says 'Im not Interested in wives. Too much of a hassle. Always wanting more and more shoes.' Taking a pinch of the dust from the vial, Xorn reaches over and sprinkles it upon the figurine in Percival's hand. Smiling he asks, 'And what.....exactly are you interested new friend?' Percival looks uneasy... that goes away a split second after it came. 'umm...' Percival contemplates something. 'Males... I know its not natural, but I can't help it.' Xorn throws back his head and laughs heartily, but stops himself suddenly, looking around the park for signs of other visitors. 'A dangerous.........interest. It can get you killed. Especially in small towns such as these.' Percival says 'I love to live dangerously... shhh' Percival puts his finger up to Xorn's lips. Xorn again laughs heartily as Percival puts his finger up to his lips. He then simply nods. 'Dangerously it is then!'. Xorn begins to speak in a language beautiful and complex, and takes his own finger and begins to wave in the air. Suddenly the paper dragon that Percival is holding, beings to float from his hand and into the air. It's wings flap and it's tailwags back and forth as it begins to fly around the two on the blanket, orchestrated by the direction Xorn points. Percival begins laughing and says 'Nicely done.' He starts to point around to try moving the dragon but only looks like a bafoon. 'And now for the grande finale'. Clutching his hand into a fist, the dragon expells a tiny flame from it's paper mouth, and the catches on fire. It quickly incenerates, but instead of ashes, gold glitter falls down upon the two. Xorn smiles broadly. Xorn turns to Percival, his expression becoming more serious as he does. 'I am full of surprises. And I have many.......interests. At the moment, you have piqued mine.' Xorn reaches out his hand and gently strokes down the side of Percival's face. Percival whispers 'Wow... never met another with the same feelings.' 'I have eclectic tastes. As for feelings....' Xorn looks up to the sky again, a glint of recognition coming across his face, his expression changing to a a serious tone. 'I I must attend. Percival says 'Alright, go attend to your buisness.' He kisses Xorn's hand and stands, bowing before the mage. 'It would be a pleasure to meet again.In one week's time? We can have further..discussion.'Xorn gathers his satchel, and grinning as Percival kisses his hand. He looks to the sky and nods, whispering 'It is time.' Walking around one of the trees, he vanishes. Author: Xorn Date: Sat Feb 20 08:57:18 2010 Subject (BG) Part 1 Under The Light Of The Moons Tarsis was once a beautiful city by the sea, and the glowing gem of Ansalon. A bustling city, a leader in commerce and culture, it was only rivaled by Ishtar. And I know this, for I was born before the God's rained down judgement upon Krynn. I would give you it was the best of times speech, but my childhood was....average, the only child to a successful merchant father, and a mother with a terrible secret. For you see, she was a renegade mage. During this time, they were hunted with even greater fervor than they are today, but she practiced her art in secrecy, and remained hidden for the majority of my childhood. This however, would change when I was fourteen. I had began to show what my mother refferd to as "the signs." When I would become upset or anxious, curious things would happen. A picture would fly from the wall, a glass of water would overturn. So she came to me one night, dressed in fine gold and emerald robes, and beckoned me to follow her to the wine cellar. She was as serious as I had ever seen her, and coming up to one of the walls, she simply knocked. The wall shuddered, and creaked, as the stones began to re- arrange themselves, a door forming. Speaking a tongue I had never heard, light sprang from the newly found room beyond. "My Son, I wished, and even prayed that this night would never come. However destiny had other plans for you. I have kept a secret from you. Something that could destroy me, and now apparantly us both." She continued thoughtfully, pausing a moment. "I.....I mean we have the gift of magic. This is a blessing and a curse, for there are others of our kind who wish to....form us to their preconceptions of it's use. They will come for us if we are discovered, these wizards who worship the moons." I looked around the expansive chamber in awe. It was full of books, and jars of spices. "Here we will learn how to control the power that flows through you. This has to be our secret, and you must swear to me that you will never use what I have taught you in public. The consequences will be dire." I nodded to her, the understanding coming without words. For the next year, we spent every night in study. Cantrips at first, and progressing into the first spells I would ever learn. It came quite naturally to me, and especially invocation spells. That year was a joy to me and it opened my eyes to the vast power that I could one day possess. And then the dream began. At first I could not remember what the vision was about, just a feeling of foreboding that would come with me into the waking world. But slowly as the nights passed, I would remember a glimpse here and there. Through the next few months, the dream would repeat itself, and each time I would remember more. I am standing in the great Library of Tarsis, surrounded by shelf upon shelf of books and scrolls. The library is empty, and when I look to the ceiling it is missing. The constellations shine down brightly, because the moons have not risen. The White moon rises first, and it is full. Silver light falls upon the library, brightly illuminating the various pieces of art and sculpture. The light is comforting, and a male voice speaks from all around me. "To save her, you must sacrifice your life." Next, the red moon rises, again full. The library becomes tinged in hues of red, tinting everything the color of blood. Another voice speaks, this time female. "To save each other, you must sacrifice your desire." Finally, the black moon rises. It tints the room in shades of grey at first, then things become progressively darker. A third voice speaks, but this one is unearthly, neither male or female or perhaps a combination of both. "To you save yourself, you must sacrifice her." The moons now converge into the "Great Eye", the light of all three now focused in a beam directly upon me. Now all three voices speak in unison, a cocophany of sound that overpower all of my senses. "Three choices.... three paths of destiny." And with that, I would wake carrying a weight upon me that invaded my body, mind and spirit. This began to take its toll, as I awoke nightly contemplating the symbolism and questioning these three choices. And I would not have to wait very long for the answers. Flashing forward another year. I am now almost seventeen. The dream has gone, but I do still contemplate it. I suppose I should have shared it with my mother, but something compelled me to keep this insight to myself, as if I was unable to tell her. Looking back I see the Geas upon me. One day I was in the market district, picking up certain "spices" for the collection, when I simply lost track of the time. I was alone, and the sun began to set quickly. When night came only Solanari rose in the sky, the other two moons waned to new. And as I hurried home, footsteps gained upon me. They attacked from the shadows with blinding speed, knocking me to the ground in seconds, the components I had purchased scattered. Then a knife ripped heat and pain into my face. I was bleeding profusely, the blood running into my eyes, when a rage overtook me. My attackers laughed, and I felt a kick to the ribs as I lay upon the ground. I wasn't going to die this night, and I reached for the vial in front of me. Grabbing the sulphur, I let the magic take control. Conjuring the mental picture, I flung the substance into the air, but what were the words. They came to me, and with hate in my blood stained eyes, the magic came forth. A great force took the air away, as fire exploded upon my tormentors from bloodied hands. And then, the stench of burning flesh and screams. Freed, with my attackers reeling I ran towards home. But I never made it, for HE was upon me, a man in black robes. "Where is you master!" he exclaimed. "You did not learn that power by yourself. Who taught you that invocation?" I was frozen in place, my mind shifting back and forth, and my lips silent. He persisted. "Tell me or I shall rip the information from your mind!" Then a curious thing happened, the light of the silver moon came down upon me, and the dagger at my side, and the same voice I heard in the dream spoke. "To save her, you must sacrifice yourself." And I was selfish for I had to survive. A black robe placed his fingers upon my head and reached into my thoughts. There is no way to describe it, he just.........stole them, and when he was done, he slapped me across the face, and left me with these words. "Do not make the mistake your mother has. When it is time, seek us, or we will come for you." And then I blacked out. I awoke sometime later, and I rushed home, but I found my house in ruins, and my father huddled in a corner. He rose up as if to strike me. "This is YOUR fault. They have taken her, and you are no longer my son.....mage!" And with that statement I knew I was on my own. And I knew instinctively, that THEY had found her, and spirited her away. I had not sacrificed myself to save her, and the first path was now gone. I salavaged what was left of her spellbooks and scrolls and I never looked back. For the next year I wandered southward towards the Ice, wanting to be alone with my choice and what information I could glean from my mother's work. And a night came when I sat in front of a fire on a cold winter's night. The red moon rose full in the heavens, with no trace of the white or black. I heard the tingling of bells, and knew someone was very near, woman's voice came from the darkness. "Might you share your fire with an old woman? The night is cold and I have travelled far." I nodded but placed my hand upon the dagger at my side as she came into view. CONTINUED.... Author: Xorn Date: Sat Feb 20 09:05:44 2010 Subject (BG) Part 2 Under The Light Of The Moons She was a crone, dressed in furs and skins, carrying a staff of ironwood which she used as a cane. She rested across the fire and grinned a toothless smile towards me and spoke. "You are a kind young man." The words sickened me and I replied, "Not as kind as you might think." We sat in silence for a long while, it becoming uncomforable and I decided to make some form of small talk. "It is not safe for an elderly woman as yourself to travel the wilds alone." At this statement, the crone cackled with glee, her wrinkled face lit with amusement. "Deary, I am never alone." She hissed this and waved her hand to the darkness beyond. I saw a sickly green glow in the distance, quickly coming closer to my camp, and when it reached the perimeter, terror came into my soul. For it was obviously a disembodied spirit. Something dead but alive, however incorporal. She waved her hand again, and this apparition simply vanished. "Who are you?" I asked, and the crone responded simply, "I am the only one who can help you. They will fulfill their promise you know. They WILL come for you, and they will tear your soul apart if you do not accept them." Stunned, I simply sat frozen, my gaze locked now with hers. This went on for some time until she broke the silence again with her crackled voice. "But this does not have to be. I could teach you a rare magic, that is if you have the............desire." The word desire hit me like a boulder, and the light of the red moon seemed to focus down upon the campsite like a beacon of scarlet, with the same voice from the dream searing my mind. "To save each other, you must sacrifice your desire." The Crone stood and beckoned me. "Follow me if you want my power. The choice is yours." And I wanted that power for myself, and with that choice made, I went further into my destiny knowing that the second path was now cut off from me. I stayed with the crone for another year, learning with relish the awesome power of Necromancy as well as the other spells and tecniques she had to offer. She was not a cruel master, but neither was she warm. I saw in her a philosophy of life that made sense to me. The strong survived and the weak died. Those that had knowledge had power over the ignorant. Over that year she had become sick, and this sickness became worse. I knew she would not live much longer and so did she. And so a night came when she came to sit beside me by the fire. "My body will not live much longer my apprentice. And so now I must make...preperations. I will not be taken to the realm of the dead. And with what must be done, I must ask you to go. I have prepared a spell book for you and packaged a.....unique amulet that might aid you to take on your journey. You must leave this very night." I simply nodded, grapsing her words and what she intended to do. I began to speak but she put her finger to her lips to quiet me. "They will consider you ready for thier.....test. Go to them or not, this is your choice, and either way there will be consequence. And rememer deary, there are others paths, those that are not illuminated by the light of the moons." I reeled from her words, nearly fainting in fact, but I steadied myself and simply....began to pack. The amulet she gave me was beautifully crafted of emerald and gold. She would not tell me of its use, only that it would be available when the timing was right. And so north I travelled and the closer to civilization I became, the more stories I began to hear. Ishtar had begun forcing its will upon its neighbors, the self righteous King Priest declaring a holy war on those of a different mind than his own. The moon mages were under scrutiny and were even being attacked in some places. I found all of this amusing, but my amusement would soon end. I would head to Solace. I did not know why I was going there, but it seemed like a reasonable place to blend in. I had decided I was not going to die in the moon mages stupid test. I could do as my mother had done, and study in secret. It was now close to the end of the year, and soon the three moons would converge into the "Great Eye". Everytime this alignment would happen I became on edge, always the dream coming into my mind, haunting me. And this time it was even more so, for I was nearing Tarsis once more. I planned to skirt the city, but I needed supplies for the next leg of my journey. There in an inn came more bizzare gossip and stories. Some talked of the ocean's boiling. Others talked of raging fires in one place, and then in another fire would not burn at all. Some said that clerics from all over had vanished from their temples. I found what I needed the next day, and quickly left the city heading towards the mountains to the north. The sun had set and I was contemplating all I had heard the previous day as I was making camp when the final piece of destiny fell into place. The lightning came out of nowhere, and struck me with such force that I flew through the air and landed hard against a tree, the wind knocked out of me. I gasped, reeling from the magic, when a figure in black robes came to stand above. He was hooded, and I could not see his face. The figure appeared to be trying to speak, and I realized that I had become deafened. Anger, fear, and instinct took me as I began to fumble for components in the pouches hanging from my belt. And the figure reached down to grab me. The blackest light shone down upon me suddenly and the emerald in the amulet began to glow a sickly green, and I simply knew this was the time of which the crone spoke. And I lifted it from my chest. Instantly a bolt of sickly green mystical energy flew into the black robe above me, and just as quickly he was engulfed in the same green flames. Still deafened, I could not hear screams, but the figure collapsed to the ground, tearing at itself. I tried to get up, but my legs would not respond to my mental commands. The black robed mage became inanimate then. The fire had not actually burned him at all, and I understood the power of the charm. It had burned out his soul. I dragged myself the few feet to the body, and using all my strength turned it over. I wanted to see my enemy's lifeless eyes. And as I pulled back the hood, the last part of me that would ever truely feel or love died. There was my own mother....dead at my own hands. And the unearthly male/female/neither voice spoke from all around me. "To save yourself, you must sacrifice her." I cried out in anguish, but could not hear myself. A sadness I had never experienced overtook me, and coupled with the damage I had sustained I feel into blackness. CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Feb 20 09:09:40 2010 Subject (BG) Part 3 Under The Light Of The Moons I awoke sometime later, to my camp and a rustling fire. Noticing I could hear again, and actually move again, I slowly made my way towards it. However I was not alone. A child sat beside it, stoking the logs with a stick, and as I met his gaze his eyes bore deep inside me. Those eyes were as black as night with pupils of obsidian. I froze in place, but the child giggled and spoke. "Xorn, come and sit by the fire. There will be discussion." He knew my name and I felt compelled to do his will. So I sat and he continued. "Why do you run from your master? Why do you hide the power he has given you from others? He wants you to come into his fold. He sent me here to tell you he forgives you for your stubborness. You have had bad examples to follow. Come home to Nuitari, and you will know power beyond your imagination." Suddenly I was overcome with.....peace. I could continue to run, learn on my own, keep my freedom, or I could join the Conclave and go to the tower for my test. The debate went on in my mind for what seemed an eternity. And the child simply sat quietly there, those black eyes staring at me with question. Finally the child spoke again. "You must decide quickly, or you WILL die here this very night. Tonight is the new year, and the Eye will converge in the sky. Choose to be strong and you will live. Choose to remain weak and you will die. It is your........last choice. He awaits your decision. Call to the black moon at the convergence and he will preserve you. I leave you to your thoughts." And with this the boy stood and skipped gleefully into the night. And for the next hours I sat quietly and in stillness, weighing the pros and cons of the situation. And then the moons began to rise one by one. And as the Eye began to form, something else caught my attention in the heavens. It looked to be a new star at first, but it began to grow in size and brightness. Bigger and bigger it became, and I realized something terrible was about to occur. I turned my attention back to the three moons at the moment of convergence, and lifted my hands to the dark pupil at the center. I cried out, "I pledge my life and destiny to you Nuitari. I am yours, do with me as you wish." And then there was nothingness. I awoke in the dead of night, once again to a roaring fire, but I was definitely in another location. My body felt so heavy, but my mind was sharp. And a giggle came from the darkness, as the same child skipped once more into my life. "You are favored by the Dark Father Xorn. He has brought you out of death and into a new life. You will find the world......changed." I opened my lips to speak but the boy put his finger to his lips to quiet me. This brought upon me a great feeling of deja vu. He continued. "It will take you some time to.....adjust to things. Go about your life, it is yours for the time being. However, when the Dark Lady, and the Lord of Light vanish from the heavens, you are to make your way to the Tower of Wayreth to take your test, and if you survive, wear the robes of the black moon. Do you understand?" Afraid to open my mouth, again I nodded. And so in a blink of an eye, I had been moved over three hundred years into the future. And yes, this did take time to overcome. There were new cultures, new languages, new landscapes, and I relished in it, for I was alive. It has been ten years ago I awoke to the new world, and now, finally the time has come. Paladine and Tahkisis are gone from the sky, and I find myself in of all places Solace, heading towards The Tower and into my destiny. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Fri Mar 5 09:19:58 2010 Subject (RP) A New Master And A Task (PT. 1) Jendaron says 'Ah greetings human, I have heard your name whispered in these halls but not for positive reasons. It seems you have fallen behind in your studies of the arts. Though perhaps it is not a fault of your own, it is something that concerns me. So thusly, from this point forth I will be taking over your training. As you are a black robe, and I oversee all black robes, it is my duty to make sure you get back on track. What do they call you, human?' The apprentice, upon noticing the head of the conclave entering, and his words, simply nods, bowing slightly. When the high mage finshes Xorn nods in agreement. "My name is Xorn master. You need no introduction. You are a legend." Jendaron says 'Ah, surely my fame exceeds my deeds. Nuitari has always been my guide. With proper training and direction, and a dedication to the arts and his dark highness, you can acheive the same things as I. Join me, this tower is stuffy and impersonal.' He gestures for Xorn to follow him. Xorn again nods in agreement with Jendaron, picking up the few supplies around him. Standing he follows. "The dark father is indeed wise and guides us in destiny and power. I am at your disposal my leige." Jendaron says 'You see I didn't focus purely on destruction with my magic. I used it for my own ends as well. There is much great power in magic, that can do more than just destroy or hurt. I have made millions of gold coins in my years. And I used that money to build a tower in hommage not only to our dark lord, but all the lords of magic.' He continues 'Ahh, we are close now.' He looks high above through the trees at an onyx colored tower and points. 'This is my second home.' A huge black tower reaches towards the heavens amidst huge oak trees that seem to almost be alive. The trees sway and creak though no wind blows. Travelers often get the feeling of eyes watching them not only from the forest but also from the tower itself. A feeling of uneasiness encompasses all who stand before the black iron gates of this mysterious tower. The path leading towards the tower is a strange type of black gravel, rarely seen on Krynn. Huge walls encircle the entire tower and stand nearly twenty feet, with glowing onyx spikes atop it every few feet. A feeling of evil permeates through the entire area, as a wolf howls deep within the forest, then the sound of a yelp and cry is heard. Somehow, no matter the time of day, the skies always appear dark around the tower. The black gates appear to have no means of lock or guard but rather a magical enchantment placed upon them which enables whoever owns this tower to allow invited travellers inside while keeping unwanted wanderers away. The tower itself rises several hundred feet into the air, with two smaller towers on each side of it. The tower has no windows except for one circular window barely visible from the ground. As the apprentice follows the master through the forest, he listens intently to all is said, Xorn nods as the grand mage speaks. Between phrases he speaks near the tower. "You are indeed wise. Wealth brings power as well as the magic." Jendaron says 'Power, wealth, fame, infamy, glory, wisdom. The magic brings it all to us. If you are wise enough that is, you cannot let the magic take control of your mind and your thoughts. I had days when I was younger...' At this Jendaron shakes his head.'That is another story for another time, human. What do they call you again human?' You say 'I am called Xorn. Simply Xorn. I no longer have a need for a last name. That time of my life is..........long gone. I serve Nuitari and him alone, and through you.' Jendaron says 'Yes, indeed. I like that. Well Xorn, there might be things in this tower that are shocking, scary, suprising or simply overwhelming to you. There are thousands of years of magical knowledge and power,derived directed and collected inside these halls.' Xorn nods to Jendaron quietly in agreement and obedience. "I trust you my leige. I shall keep my emotions in check. Lead the way into darkness. My heart and mind are open." And the master resonds.'Indeed. Then onward we go.' The entry of this tower is even more disturbing than the gates that guard it. Upon entering, the gates slam quickly behind all travellers and the foyer becomes almost pitch black. Barely visible are several strange arcane artifacts on display atop several small shelves that line the eastern and western walls. Several small magical rings, a blue-thread wound spellbook and a few small pouches of magical components sit atop the eastern wall's shelf. On the western wall however, appear to be a small pile of ground bone dust, a large jar of a strange red glowing material, and what appears to be the skull of a small humanoid. There are spiraling metal stairs on the northern side of the room that lead to the upper levels of the mysterious tower. A single picture on the eastern wall is the only piece of art in the room. The picture is one of an intense young man with jet black hair and a long black robe. The darkness in the tower obscures the view of how high up it truly goes. An incredible feeling of uneasiness overcomes all who enter this tower. Jendaron closes the door and as he does it slams with a violent echo of the metal hitting the onyx.'This, is my tower.' Xorn scans the foyer of the grand tower in amazement, and yes, a little horror, but remains silent as the master speaks. He scans the artifacts present, and upon noticing the skull, a grin comes across his face. Jendaron says 'We must not dally though, you will find out how precious my time is and eventually how much so your own is.' The Master Mage walks towards the stairwell and heads upwards. These metal stairs twist turn and creak with every step. The walls are smooth granite stone that appears to have been washed with some sort of black dye and polished smooth to give them a strange glass like radiance. The stairs are made of a strange metal that seems pliable and dangerous. Likely to prevent groups of unwanted travelers from ascending the stairs together, for it looks as though they could not support the weight of more than one or two bodies at a time. The stairs go high up into the tower leading to several sanctuaries and libraries. CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Fri Mar 5 09:23:39 2010 Subject (RP) A New Master And A Task (PT. 2) Xorn responds as they walk, 'I can appreciate...time my lord. Time is indeed precious, and it slips quickly.' Upon reaching the top of the stairs, there are three obvious paths visible. To the west there is a soft white glow that radiates from an unseen shrine. The soft glow pours only into the entrance of the room and then appears to be swallowed by the darkness. To the east there is a red glow that is similar to the room to thewest. Apparently another shrine dedicated to the arts of the magi. The flickering red lights are again devoured by the darkness that is encompassing this hallway. A small trapdoor can be seen on the northern side of the room in the ceiling. It appears to be sealed however. Jendaron says 'To the east and west are chambers to both Solinari and Lunitari, but those places will be for another visit. For now I will show you where I study and rest, as well as hold personal meetings. I keep the entrance hidden to the naked eye.' Jendaron speaks a few indescernable words and opens a trapdoor. A study chamber for the archmage contains several small pieces of furniture, a single bookshelf on the western wall, and a moonstone desk resides in the center of the room. The walls of this room, similar to several other rooms in the tower are a dark stone washed with a black dye and smoothed and polished repeatedly until a mirror shine reflects any light off of them. There is a small cot in the eastern corner of the room, large enough for a single being, but small enough to be tucked away during times of study and visitation. On the northern wall there is a stairwell up to a shrine. The evil aura that permeates from the chamber above can be felt deep within the heart of any who stray to close to it. There is a black "light" that pours into the quarters of the archmage, a contrast to the single circular window on the southern wall, the only window in the entire tower. The desk in the center of the room is made of a strange blue -green stone that has apparent magical properties, it glows with a strange off-blue radiance. The magical auras in this room and enchantments of protection provide safety to the archmage that calls this tower home. A strange glyph of warding can be seen on the ceiling, but to the untrained eye appears to be nothing more than an ornate etching or design. This is truly the room of a dedicated magi. At the mention of Solinari and Lunitari, Xorn looks up as if in deep in thought remembering something troubling. But he silently follows Jendaron into the study, nodding and looking about as they make thier way. A moonstone desk in the middle of the room provide a place for study for the Archmage. Jendaron sits down at a moonstone desk. 'This, is my study. Stand before my desk apprentice and take a seat.' Xorn continues to look around as if in a daze for a moment but as the mage speaks, he comes too, walking to a chair before the grand desk. Sitting he remains silent. Jendaron says 'You will thus forth be recognized as my apprentice.' Xorn responds 'It is an honor my leige. I shall be your vessel.' The master corrects the apprentice 'You shall be Nuitari's vessel. I will merely prepare you thusly.' Jendaron says 'You will have an assignment that will show me your current preparation level and knowledge of the magical arts. As I am taking over your trainining in a non-traditional manor I will need a gauge of your current progress. A simple task I assure you, but one that will teach you much about both magic andyourself.' Xorn again nods to Jendaron silently. He for the first time really looks at his new master, but just for a moment. A cold and bleak aura surrounds a black robed figure standing roughly six feet tall. The black robes are that of the Conclave of Mages, the organization of High Sorcery on Krynn. These robes however are somehow darker than black, the evil that eminates from the heart of this man pales in comparison to the evils seen since the Great Cataclysm. There are golden and crimson stitches along the outer edges of the robes this man wears, obviously enchantments placed upon them. Jendaron pulls his hood further over his face and says, 'Perhaps someday you shall see my face apprentice, but not yet. You will understand why, when you do. But to the task at hand. You are to gather nine magical items for experimentation and education. Three wands, three staves and three scrolls. Potions will also work but you must gather three different potions for each item type you replace. Basically potions are easier to find but will teach you less. For every one stave, wand or scroll you find you could gather three different potions instead. Sounds simple enough I am sure, but I have a condition. These potions, they must not be clerical or healing type potions, and they must not be able to be purchased within a store or apothecary, you must find them out and about in the world of Abanasia. Do you understand this assignment, Apprentice?' Xorn pulls a parchment and quill from the satchel he carries. After digging in the bag he finds a tin of ink, and begins to write upon the parchment. "Yes my Lord. I take down notes. I will not fail you or our God." Jendaron says 'Indeed, then go forth and learn both about yourself and about the magic. Go forth, and Nuitari be with you apprentice. I will escort you out of the tower.' You say 'May the Dark Father be with us all. May his light shine upon us and radiate within our souls.' FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sun Mar 7 01:41:54 2010 Subject (RP) A Task, A Spell, And An Answered Prayer. The hour is late and the young apprentice sits at a desk in the tower of study. He holds a pendilum above a map and with his eyes closed and begins to chant in the language of magic. "Es Du Meh. Katah Pre Shandai." This whole floor is dedicated to higher learning in the ways of spell craft. Upon every shelf resides a book with information on every spell a mage might use. Each section is based upon each sphere of spells. 'Nuitari Show me the path. Show me the way. I am your faithful servant. Give me the knowledge. Give me a way to understand my task.' The high mage watches the young mage closely at his task, and listens to his prayer, raising an eybrow. Xorn continues, swinging the pendilum across the map that is spread across the table. "You delivered me from death. You brought me into your fold. I wish to please you and my master that you have given me Jendaron. Show me! Es Du Meh. Katah Pre Shandai." The stranger stands and walks over to the young mage looking down at the map and pendilum. 'Seems you are having a bit of trouble young mage.' As the elder comes to the table, the apprentice open his eyes, looking to the mage who has taken note. Xorn grins to the black robe as he speaks. "Yes..Trouble. I am an unacceptable sacrifice." With his words, he takes a dagger, and cuts his hand, a stream of blood pouring down upon the map. The masterwatches the young mage cut his hand and the blood begin to flow down onto the map, and shakes his head. 'What is it you are hoping to accomplish, blood sacrifice is not needed for all things to work.' Xorn takes the pendilum in hand again.'I am frustrated my liege. I have done as my master asked. And I have.........gathered.' The black robe looks at the young mage, "What is it you have gathered, something important for your master? What is it he seeks that you seem unable to find?" "It should have been simple brother. Three scrolls, three wands, and three staves. The wand were easy....' Xorn sighs, and turns his attentions back to the spell he is attempting to cast. He nods to the apprentice. 'And you cannot find scrolls That is your dilema?' Xorn pulls several items from a bag of holding, placing them on the table. Several wands, several scrolls, several staves, and even some potions, and herbs. The wizard asks, 'Or is it a certain one he wishes you to find?' "I have travelled the world. My master.....Jendaron, he was specific. They could not be clerical. They had to contain our magicks. I have killed, I have lied. I have manipulated. And I still come up short." The black robe points around the room and says 'You try too hard to find the things that are right in front of you young mage. Look around you young mage. What do you see?' 'I learned alchemy my lord. A.........long time ago. Buy someone who now still lives but does She was my mentor before........I came to understand Nuitari's plan for me and us all.' Xorn sighs again heavily, before continuing with the newcomers train of thought. "Is it cheating? have them made?" The man raises an eyebrow and asks. 'Is it cheating to have them made? Is it cheating to steal them off the corpse on an innocent. I trust your master did not tell you how it was you were to acquire said items?' 'I followed his words to the letter. Perhaps......oh no I am still quite new at this, although......quite old at this as well. I should not speak. You are a master, and I am but a novice. But perhaps........yes.....' Xorn looks to the map and the blood and the pendilum. "I summoned help to find the last of this collection. Perhaps Nuitari and his wisdom.......sent you to me." The robed man slowly states 'Perhaps in the end he did. But then you have not told me exactly what it is you seek. And I must tell you now everything comes with a price.' 'Of course it does. But before we speak of prices and bargains. Might I know you name Master? I am called Xorn.' The master retorts, 'My name is of little importance as to this matter. When the time comes for you to pay said price, then you will know my name.' 'That is fair enough. I wish to complete what I have been given. If you are the answer to my prayers so be it.' The man nods at the young mage before he speaks. 'So tell me what you seek. And if indeed Nuitari has brought me back into these halls for that purpose I will do what I can.' 'I have gathered the wands. Actually I have gathered more than required. But I wish to impress my master. I have gathered two of the three staves he required, and I have gathered two of the three scrolls he required as well. I have travelled all over Ansalon, but now I am at a loss. He said I could replace some with potions, which I have. But I am still lacking.' Xorn slams his hand down upon the map in disguist, and takes the pendilum and wraps it around his neck. The Black Robed master chuckles at the mage. 'Failure is option. We don't try.....we do. That is what seperates us from the white and red.' The wizard slowly states 'Be at ease young Xorn. I can indeed help you. If all you require is a scrolls those are easily enough made.' He pulls a few scrolls from an ornate case and places them on the table in front of the apprentice. Standing he speaks. 'From here until the day I require payment you no longer know me. You haven't seen me. If asked the scrolls were left on this desk after your prayer to Nuitari.' Xorn nods in acquiensce. "Your will be done in this matter then." The apprentice looks over the scrolls, an evil grin coming over his face. And as the mage stands Xorn looks deeply at him for a moment. Long straight black hair, pours down over broad shoulders, like shining silk. Dark eyes, peer out of an oval face, with a slender nose and mouth. A black robe, etched with silver runes, and tied at the waist with a thin gold chain, covers a slender six foot frame, and silver tipped boots peek outfrom underneath. The master nods at the young mage as he returns his quill and bottle of ink to his pack and he walks away through the halls and vanishes into thin air. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sun Mar 7 02:19:21 2010 Subject (RP) A Word Given. A Word Recieved. (PT. 1) Xorn enters the temple, looking to the right and left as he does. He does not notice the man there at first, but the raven flying about. Sending a greeting with a hand, he smiles and rests. The raven flaps a lazy circle around the temple, than lands on a man's shoulder and seems to mutter in his ear. The mage nods and stands to walk towards the man that had entered. He leans heavily on his grey staff. Xorn continues into the temple again looking around as the bird comes to rest upon the man's shoulder. Muttering under his breath he speaks. "Tahkisis, always Tahkisis. She is the dominate evil, but Nuitari holds the real power." Black marble pillars reach up into the jagged outlined dome at the center of the temple. Torches burn in pairs on each, reflected by the smooth polished black marble floor. A large stained glass window rises almost 50 feet off the floor and almost 20 feet in width, depicting the Dark Queen encompassing Krynn. A Large granite altar resides infront of the window, its corners burning an eerie blue flame. Along the edges of the room are sacrifice tables, each with its own instruments and dressing. The man with the bird slowly states 'One always assumes to know the gods. The mage raises his head and looks at the man, smiling. My elven ears hear a lot.' With this he pushes back his hood to reveal himself as an elf. The man continues closer to the elf with the raven, looking to the bird, and staring deep into it's eyes, before sizing up his master finally. "Apparantly, I tire of the same old same old. There is.......more." Taking a moment, he looks over the individual thourougly. The elf is an average height but has quite a slender build. His light brown hair is pulled back into a pony- tail and falls out from underneath a black cowl that is pulled low over his face. Almost nothing of his face can be seen except a scar under his left eye. The cloak that the cowl is part of is plain on the outside, but closer inspection shows ruins stitched into the inside of it. He wears a grey, loose fitting, shirt with a black vest over it. His black pants are tucked into tall, scuffed and worn, black boots. On the elven belt he wears around his waist hang many pouches containing his spell components. Also on his belt he has two wands and a dagger with a black blade, with intricate runes engraved in it, and a blood-ruby is set into the pommel. Across his shoulder is a satchel that holds his scrolls, potions and spellbook and he holds a grey staff with black runes that run the length of it. The elf grins, 'Someone I might want to talk to.' The elf looks at the man's belongings, and his grin grows larger, 'A mage I see. Tell me, have you come for the glory of catching a renegade?' 'You were already let go. You were already captured. If I wanted to snare you again. I would just unleash the magic and make the attempt. No......I just care to talk Are you willing to have..........discussion?' The renegade taps his finger on his chin, 'And I am sure it will not be my last time sitting in that dungeon, but I certainly hope it will be. And I suppose I could hold a discussion? First tell me, have you passed the test?' Xorn does the same thing, he taps his fingers upon his chin, before answering. "The test will not be a problem. I have not taken it, but I am the apprentice to the head of the conclave. He is teaching me well." Xorn again looks to the bird, and it looks to him in kind. They both nod to each other before Nestos speaks again. The elf mage breaks the silent nodding, 'Jendaron is your master, huh? Yes, he would have me take the test again if I rejoined the conclave. Oh, excuse me, please sit.' He motions towards a bench on the wall of the temple. Xorn walks to the place the elf suggests, and sits, but his eyes do not leave the raven on the elf's shoulder. He places his weapons at his waiste to the floor, in a show of peace. "There will not be violence this night Elf. Just discussion." The renegade says 'I hope you will excuse me if I do not do the same. It is a pain to retrieve them." He looks to his leg. "Plus, these are nothing of consequence." He indicates the staff and dagger. "Anyway, do you find my familiar interesting?" 'A familiar you begged for. And A God answered your prayers friend. He sent me to tell you.......who!' Xorn smiles as he drops more weapons to the ground on the bench, even dropping the belt with spell components. "I am unarmed my friend. We are free to talk. Nothing more." The mage gets a look of slight anger in his eyes, "It was not a familiar I begged for. I wanted only to be rid of that bloody forest. Sitharnos was sent to me as a guide and I took him as my familiar. Forgive me," The elf says with a smile returning to his face, "I know who it is that sent him. Probably more than you, though I do not doubt your words. So please, speak them in peace." Xorn smiles to the raven first and then to the elf. "You were desperate. You called upon the powers that be. And one answered. I was once like you elf. I was in doubt. I ran from the moons..........and I was given grace." The elf's smile quickly turns to a grin, "So, it is capture that you come here for. Jendaron spoke of the same thing when he came to me when I sat, rotting, in his dungeon. It is appropriate you are his apprentice. And I will tell you what it is I told him, the moons have not turned on me, it was the Conclave." 'It does not have to be. And by the way. I am called Xorn. If we are to parley what shall I call you elf?' The renegade answers thoughtfully 'It would seem you know more than you let on. I fear the position has changed from what I normally am in. My name, I am sure it is already known to you, but Nestos. And it is a pleasure to meet you, Xorn." And with this he bends in a mocking bow. 'And for the record, The Conclave nor my master Jendaron, knows I have approached you. I come in one name only. And you know his name. Dont you?' Nestos slowly states 'Ah, but there are many names, are there not? He smiles wrily at his evasion. CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sun Mar 7 02:23:33 2010 Subject (RP) A Word Given. A Word Recieved. (PT. 2) Xorn again points to the raven on Nestos's shoulder. And laughs wildly. "If you want a name......ask your guide from the forest. You are the one who asked, and you are the one who.....recieved." Nestos turns to the bird and asks in a mocking tone, "What name is it that he speaks of?" The bird mutters something in his ear. Nestos laughs and the raven's quorks seem to come out as laughs as well. 'I could share with you a tale.......Something that will send shivers up your spine. I also once ran. I also thought that freedom was a price to pay. But he always catches up with us.' The dark elf grins, "Do tell...just let me sit first." Then he sits on the bench next to Xorn. "I was born before the cataclysm. This is something I do not usually share, but I see in you a kindred spirit. I was raised a renegade. I ran for years. And it almost destroyed me. Then........he came to me in the darkest hour. He saved me. Do you see any correlation?" Nestos retorts 'Correlations yes, but you were raised a renegade and I was created one. He did save me, and yet I am still not in the Conclave. Do you see the correlation?' Xorn pauses a moment before answering. "He sent you the way. Your.......familiar is devoted to you......But he was sent by the Dark Father. Sent to lead you out of darkness. And into your......destiny." Nestos says 'Oh the Ungod!' He turns to the raven 'You lied to me my friend.' Turning back to Xorn with a grin he continues. 'Yes, I know and it is in to the darkness that he beckons me. I fear you have been speaking with Solinari, my friend.' Nestos snickers softly. At the mention of Solinari, Xorn spits upon the ground in diguist, obviously revolted. "Stop playing games Nesto!. There is but one God of magic, and you know his NAME!" The renegade is obviously pleased that he got a rise out the Xorn. 'Dear friend, you mustn't lose your composure if you are to sway one to the Conclave. How would that look to those that are actually thinking about it?' Nestos grins widely again and points around the temple, 'And I would keep your voice down as well, the priest are not fans of yelling. Further, you are standing in the temple of the most powerful. Her son, true is the most powerful of the gods of magic, but he still grants me his power as I worship his mother.' Nestos grin grows beyond the boundaries of his mouth as he rises. 'So do tell me, why would I go back to The Conclave when the world is what is promised to those that follow the Dragonqueen?' 'I didn't come to ask you to join The Conclave silly elf. If I came in the Conclave's name, you would already be my slave. I came only in 'His' name. I serve him and him alone. The conclave is a bi-product.' Xorn points to the raven resting on the elf's shoulder, and as he does it flies from Nestos to Xorn, resting upon his shoulder. "Nuitari giveth and he taketh away. He is patient and he an extent. I was sent to give you his word. Nothing more. Run from the Conclave if that is your desire. But know who is you Lord? Do you understand?' Nestos smiles a surprisingly disarming smile, "He certainly does. I have known the power of all three gods of magic. I know who is the most powerful. The Nightreaver has given to me, and he has not taken away. I have not strayed from his sight since he revealed himself to me." Nestos looks to the raven, which immediately takes flight into the rafters of the temple. "Do not think for a second I do not know the extent of his power. He has given it to me and it will not be you that comes and takes it. Do not think that you are the only one in the room devout to him, my friend. It is just his mother that has the power over the world, and it is her who I worship for matters not pertaining to magic." As he grins at Xorn and the raven comes down to his shoulder and mutters another something into his ear. 'You are a wizard Nestos. You might serve the Dark Queen. But you serve her through her son. Your prayers might have been answered by Tahkisis, but they were manifested by her Son. You are a mage and you will always be goverened by the Devouring Dark. Do what you will, but know this, Nuitari is in control Join her army. Do the Dark Lady's will, but in the end you answer to the Black Moon' Xorn again points to the raven, "When you called to the Gods in the forest 'HE' is the one who answered." The dark elf responds 'I do not think I have said otherwise. I would be a cleric of the Dark Queen if it was her who gave me my powers. My friend, I think we argue the same thing in different words. We followers of the Ungod must stick together. It is this type of miscommunication that has us at each other's throats all the time. I have said no wrong about our god. He has done right by me and I thank him for it. It is The Conclave that does folly in his name, and the other two for that matter, that angers me and that lead to my expulsion.' 'Nuitari saved me from the cataclysm. He transfered me through time and space. His condition? I serve him with my whole heart. I see you do the same Nestos. The Conclave will not understand this however.' Nestos says 'So, indeed we do speak the same truth with different words. Than it will not come to blows.' The elf smiles and loosens his grip on his staff 'You had me worried there for a second. And you have my word, I have not turned my back on him and will not.' 'He told me to come to you in truth alone. No blows, only an understanding. You belong to him. He answered your prayer in the forest. He sent you your new guide, and he will propel you into your destiny. You might not wear the black robes, but He understands your heart. Do his will in all things. I cannot protect you from the others. But nor will I betray you either.' Nestos says 'But truly, come share a pint with me and we can talk more about your time. The cataclysm, huh? Was it all, fire and brimstone?' The renegade elf smiling yet another wry smile. Xorn stands and laughs, nodding to the elf. "A drink yes. That sounds good. I will tell you about Tarsis, when the ocean still carried our wonderous navy, and Ansalon was whole....Different than today, but in many ways quite.........the same........" FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sun Mar 14 09:05:57 2010 Subject (RP) Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (PT 1) Darkness falls upon Wayreth Forest, and two of the three moons rise. Not yet full. The red and white, waxing shed thier light upon the courtyard, as Xorn exits the black tower into the courtyard. He pauses a moment, searching before entering. Seeing someone near the center, he looks the woman up and down, as if committing her form to memory. He nods to himself or someone else and sits on one of the stone benches around the spring of water. A lightly tanned woman with pointed ears and long hair of a golden white stands here whispering towards the white moon. Unlike most mages that worship Solinari she doesn't wear robes. A swathe of white snow leopard fur is tightly bound around her well proportioned breasts showing off her inticing cleavage. A loincloth of the same fur hangs from her waist reaching just above her knees. Her shapely and well toned legs can be seen flexing as she walks around her surroundings listening to the whispers of the skies and plains. A sash made from what seems to be the tail of a black panther holds the loincloth in place and many pouches made from interlocking Tylor scales are bound to it. The scent of many spell components drift about her seductive form, bringing to mind a cross between a stuffy labratory and the wide open plains of dust. As her glance returns from the heavens glimmering eyes of deep violet scan those around her with a look of intelligence and suspicion. Attached to her right wrist is an intricate harness containing a silver dagger encrusted with diamonds and emeralds. Kah looks up as a man enters and takes a seat near the water. Xorn looks up to the sky, seaching forsomething..unseen, and having endured the uncomfortable silence long enough, gives a smile to the pretty lady. 'A nice night to enjoy the moons and' Kah closes the book and slides it into the swirling sands beneath her, looking at the man questioningly as she does so. 'It is always nice to enjoy company. May I ask your name young magi?' She stands up and steps from the dervish and walks towards the man. The sand disapates leaving no trace of it, nor the book that had been stored within. Xorn hunkers down, relaxing on the bench, and placing a very black leather bag next to him. "My name is Xorn, my lady. And you might be?" He again stares at her with piercing ice blue eyes, and then he simply smiles, a warm look on his expression. Kah says 'I am High Archmage Kah'rihn. Mistress of the sands. May I join you?' She gestures towards an empty spot on the bench next to the man. With her greeting, and title, the apprentice looks slightly sheepish, looking down a moment, but he looks up just as quickly. He nods to the woman, and even demurs. "It would be an honor." Kah sits down next to the mage, her slender form resting gracefully upon the smooth stone. 'So what brings you to the courtyard at such late hours Apprentice?' 'I could not sleep. I have always followed more the moons.......than the sun. This is the time to be alive. Can you hear the crickets and the frogs? Many worship the night.' Kah says 'The night brings out good hunting.' 'It also brings out peace.......and solitude. And it brings........the moons, and what they represent.' Kah looks to the sky, her gaze following the white moon's graceful accent, her mind drifting off to fond memories of the open plains of dust. 'I always find it easier to work during the late hours. More productive energy.' 'Mine is absent tonight. But he will return. And even when he is gone from the sky. He is always there.' Kah looks the young man over trying to see something in his demeanor. 'One day when you have learned more and taken your test you will notice the moons never leave the skies. Even when the sun is out they can be found within the heavens.' Xorn grins as the woman studies him. "Yes, I am not of your order. When I speak of 'him', I speak of another. However, we all serve magic, and I find this courtyard a blessing. There are no politics, no right or wrong, just the magic." Kah says 'I may lead the Whites, but don't get me wrong I hold no predjudice against the followers of the dark moon.' 'Jendaron speaks.......highly of you. You have taken the mantle of leadership that was.........forgotten and abandonded by your predecessor.' Kah says 'My order needed direction and action. I could not stand by and watch them dwindle and die out to leave the teachings of Solinari from the world.' Xorn cackles to the sky, laughing with abandon. "As well you should. Your order was dying, and needed repair. I am not a virgin to the doctrine of balance. I know it all to well. He takes a flask of wine from another bag at his side. "Would you care for a drink." Kah says 'I never drink anything without knowing what it is first.' 'It is wine sweety. Nothing more, nothing less. I would not attempt to poison you on these grounds. If you are unsure, simply identify the substance.' Kah says 'I do not fear you poisoning me. I just have finicky tastes when it comes to what I drink.' She takes the flask and swallows down a few mouthfuls before handing it back. 'Good vintage. Silvanost Best 120 PC. Very rare to say the least.' Xorn smiles and takes the flask, gulping down a few draughts himself. "Satisfying is it not? The best Silvinost has to offer. And especially in..........these times.' Kah asks 'So how did you come across such a marvelous find?' Xorn waits a very long moment, again his gaze goes to the sky, and a look of question comes upon him. He turns to the woman, the High mage of the White Robes."I came from......somewhere else." Kah asks 'Somewhere.. else?' 'Sometime..........else would be more accurate I suppose. He told me I would meet you. And he told me to disclose this.' Kah sits up a little more straight, gazing at the man questioningly. Xorn points to the sky and simply stares back to the High Mage. Kah says 'I understood the "he", it was the sometime that is eluding my understanding.' 'I was told.....we would become in contact. I was also told to tell you the truth. I came from the past to the future.' translated if you will. He brought me from the past to the future.' Nodding, Kah says 'That would explain the fresh taste of the wine.' 'It is an........offering of peace? I do not know. I would not have anything to do with you, if it was not His will. But HE willed it. And so I share myself, and my wine.' Again the High mage nods,'Yes, I see that we would not have much dealings were the hands of Gods not involved.' CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sun Mar 14 09:12:41 2010 Subject (RP) Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (PT 2) Xorn hands the wineskin back to the White Robe. "This is all there is, so enjoy it. It is my offering. And yes he told me I would meet you, although I thought I would be meeting you in robes. But since I am not in robes, it is only fitting. I have more knowledge than most here know. I keep that back. I wish to impress my master and.......I shall.' Kah takes the wineskin and drains it of the sweet liqour, handing the empty container to the man. 'I am sure you will. You master is a good man, regardless of the robes he wears. And I have never worn robes, they are way too restrictive when on the hunt.' 'Politcal power matters not to me. I serve the Devouring Dark, and him alone. Real power comes from the God's and not man and the institutions they have put in place. This place is only a way to serve them. He told me you would understand.' Kah says 'Our role is only to serve our moons and bring their knowledge to the world.' 'You are as devoted to Solinari as I am to Nuitari.' Kah again nods. 'I have a feeling I know Nuitari's reasoning for sending you my way as well.' 'The three moons always agree on one principal. The knowledge. They disagree on how it becomes known.' And in that regard, they are alone, away from the other Gods.' And when the other God's left mortals. They remained with us.' Kah says 'They wouldn't have it any other way. Seperate from the others, together in the magic.' 'And now Tahkisis and Paladine have left the heavens, and have come to the world. He told me this would happen, and he told me to come now, to the tower. I thought it was just to take the test, but now I understand. There was more to his plan.' Kah says 'Troubling times are ahead of us. How do you think I am part of his plan?' 'You have a problem don't you? Something you don't understand?' Smiling, Kah says 'I believe you just confirmed my suspicions on what your master desires of me. Being one to compromise with the powers of magic I feel I can trust you with my dilema.' Reaching into a blue scaled pouch at her side she pulls out a small obsidean mirror and hands it to the man. Xorn smiles, his grin now becoming quite evil, revealing his true nature for the first time. "My master desires you sweety.....But he will take what he can get. Your Disir problem..........yes." He takes the mirror in hand, and studies it a long moment. Kah says 'The mirror will show the memory of the vision shown to me by Solinari, but it sounds as if Nuitari has shown you the same.' Xorn looks deeply into the mirror, and it flashes from white, to red, to black, and so do Xorn's eyes as he looks. The magic fades and he hands the mirror back to Kah. 'Apparantly they all agree. I will tell you what I know.' Kah places the mirror back within the pouch. 'Yes I had my theories that the relics within the caves belong to all the gods of magic.' 'They do. However Solinari rules it. But why then is there an abomination in control of the place eh?' Kah says 'It is a question I hope to discover the answer once my apprentices finish the tasks given them.' Xorn closes his eyes a long moment and begins chanting in a language long forgotten even to modern mages. 'Give me a moment White Robe.' Kah nods. Xorn continues to chant, his voice getting louder and louder as if calling something or someone. An amulet of Emerald and Gold around his neck begins to glow a sickly green color, illuminating him. And suddenly a lich rises from the ground in physical form. "Isaldora, I would not ask you to come, but we need an answer." Kah looks at the lich with wonder. For an apprentice, this young man had extraordinary talent to be able to summon such an undead so easily. The lich looks to Xorn and then to the White Robe with question. "You picked a fine time to call me Xorn. I hope the amulet I gave you has served you well!" The undead laughs, and looks around the courtyard, her hollow eyes expressing disdain. 'Yes Izzy. It.........served me well. I overcame my obstacles.........And now I serve Him. You always knew, didn't you. It was part of the plan......was it not.' Kah looks at the lich hovering inches above the ground an absent look upon its face as its lips moved wordlessly. The lich looks over the woman, but stops, turning her attention back to Xorn. "Why have you summoned me, and especially here?" Xorn simply nods to her. "I am to help this woman and We need and answer. What are the Disir?" The Lich responds. "They were dwarves. They turned to dark magic during the time of fire. They turned to Morigon and became.........changed, in many ways like me. They gave up their former lives, and turned to a new form of.....death and decay. It is thier essence." Kah asks 'So the creature I saw in the vision is one of the undead?' The lich hisses at Kah in anger, but turns back to Xorn. "You summon me for THIS?" She looks around, her body convorting as she does. "They are not undead Xorn, not like me. But he turned them..........changed them. The Black Wind gave them a form that could survive." 'They turned to someone who would hear thier cries. And apparantly he listened.' Kah nods and says 'Interesting.' 'White Robe she will not lie. She only exists to...exist. And she turned to Chemosh. Didn't you Isaldora? That is why you sent me away all of those years ago.' Kah says 'I do not question her honesty. But, how does this help with my problem.' The lich nods to Xorn. "They are turned. They are cannibals. They are followers of carrion. They worship Morigon and him alone. And to converse with one of thier cursed race is to invite thier hunger. This is all I know about them. As for the temple you search for. Look near the skull. And Xorn, the amulet only holds so many charges. Do not summon me again for such a trivial manner." Kah looks at the skeletal mage with scorn 'Tempermental hag.' The lich simply dissolves into the ground, leaving a pussy residue. "I have done what I can." Xorn looks to the ghastly resudie with a look of shame and...sadness. 'She was all I knew. She taught me more than.....any of you could ever. I asked her only because I was told to help solve your problem.' Kah says 'I am sorry you lost a friend over my account.' 'She is gone. She died and I did not. She gave her soul to Chemosh. I did not. I was saved and she was not. Do not be sorry. You have information. Do you not?' Kah says 'Thank you very much. It will help when the time comes to confront this thing.' 'And do with it what you will. I have done what my God has asked of me. As for what resources I have. That is between us presently........correct?' Kah says 'I am grateful to you and your patron. And your secrets are your business and not mine to tell.' 'I will help your problem. Call me when I am needed.' Kah says 'I will do that. It was pleasant couple on this fine evening. Farewell.' Xorn walks from the courtyard and into the black tower, never looking back. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Tue Mar 16 17:49:24 2010 Subject (RP) The Quill Is Mightier Than The Sword. The dark moon rises high into the heavens, full in majesty, and Xorn walks up the spiral staircase to the very top of the black tower. Upon reaching the door to the highmaster's chambers, he pauses for several minutes in a moment of self introspection. He knocks upon the door, and a spectral appears suddenly, opening it, and ushering him in. The room is quite dark, but Jendaron sits at a table, a lamp barely illumination him. Jendaron says 'I recieved your note that you had completed your task, and a taskmage of mine delivered me the items you sent for me. A very interesting selection of magical items indeed. You did well young magi.' Xorn nods to his master, bowing in reverence, but remaining silent as Jendaron speaks. He simply nods and smiles to his words. Jendaron says 'I waited to beckon for you because I wanted to allow you time to reflect on the magic you had discovered and to allow you to learn more about yourself. So, what have you learned apprentice' Xorn pauses a long moment before answering, looking up as if to phrase his response carefully. "I've learned that magic can be found in the most unexpected places, and is stored and wielded by those you least expect. Also...I learned to rely on my wits and intellect and not just arcana. Magic does not always solve all problems. You must be resourceful as well." Jendaron nods and continues, 'You have made a wise statement indeed young apprentice. That actually brings me to my next topic for your preparation. Most magi will find themselves able to absorb magic quickly, the more they study and learn. True dedication to the language, both written and oral of magic is the way to master it. But the magic can not protect you in all instances.' Jendaron sits back in his chair, his hooded face becoming only slightly visible allowing you to see him mouth the words 'How good are you with a dagger?'. The words ring in Xorn's ears and in his thoughts as he ponders. Xorn nods, a slight smile and a knowing looking in his expression. "I can use them, yes. However I prefer a staff." Something resembling two powerful hands pushes Ciskei back through the door! A spectral guardian says 'You cannot be in here, the master would not be happy with that!' Jendaron says 'The staff is a weapon of preparation, the dagger however is a cunning and sly weapon.' Xorn lifts the bottom of his robe up past his knee, revealing a leg sheath, with a dagger strapped to it. "Yes, it is always best to have a few surprises up your........robe." Jendaron says 'When your life is in danger, and the words escape your thoughts, your hand can still reach for a dagger. I would like you to train not only with your spear but also with a dagger to better protect yourself in various situations you might find yourself in. I also want you to practice in other various methods of using magic.' Xorn nods to his master and smiles. "I shall go and do whatever you wish my leige. I am yours to command." Jendaron says 'Certainly you have begun to master the means to speak the magic, but I would like you to learn to read it so efficiently that even unknown spells would make sense to you. The ability to read and write magic are paramount to your success in the future. Thus I would like you to practice scribing and reciting scrolls until you are ready. You will know when this is and you will come to me, at which point I will test you to see if you are finished with this task.' Xorn looks around the blackened room as his master dictates his instruction, but listens intensly. He again nods in acquiesence to Jendaron. "This shall be of greatest priorty then. I will spend my time in the library, perfecting this art." Jendaron says 'Indeed. Be of utmost haste apprentice because when you have completed this task you will be nearly prepared for the Test of High Sorcery. I am excited for you to finish the test, I have great plans for you if you are interested. You could end up working directly with me with tasks of importance to the entire Conclave itself. I hand select who I teach as only the brightest and highest potential students. You have excelled even under my tutilege so thusly you will be of great use to the me. You will continue to learn past your test, the magic of thousands of years of knowledge.' At the mention of the Test, a gleam of.....glee comes into Xorn 's eyes. And at his master's next words, the gleam become fullfledged....desire. "I wish to serve you and our God in any manner I may." Jendaron says 'That is, of course, if that is what you wish. You could always become a common conjurer or enchanter.' Jendaron nods slowly and leans forward in his chair. 'I have a serious question for you apprentice.' 'Being common is something.......detestable. Greatness awaits those who devote themselves to Nuitari. And I am an open book to you my leige. I will answer honestly.' Jendaron says 'You are around the common grounds and areas of the Tower much more oft than I. Typically I spend most of my time in my own tower and merely visit Wayereth once a day to make rounds and check on various things. Are things going as you think they should throughout the halls? I have heard rumors of things opposite to what I expect.' Xorn pauses a long moment before answering, again looking as though he is coming up with just the right words. "The white robe numbers are growing. Thier new leader is practical, even compromising.....However, there is much fighting between the orders......especially with some of the red robes. There is one who might be swayed to our......position. His thirst for blood is........quite emmence.' Jendaron says 'Indeed, as much as I had heard and expected about the fighting. I will be more present to try to counteract these things, infighting within the order is not a good way to develop the Conclave as a whole. But for now you must go forth and do your work, I will begin to prepare for your Test of Sorcery.' 'It is important to project unity to the outside world as well. Else, others will exploit these riffs.' Jendaron nods and says 'Indeed, the renegades and dragonarmies always search for weaknesses within our order.' Xorn grins again, and nods in agreement with his master. He picks up his black leather bag, inscribed with runes, and bows to Jendaron. "I will contact you when I have completed this next stretch of destiny. I am very blessed to have you as master." Jendaron bows before Xorn. 'Until we meet again, apprentice.' 'May the black light of the Devouring Dark shine upon you, and the entire world.' Jendaron says 'Nuitari be with you.' FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sat Mar 20 15:33:24 2010 Subject (RP) Black, White, With A Hint Of Grey. (Pt. 1) Not long after the sun has set upon the Plains of Dust, but before the moons begin to rise, a shadow in the corner of the inn distorts and twists. It seems to become blacker, darker, as it begins to swirl unnaturally. Suddenly a figure rises from its center, composed of the same darkness at first, but then becoming more and more......human. Xorn looks around the inn and takes in the scenery. There is surely no match for the fun and merriment to be had here. Good people from across Abanasinia travel across the New Sea to this historic destination. The Inn, built long ago, houses any and all who come to pay with good money. Absolutely no one is excluded from the confort and hospitality that this Inn has to offer. Primarily run by humans, they seem to prefer to have a liking to everyone, since you see an assortment of races, including half elves and gully dwarves serving the populace of the Inn. There is surely no match for the fun and merriment to be had here. Good people from across Abanasinia travel across the New Sea to this historic destination. The Inn, built long ago, houses any and all who come to pay with good money. Absolutely no one is excluded from the comfort and hospitality that this Inn has to offer. Primarily run by humans, they seem to prefer to have a liking to everyone, since you see an assortment of races, including half elves and gully dwarves serving the populace of the inn. The sounds of laughter and cheer float about the common room of the Sand and Stone, as Kah'rihn the High Archmage dances and sings within the center of the patrons. The Inn is full of all kinds of people, and Xorn looks harshly at all of them, before picking out a spot to settle. The white fur of Kah'rihn's loincloth flares as she swings her hips in rythm of the song. "The shivering sands speak of times long past... Times of dragons! Times of fear..." Xorn notices the woman, but turns on his stool to the bartender. "Give me a howling moons." He turns back to the woman in the dance, and smiles, again turning back to the bartender. "Make that.....two." Singing with the energy and glow that only pride in one's home can stir, Kah'rihn brings her song to its climatic conclusion "The shivering sands speak of times long past... Times of Freedom! Times of peace..." Xorn takes the two doubles from the barkeep, and stands......clapping to the woman who wearhunteress garb. He cheers her on in bravado, while most the crowd remains silent. "Bravo my Lady. At least you dance with purpose!. The rest of these fools have no understanding."x The man with ice blue eyes, lifts one of the two glasses to the beutiful woman, and simply winks. "The most excellent Kah'rihn, you should join me in a drink. To dance is to" Xorn simpy places his cocktail on the bar. Kah smiles at the man in black robes she had met the other night in the courtyards within the tower of wayreth. 'Ah. Xorn, a pleasure to see you out here in the out of the way environs.' She walks over to the man and takes a seat at a table he moved to. Xorn smiles back to the very attractive woman. He sets down his drink, and picks up the extra he ordered, handing it to the dancing woman. "A double, for a Are we.....friends?.......or something different away from the tower. I do know the rules. There is nothing stopping you from annihaliting me here and now."x Taking the glass of alchohol Kah'rihn tips the glass and downs the drink in one swallow. Looking at the dark mage quizzically she says 'I believe that is up to you young man. Unless you are planning on doing something I would have to stop, we are fine. She shrugs as she places the empty glass upon the table. 'We are both children of the moons. I say working together gets more results. Don't you?' Xorn giggles to her, and reciprocating, downs the glass of spirits. He nods to a wench and reaches into a pouch procuring, several coins. "Another round please." Helooks deeply at the white mage. Kah says 'So Xorn, what brings you out here to the far reaches of the Plains of Dust?' Xorn looks all around, and specially to some of the crowd gathered. 'I was born in Tarsis, but my family would come here on holiday, or sometimes for the summer. This was before it was dust. At one time it was......quite beautiful. It was a second home.' He looks around the place, as if looking into the past. Kah says 'I too call this place home.' 'I wished to stop along my way back to the forest. For memory's sake if nothing else.' Kah slowly states 'And it is still beautiful...' 'And here of all places..........I find you again.' Kah says 'Yes, funny how things work out.' The wench returns with two more rounds of spirits, and rests them upon the table. Xorn tips her generously, but his gaze never leaves the huntress. 'This used to be grassland. It supported all kinds of life. The elves wandered this land. Tarsis to the south, was rich and diverse. Now it is a wasteland.' Kah says 'Yes, I have heard stories from the elders of my families. My mother's father lived through the times of Balif the great elf general.' Xorn shakes his head, and takes the next round delivered by the wench in hand. "I feel......fortunate I missed the desolation. I am fortunate that Nuitari brought me forth to this time." He raises the glass and drinks. 'Yes......elves live much longer, but they progress so much slowly.' Drinking the glass empty before placing it back on the table, Kah'rihn says "They do, and having their blood, made living within this environ much easier." Xorn smiles to the white robe and her.........constitution, out drinking him. "You surprise me Kah'rhin. You are not what I ever expected from a follower of the Silver one. This is refreshing..........and disturbing." Kah asks 'How so?' Xorn gulps down the rest of his drink in attempt to keep up. He winks at the elf. 'It is your turn to buy the next round. And as for how? I figured your kind to be rigid and chaste. On a magely level, but also on an elven one. I have been proven wrong on both counts it seems.' Kah slowly states 'Ah, yes. Most elves are stuck up, but being raised by my human family has helped alleviate those... predjudices of my mother's people. And as for those of my order, I can not speak for how some think that they are as spotless as their robes, but being the voice of Solinari within our orders I must have a different view of things.' 'None of us are spotless. To be wrinkle free, is to be plain and...quite ordinary.' 'Yes exactly. And as you can tell, I lead a very open existence.' Kah stands to show off how much of her is not hidden.' CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Mar 20 15:41:27 2010 Subject (RP) Black, White, With A Hint Of Grey. (Pt. 2) 'You are.............quite beautiful. But you know this white robe leader. It is......part of your appeal is it not? A pure soul, but with a the body of a succubus.' Xorn demurs, and does not look at the woman's beauty. The minotaur at the adjoining table places another order for rounds. A drunk dwarf walks over to a the minotaur haranging the bar wench and kicks him in the shin. "Lousy Cow, stop holding up the wench. I am getting parched over here!" Yelling across the tavern to the Minotaur working the bar Kah'rihn calls out her order "Mrugh I'd like two bottles of your finest elven wine, two tylor steaks, some poached desert owl eggs and some spiced potatoes. And make it quick." Xorn looks around the inn, studying the differing patrons, as if sizing up any trouble makers or cut-throats. Kah says 'I hope you don't mind me ordering for the two of us. I'm well known in these parts. I doubt there would be any trouble here tonight. Least not any that two mages couldn't handle.' Xorn looks up to the cieling of the desert tavern and winks to the leader of the White Robes. "The Dark Lady, Her Lover, The Thief, The Black Wind....they all have servants. You can never be too careful." A gruff minotaur in a soiled apron delivers the bottles of elven wine and the plates heaped with food to Kah'rihn. "Enjoy your meal mistress." The minotaur turns and heads back behind the bar and serves the next round. "And, the same could be said for the Platinum Dragon, The Healing Hand, The song of Life. They have servants too. I can never bee to careful." The huntress says 'The gods do as we do. Eat before your food gets cold. Have you ever tried tylor?' Kah takes up her fork and knife and cuts a large piece from the tylor steak. Steam and rich aroma flows from the white meat of the great beast of the desert. A drunk dwarf pinches A half-elven waitress's bottom and grins. He laughs as the waitress turns and slaps him. He bellows as he gaffawls "I am still waiting on my drink woman. But, your bottom feels more pleasing!" Xorn takes a knife in hand as well, and upon hearing the name Tylor, he simply.....freezes. He looks to the woman, cutting into her food, and without missing a beat, does the same. Taking a sample of it, he smiles with delight. The drunken dwarf pulls the woman into his lap as she screams to be let go. and Kah stands. "One second please." She walks over to the dwarf and wench. 'Let her go and go home. You have had too much to drink this evening master dwarf.' Looking at Kah'rihn the dwarf grins and drops the waitress on the ground and reaches out to grope the High Archmage. "You look like you got a nice firm bottom on you, and its more open to grab!" Xorn continues to eat and drink from what the white robed ordered, and under his breath he whispers to himself or no one. "Tylor." The dwarf's hand never reached it's target. Kah'rihn whispered a single word and with a few dried petals of rose sprinkled on the dwarf's head had put him to sleep causing him to fall to the floor hard. She returns to her seat and meal and carves off another chunk of her steak without missing a beat. 'Yes this meat comes from a local beast called a Tylor.' Xorn raises a goblet of wine that was brought to the table to Kah. "Quite delicious, my leige. You have........excellent taste." He almost chokes a moment on the wine, but swallows down his food. Looking to the slept dwarf, Xorn raises his glass of wine to her. "Of course you can take care of yourself. Chivalry is dead!" Kah says 'You are lucky. It is a very rare delicacy and the owner was lucky that he had happened upon the carcass after a territorial dispute our dinner had with a larger male.' 'I must ask my lady, and do not take offense, because I do not mean any disrespect. I've met the others at the tower. How did you become the Silver Lady? You are nothing like.......anyone could expect.' Xorn continues to cut into the meat, obviously savoring it, and the side dishes, but his eyes never leave the sand woman. Kah says 'I do and go as the white moon guides me. It is in his honor I have obtained, the prestige I now hold.' 'You don't seem like one who cares about prestige, or even political power.' Kah savors the last bite of her steak, the bowl off eggs having been emptied long ago, being used as a dip for the meat. 'I do not care for either. But, a good leader does not look for those simple awards. A good leader strives to make things better for everyone that looks to them for guidance.' Xorn also finishes his meal, and takes the last of his wine in hand. He look deeply at Kah. 'I expected you to be loving, kind, and well..naive. You are some of these things, however not niave. And you treat me with kindness, even away from the tower.' Kah says 'I am as carefree as the winds through the sands, as shifting as the sands themself, as diverse as the creatures that call the sands home, and a beakon of direction like the silver moon in the heavens. And young Xorn, no reason has arisen for me to treat you any other way. Just because of the color of your robes does not mean I should treat you any differently.' Xorn rests down his knife and fork, his dinner, done. He gulps down the rest of his wine. His expression becoming quite happy, intoxication heavy in his eyes. Kah says 'And if any of our orders wished to seek my advice or direction, regardless of robe color, they are free to do so.' 'This surprises me Master.' Kah asks 'How so?' Xorn looks around and reaches in close to whisper. 'There is much fighting in between ourselves as of late. This is something of a concern to the master. When he asked me of it, I told him the truth. I would figure you would only be of help to your own order, strengthen them for the advances of some of the others. But I might add, I did praise you to Jendaron. You have brung unity for Solinari's disciples.' Kah leans in and whispers back. 'You should not be surprised young Xorn. I have been honest and upfront with you. We learn and teach each other, in order to strengthen ourselves for those who would destroy us from the outside.' 'To show conflict is to invite outsiders to exploit riffs in our order.' Kah says 'Agreed.' CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Mar 20 15:43:17 2010 Subject (RP) Black, White, With A Hint Of Grey. (Pt. 3) Xorn pauses a long moment before continuing his train of thought. "There are some that tear at our unity, and the divide us, and they project conflict to the outside world. Jendaron will deal with these individuals.' Kah says 'He has a lot of responsibility, your master does.' 'He does and with much to come apparantly. Can I tell you something?..........something I will tell him in time, when he is ready to hear it. But you should know now, because you will recieve it.' Kah nods and says, 'You may tell me anything you wish.' 'HIS word is this.... The great wars are coming. And in the realm of possible futures, All will come to agreement in order to save Krynn. She will eventually be granted her wishes. And this will grieve the moons, especially Nuitari.' Kah slowly states 'A very big riddle you have given me there...' Xorn begins to tremor in his seat, his eyes becoming clouded by a black mist, becoming dark obsidian. He begins to sway, obviously in a magically induced trance, and he screams as he collapses to the floor. Kah jumps up and comes to the unconscious mage and kneels by him, resting her hand on his neck to check his lifebeat. 'I think we have had too much excitement for the evening. I believe it is time to depart.' Oblvious now to the outside world, caught up into another frame of reference of time and space, Xorn whispers a question in his delerium "How can the future be stolen?" Again he screams, and with that he falls deep into a coma and into Kah's hands. With a flare of light and sounds, the two mages, Kah'rihn and Xorn are transported magically from the Sand and Stone tavern in Stone Rose, back to the Tower of Wayreth. Where Xorn would remain comatose for several days. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Wed Mar 24 18:25:00 2010 Subject (RP) Secret Negotiations. (PT 1) The raven sits on the top of the building looking out, and Nestos looks through his eyes as the cutpurse runs out. He spies the mage walking down the small alley. Nestos blinks as he comes out of the trance and gets ready to greet him. Xorn walks down the street, looking at the various buildings. Suddenly he hears the squawking of a bird, and looking up sees the raven fly down from the top of a warehouse. It circles him a moment, and flies to a doorframe, resting there. Xorn walks closer to the door and the bird, and smiles. "Yes this must be the place, isn't what was your name again? Sil..?" The mage looks up as if trying to remember, and knocks upon the door. The door opens and a man runs from the building and down the street, obviously in a great hurry. Xorn ducks his head through the doorway and in a silly voice says. "Yoohoo! Anyone...........home?" Nestos says 'I am over here.' The renegade sits on a crate over near another door. He looks up to the mage, "And his name is Sitharnos." Xorn walks in and bows to Nestos, nodding to him in response to the raven's name. "So sorry my friend. My mind has been a little.......clouded lately. Do forgive my laps of memory." He walks near the renegade, and leans against a crate. Nestos asks 'It is already forgiven. So, what brings you to Sanction?' "The Shadow Walking Spell." Xorn laughs, and rests his staff next to him as leans upon the crate. He grins at Nestos and continues. "I needed out of that damn tower, if just for a little while." Nestos grins, "I certainly can understand that. Shadow Walking, eh? Fun. And how are things in the towers?" 'They are.......tedius. Jendaron wishes me to learn to read scroll, and learn to write them. I understand his wisdom in this, but yes.....tedius. I have been taking little sojourns, to freshen myself.' Nestos asks 'So, where have these sojourns led to, other than one of my many doors?' Xorn looks up as if remembering, taking time before he answers. "I went back to Tarsis, and this saddend me, for it is a husk of it's former glory. I went towards the icewall, and looked up an........old friend." Xorn pauses before continuing. 'And then I recently travelled what is known now as the Plains of Dust. There is a village there, I remember fondly from my youth, but it is also radically changed. And since you are on my mystical map, so to speak. I thought I might drop in.' Nestos says 'Ah, the Plains of Dust? I do like that place. One can be alone.' He smiles, 'And you are definetly welcome whenever.' Xorn looks disturbed a moment, but it quickly passes with Nestos' welcome. "I find it detestable. The longer I live in this time, the more I understand why people turned away from the Gods. Plains of Dust! Once beautiful grassland." Nestos says 'Even still, there is a beauty to its desolation.' 'It's funny you should say that. Someone very recently said that very same thing. But then again she grew up there. But I bore you with my petty irks. What have you been doing my renegade friend?' Nestos slowly states 'Distasteful things, as always.' The mage smiles wryly. When the dark elf answers his question, Xorn grins evilly, and nods. "I have been so busy completing trivial tasks, and playing the social game to do any of the same. I hold on to the times when......HE......shares with me." Nestos nods, "Well never feel that you need to be too trivial here, or social for that matter. And as for me, just before you came I had to deal with a betrayer. Always fun when dealing in secrets." Nestos smiles a big grin. Xorn nods and suddenly a look of inspiration comes across his expression. "There is but one punishment for betrayal. I hope you sent him packing to the abyss........screaming. And secrets eh? What do you trade, generally speaking of course." Nestos says 'I did send him to the abyss with my regards to Takhisis. As for screaming, no, I sent him with hope. The Darkqueen will flay his soul enough, he can have that small hope. And as for secrets, if you want to know it, chances are I already do. And as for the man, he was a good informant, I owed him that hope.' Xorn again nods to the dark elf's words, again pausing if considering something. "Most believe that if you worship the dark ones, hope is something to be squashed. Perhaps those who follow the Black Wind.......and speaking of which....I think I have a proposition for you. It was given to me by our Dark Father, to help a certain white robed elf. I would not have gone to her if it was not commanded, but she is..........interesting, and her dilemia........delicious." Nestos mocks interest, "Proceed? I am all for propositions." Xorn brings his legs up to the top of crate and crosses them, and reaches into the satchel carried on his side. He pulls a scroll case from it, and opens it, producing a parchment. He tosses it in the air, and with a gesture, it floats to Nestos. Nestos studies the parchment, "And where do I fit in?" 'Have you ever seen anything like this in your travels? They are a created race, mutated by Morgion shortly after the catacylsm. They worship him soley. And I am getting to where you fit in shortly.' Nestos asks 'Interesting creatures. No I have not run into one of these. Morgion, huh? I do like a little decay here and there.' Nestos laughs. "Is it information that you want then?" Xorn gestures, and the parchment flies back across to him, he places it back in the case, and back into the satchel. "They are called the Disir, or so an acquaintance told me. Once dwarves who called out to him, If you can believe that. The white robe elf I spoke of was given a vision by the moons. One is squatting in a very old temple, somewhere near what used to be Zhaman." Nestos asks 'Most interesting. And what is it that the gods of magic wanted of her?' Xorn pauses a long moment before he continues with the last. "It is a temple to Solinari apparantly, but it contains, ancient artifacts, from my time or before, of all three Gods. I was commanded to help her find it. " HE does not want those items gifted by him and his mages to fall into her hands.' Nestos says 'Understandable, white robes with artifacts of the Ungod just makes no sense.' He pulls out a parchment and a quill and begins to write on it. 'She would most likely destroy them, and I must not let that happen. They are to brought to the black tower. However, I'm sure we could come to some kind of......arrangement? Yes?' Nestos stops writing a moment and looks up to the human and grins, "I am certain that something can be arranged. Is she to be given the others?" Xorn smiles and shakes his head as if not knowing. "I was not given the specifics. Only to help her find the temple and find a way to either communicate with, or kill this..........Disir. But something will and can be arranged. There will be profit in this for you." CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Wed Mar 24 18:26:37 2010 Subject (RP) Secret Negotiations. (PT 2) Nestos says 'Than I am in. Although I will ask that I accompany you to this temple. I have been in Neraka and Sanction too long. I need to have my own.....sojourn.' Xorn nods to the renegade elf and smiles. "Yes, lets have a holiday, and when this is over, we will have new toys to play with. I will inform the white robe I have found someone who can help her. She will want to meet with you, but she is not like some of the others in many regards. We will find a neutral space to converse." Nestos finishes his writing, and after he folds up the parchment his rises and walks to the door, "I have no problem meeting with other mages, I have found though that they have a problem with meeting me, but if she is as understanding as you say...then I do not think we will have a problem" 'I will work out the details, and send you a missive with the information. I look forward to working together. The Ungod will be pleased you are with his will. And as I said, you will be handsomely compensated.' Nestos opens the door and leans out his head, "He kid, come here." When the child gets to the door he hands him the parchment, "Bring this to Fidget." The kid agrees and runs off. 'I do like compensation. And I like adventure as well.' Xorn rubs his hands together in greedy anticipation. "Beats the abyss out of writing scrolls!" Nestos returns to crates and sits back down, "I would have to agree, and I like the thought of meeting this "new" race." 'Oh I forgot to mention this.......Finding a way to communicate might be wise. According to my source, they pretty much eat anything that comes into view. Dead and or alive.' Nestos laughs, "Communication is not always through tongues. But, yes, I would like to join and I have just sent a message to have the information gathered." Xorn jumps down off the crate he was resting on and takes his staff in hand. He bows to the dark elf. "Then I Will leave you to it. When I have things arranged I will be in touch." Nestos nods, "Than I will see you soon and that information will not elude me for long." Xorn walks to the door, and smiles to the Raven, before he walks back into the street. "May the unlight shine down on you Nestos. Blessed be those who serve the Devouring Dark." And with that he walks around a corner and vanishes into the shadows. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Wed Mar 31 03:24:22 2010 Subject (RP) Prices And Celebrations. (PT 1) Nestos sits in a leather chair in the corner of the tavern, staring at the flames that lick from one of his fingers to another. In a dark corner, the shadows from the dim lighting begin to pulse then swirl, as a black figure emerges. At first it is nothing but blackness, but it coalesces into a human, who looks around a moment. Xorn walks forth into the tavern. Nestos smiles, still looking at the flames, "Xorn, again so soon? I would have thought it would have been a little longer." Xorn watches the renegade playing with the fire in his hand, and grins. "Neat trick, you must show that one to me sometime. I came to bring word about our future adventure." Nestos waves his hands and the flames disappears as he looks up with a smile, "Good. I do like words. They are what put gold in my hands." 'You are if anything consistant Nestos. And that is one of the many qualities that I adore you for. That and your heart is as black as mine. But you are also honerable, something that many who follow the Dark ones are lacking.' Not seeing another chair near, Xorn scans the tavern, and sees something comfortable across the room. He gestures to the chair, and it flies into the air and falls next to the dark elf. He rests next to his associate. "Glad to oblige," Nestos states with a mocking bow, still sitting in his chair, "Welcome to one of my home away from homes." "As you said of your many doors." Xorn returns the mock bow before he continues. "We are beyond such formalities now. You are a kindred spirit, two servants of the Ungod, fulfilling his will in differing ways." "Very true," Nestos says, pointing to the other mage, "What news do you have?" 'I spoke with the White huntress. She is eager to meet with you. She has given her word you will not be harmed, confined or in anyway accosted. She needs all the help she can muster, and she knows it.' Nestos grins wide, "Very good than. I will meet her, but tell me, do you know the why?" Xorn pauses for a moment, which is now obviously his manner, as he mulls over the question posed. "I know only that this temple, houses artifacts, and this monstrosity has possession. No more has been revealed to me, nor do I think to Kah'rhin." Nestos asks 'Ah, I had thought, but now I know, the High Archmage?" Nestos rubs his hands together. "So, who is to go on this adventure of hers?' 'Yes, head of the white robes herself. She is not what I all. As for those involved currently, she had some of her apprentices doing research, but only one of them succeeded in her task. She was sent on some errand, but I do not know what it was, only she returned. Her name is Mariala, a high born elf, very snobbish, but very...lucious. If only I could get her into my bed.........I do love a challenge!' Nestos grins, "Well good luck in that endeavor, I enjoy challenges as well. Which reminds me, I found some good information, though it required some drastic measures, I do have some more resources still out there." This time Xorn rubs his hands together in anticipation, his eyes lighting up at Nestos' disclosure. "Do tell. And be sure to fill me on these.......drastic measures." The mage sits back in the chair, and places his staff across his lap. Nestos slowly states 'Oh, the usual form of drastic.' The renegade drags his finger across his neck with a smile and a shrug. "Anyways, I found out a little bit about this creature, and also what is in that temple, but even for a friend, these are expensive morsels." Xorn nods to the dark elf renegade, agreeing with him. "I would say the same if I were in your position. What is the price Nestos.....and I will make arrangements." The mage raises his hand, summoning over a wench. "Elven wine, the oldest you have." Nestos slowly states 'Ah, trying to get the drinks from your time? Elven wine would be the closest, though I prefer other vices.' Nestos pulls out a pipe from his robe and fills it with a green leaf and lights it. "And as for the price...I will give you one piece of paper for several pieces of paper and some leather." The mage grins. The wench returns with a bottle of wine and two goblets. She places them before the two wizards, and Xorn hands here a ruby. She blushes, looking shocked before she departs. He looks at the label. "A hundred years will have to do I suppose." He waves his hand over the top, and the cork simply vanishes and as he pours a glass for himself he continues. "Information for information. What would you like me to procure?" Nestos says 'Almost as old as me. And a book. A spellbook to be precise. I know it is in the towers, but obviously...' The mage pauses looking down at himself, "I can not just walk in and ask for it." Xorn nods to Nestos again, agreeing with his words. "I suppose not. I'll make you a deal. I will......borrow what you want. But only for as long as it takes you to copy the spells, and then it will be returned. Is this acceptable?" Nestos puts a look of disapointment on his face, "I would have much rather kept it, but I would like the spells contained in the book more" The dark elf rubs his temples, "Bah, agreed, and please pour me a glass of wine." The mage waves his staff over the table and a scrollcase drops out from an extradimension. The mage picks it up and opens it, pulling out a piece of paper and a worn old scroll of paper. Xorn takes the bottle and pours the goblet full of wine. He takes both glasses in hand, and offeres one to Nestos. "Give me the name of the grimore or it's description and I will find it for you. Seems everywhere I go compromises are made. The Ungod is nothing if not pragmatic." Nestos slowly states 'I am glad. This is what I want.'The mage hands Xorn the folded paper. "And this is what you are buying for it. You will not get it till I recieve payment, but please look as long as you want. The rest of the information will come with a secure...trip with you all." Nestos unrolls the rolled up paper to reveal it as an old map of Zhaman, "This was one of those items that required a drastic measures. I truly do not know who the author was, but I am 100% of its authenticity." Xorn looks at the parchment, and his eyes widen a little. "This will take some doing, but I will get it." He leans over and looks at the paper the renegade unfolded, and smiles. "Yes, that is more like it. And the trip will be secure. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, and afew....things I can call upon if need be." Nestos grins, "I am sure you have plenty of tricks, as do I," Nestos says with a wink, "I am glad about this trip, and there will be one more payment I will require, but I think that will require the High Archmage to be here." Nestos grins. 'And I do apologize for the price, but this information is not too easy to come by, it would be much worse if I did not consider you a friend.' CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Wed Mar 31 03:25:50 2010 Subject (RP) Prices And Celebrations. (PT 2) Xorn grins widely as well, holding up his glass of wine to Nestos. "Then to prices paid, friendship, a grand adventure, and to our most Unholy Lord!" He taps his goblet against the renegades and takes a long swill. Nestos takes a long gulp as well after stating, "Yes, to the Ungod." 'I will send word to you when it is time to meet Kah'rhin. I had hoped it would have been sooner than later, but I think she has her finally put her Order in..........order.' Xorn laughs at his own pun. 'As soon as I know, you will know.' Nestos says 'Good. Well, I must be off.' Nestos stands. "I must speak with a wife I widowed. I do not like being anything but transparent." The renegade grins. "Plus, they had always been good to me. I owe the man's family at least some condelence, and gold." 'As I said Nestos, you are an honerable person. When we next meet I will have the grimore. I must begin to........formulate how it will be done. But I Am resourceful. Until we meet again my friend.' Nestos drains his goblet, "Yes, until we do." Xorn stands as well, and looks around the tavern, finally spotting the wench from earlier. "I think I will tarry here for a little while, and.....socialize." The mage winks to the woman, and turns once more to bow to Nestos. "She reminds me a little bit of the elf apprentice. I think I'll act out a fantasy, or prepare for a reality." Nestos simply grins at his associate and leaves Xorn to his "socializing". FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sat Apr 3 03:45:16 2010 Subject Desderada Malificar. (Pt. 1) The black tower seemed even more dark, and eerily quiet as I returned from my negotiations with the renegade dark elf known as Nestos. I was exhausted from the trip back to Wayreth, for the Shadow Walking spell did take it's toll upon the body, and sometimes even the mind, but I found myself pacing in my quarters well into the wee hours of the night. A decision had to be made, and quickly. It was not an easy one. Every so often I would walk to the desk in the corner and re-examine the parchment my associate had given me. It contained only two words, but those two words carried a grave weight, because of what they represented. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. Just two words, just a grimore. A book of spells that no self respecting white robe could ever grasp. A book of spells that would send terror into any red robe. A book of spells that many black robes even shunned. For the spells within were pure Necromancy. Necromancy is not just a school of magic. It is a philosophy, and in many ways a religion unto it's own. Each time a spell of this sort is cast, a piece of your soul becomes darkened, and a part of your body defiled. There is an unseen line that when crossed, there is no return. And I knew this, because I had been ushered into it's art more than three hundred years prior, by my former master, and now Lich, Isaldora. Necromancy, an art divided as well. Only two God's of the pantheon had any influence in the school, and they were at many times at odds. Nuitari favored it's use in the physical world, while Chemosh's domain was the spiritual. However many times these lines would become blurred. An undead minion is part of both, a spell that syphons life energy as well. And this has been a "debate" amongst black robed mages, and priests of the death God, where "debate" many times is defined as battle. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. The words upon the parchment haunted me. I dared not take this book from the Conclave and hand it to a renegade. It was against everything I had been told, everything the Conclave stood for. I would be handing over power to a supposed enemy. But........Nestos was not my enemy, and I was not an obedient servant of the Conclave. I was an obedient servant of Nuitari, and him alone. My pledge was to him, not men. I served the Conclave because he commanded it. They were and would always be a bi- product of that service. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. I continued to pace, going over the events that lead up to this point in my mind over and over, weighing out action and consequence. The book was not housed in the Conclave library, and I knew where it was, because it had called to me, soon after I had come to the tower. And I knew what it was, and it's history because of Isaldora. According to the story, the book was neither clerical nor arcane. What was inscribed within was pure necromantic thought. It was a road map from the beginning practices to the greatest disertations. A chapter would have to be mastered, before the next would mystically become unlocked. It was said that it could only have one owner at a time, because the grimore would bond to a host, and could only be retrieved upon the host's death, or transformation into the other worldly, with death usually being the outcome. The grimore was sentient, and craved souls to add to it's own power. It was thought the information inside were the actual thoughts of its victims. It was bound in the flesh of every race on Krynn, and inked in the blood of the same. As Isaldora told it, the book was ancient, at least a thousand years old, and had passed through generation after generation of hands, defiling any who could not master it, taking control of the weak minded, and stealing their very essence. She said there were other ways to master the art, and anyone foolish enough to use the grimore deserved their fate. Looking back on her words, I have to wonder, for she gave her soul to Chemosh for physical immortality. But yet I digress. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. The book had a will and mind of its own, and was able to seek out people who would benifit from its use. It would tempt those able to decipher it with promises of dark power and eventual immortality, whispering paranoia into the users mind, the whispers of total control over life and death itself. And the book had called to me. My mastery over necromantic energies had grown significantly in the last years, and when I had come to the tower, I heard its call. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. I had been at the tower only a few months, and I had........"the dream." I had not had it since my mother's death, and my translation through time. I often thought about it, but it had not re-occured. Once again the moons rose above the Library of Tarsis, as it was before the cataclysm, once again they spoke their truths of fate and choice. But this time, I knew I Would chose the black moon, I knew that Nuitari would save me. I knew that I would become his voice for a new generation. And when the dream would usually continued. I found myself magically moved to the Tower of Wayreth, and to the black tower. And I saw the dark light of Nuitari shining down. This time it did not illuminate me, but a path. With every step I took, the light would shift to point the way to something. As I descended the tower to the ground floor, the light shone upon a wall to the south, and a whisper came. "Another sacrifice is required. Will you give in order to recieve?" And I awoke in night sweats, a feeling of elation and terror mixed inside me. It had been so real, and I knew I was being lead there. By this time I knew when I was recieving a vision from the Ungod, and when it was merely a dream. There was a sense of urgency as well, so I immediately went to the place marked in the dream. I found the wall, crafted of solid onyx, quite ordinary. There were no runes, no seams, not even a stone. In fact, it was perfectly carved, raised no doubt by magic. The whispering words of the dream came to the forefront of my mind then. But what sacrifice? Was I to kill an apprentice? Take on an elder? And then the revelation came. This was a matter, and the sacrifice was me. I pulled the dagger at my side, and took a long moment, wondering if it was just my mind or something more significant. There was only one way to find out. The pain was searing heat into my wrists, as the dagger cut deep into the arteries and veins, and the blood began to flow out quickly, not in drops, but torrents. I immediately became light headed, as I Watched the blood flow all over my body and then down to my feet where it pooled in a sticky goo. But it did not remain there for long. The wall in front of me began to....."breath" and the blood was it's breath. The more that fell from my mortal wounds, the more the wall absorbed. And I felt pulled towards the barrier now, not knowing if it was near death hallucination or real magic. The trance state took me over once again then. I could feel the pull, I could hear myself chanting in various tongues, words I did not understand, contemplations that came from another source. My vision clouded, as darkness took me. And I knew then I was either a visionary or a fool. I would awaken later for my fate to become known. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Apr 3 03:51:09 2010 Subject Desderada Malificar. (Pt. 2) DESDERADA MALIFICAR. I awoke in darkness, and I immediately fumbled to find my wounded wrists, but even in total blackness, I knew the wounds were no longer there. And then a giggle came, a giggle I had not heard in quite a long time. It was instantly recognizable. And the voice of a child came from the void around me. "Shirak!" A light appeared, and blinded me for a moment, as my eyes became adjusted, and before me stood the wicked child, the messenger, the harbinger. His eyes were of the blackest night, as they had always been, no pupil, just absorbing black matter, and he simply winked at me, and giggled again. "Xorn, so lovely to see you again. The Dark father is pleased with you. You have done exactly as he commanded. You serve him without hesitation, and he rewards those who devote themselves to his cause. Your faith opened the doorway to this place and its contents. You will be rewarded for your service. The child skipped across the room, the light he created becoming brighter, filling the chamber, illuminating the space. The wicked.....whatever it really was... had an affect on me. I found it hard to speak in its presence, so as usual I simply followed the child. Looking around I found myself in a pyramid of the purist black crystal. The single light the child had created, was reflected on every surface, and I found the pyramid bare, except for a stand crafted of blood rubies, and upon it was........."the book". DESDERADA MALIFICAR. It looked just as Isaldora had described, a patch work of skin from all the races of Krynn. And I could hear it call to me, tempting me to pick it up and begin. The child skipped back up to me and just....slapped my hand. "NO! It calls, but you are not to peruse its contents. Nuitari has.....other plans. You will be given the knowledge.......later, and without the very......very..dear cost. The Lich knew and she told you of the consequences and dangers. The book is meant for another!" "Who?" It was all I could muster to say, and the child again winked at me before he continued. "Glad you decided to join the conversation prophet. You are to go the Neraka, home of the Dark Lady, now that she has returned in quasi-physical form to Ansalon. There you will meet a fellow mage. He also serves the Devouring Dark, but unusual way. He has spent some time in the dungeons of Wayreth, and will be very suspicious of you. But you are to tell him the truth about yourself and give him a word from the Black Moon." I nodded to him, and tried to speak once more, but again I was unable. The child lifted the book from the stand and opened it, scanning page after page before he continued. "Yes, the Desderada Malificar, it's a good read in the beginning. The ending is a REAL DRAG however." The child laughs wildly at his own statment and places the book down upon the stand once more. "Tell the renegade dark elf, that I.....I mean the Black Moon cherishes his service. Tell him that it was the Ungod who sent the raven to guide him from the forest and away from Wayreth. Tell him he may serve the mother and her army, but remind him that his power and his soul belong to Nuitari alone. You are not betraying the Conclave by befriending him. He will prove very.....useful to the cause. You will understand more as time unfolds what is to come." I kept looking at the grimore with........ambition, greed, and for that matter lust, but I trusted the child explicitly. And I remembered Isaldora's words. The book destroyed those greedy enough to put faith in only it. The grimore stole souls. And I was already on the path. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. The child then slapped me across the face, and hard. "The last mage who studied this tome, is now captured inside it. It is how it operates. You have enough will to obstain, and you must. You will be asked for it soon however, and you are to give it freely. Again, you are not betraying your precious Conclave. You are doing the Lord's will." I could only nod to the wicked being before me. "The will of Nuitari is my own. I will do what you say. When the time comes I will not question, I will only do the will of my God." The child nodded in agreement. "When is time to procure this you will know. You are not to warn the one who requests, but you can study the effect. One day it may be yours." And with the words, the child gestured to the light he had created, and it vanished, once again darkness assaulting all of my senses, and the same feeling of the trance coming upon me. Why did I always scream in this state? "How can the future be stolen?" But again I Was unconcious only to awake in my bed, many nights later. And so as the year unfolded, I met the dark elf Nestos. I was given the vision of the Disir and the temple, and yes, the renegade and I did become friends. I understood his desire, and his contempt for the conclave, although I did not share his hate. The Conclave came into my life at the perfect time and place, just as Nuitari had said. I knew the child was either his child, or the Devouring Dark himself, and I trusted him implicidly, because he had never lied to me. Only the truth came from the visions or the messenger. When I was told to go to the white robe leader Kah'rhin I complied. When the mirror showed me the same vision it was confirmed. Even when after over three hundred years, I came face to face with my former master, and now devotee of Chemosh, Nuitari's plan only became more clear. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. And so the orbit of the black moon as come full circle as I pace my room this night. And how fitting. The silver and red moons are in low sanction, and Nuitari flies high in the sky, full, and only seen by his followers. A sign? I do not know. I creep silently down to the wall, this time, no sacrifice needed, and I enter. The book rests upon the blood ruby stand, and I take it in hand, again the whispers come into my mind. But I know better. I will not look. It is for Nestos. It will either destroy him, or give him secrets to share. DESDERADA MALIFICAR. I make my way to Tarsis, to meet him, and Kah'rhin, and her apprentice Mariala. Payment made, prices negotiated. A future born. FINE Author: Xorn Date: Sat Apr 3 08:40:52 2010 Subject (RP) The Beginning of Culmination. (Pt. 1) The sounds of early morning songbirds can be heard as Kah'rihn finishes with her paperwork. A knock at her door shakes her weariness from her mind. A knock comes upon the door and the white robe answers 'Come in.' Mariala opens the door. She steps in, one hand holding a container with a reddish substance. She is still dressed in travel stained clothing that bears spots of blood and other questionable substances. Kah says 'Ah, Mariala welcome home. I see that things worked out in your favor!' Mariala shrugs. "I guess. It was was smelly...and it was rather sad that we had to destroy it." Kah ponders for a moment on that thought sadly before speaking again. 'It is always a shame to kill a living creature, no matter the reasons behind it. Even the justified ones...' Mariala nods. "I must say though...Diz and his kind are an amazement. It's a wonder that the staff I worked so hard for wasn't...borrowed." She says, then adds, under her breath. "The little thieving monsters." Kah snickers softly before she continues the conversation. 'Yes, they definitely are very comicial. So, let's see the staff.' Kah'rihn holds her hand out for the staff to be placed in. Mariala says 'Nevertheless...they were grateful that you sent someone to take care of the critter...and looked on me with strange amusement when I took the blood. Diz wondered what you were going to do with it. I told him I didn't know.' Mariala nods. She sets down the container of blood, snarling her nose at it. She drops her packs to the floor with a thud. With a slight curse under her breath, she pulls the staff from it and holds it out. Taking the staff from her apprentice, Kah'rihn looks it over the whole time as a faint glow emits from her eyes. "Very good, the staff is in fine shape and seems to have grown in strength while in your possesion. Lets see the blood now." Kah holds out her hand for the vial. Mariala sighs. She picks up the container and holds it out. Kah says 'Follow me. She turns and heads out the door and towards the glyph of transportation leading her apprentice in silence.' Mariala starts to protest, looking down at her filthy clothing. She lets loose a string of dwarven and human curse words as she follows. Arriving at the glyph of transportation, a room dedicated to enhancing the ability a mage has at using the pathways of magic, Kah'rihn stops and turns to face her apprentice. 'We will be heading to Tarsis to meet up with Xorn. We will also meet his informant.' Mariala sighs. "Great!" she says under her breath. Kah says 'I know that you feel uneasy around the black robe. But, remember he is still a brother in magic.' Mariala nods. "That he may be, but he disturbs me greatly." Kah nods. Mariala laughs. "A bath, perhaps? Not all of us are privledged to walk around in sooty robes and feel 'clean'" Pulling a small carving of a dolphin from a pouch hanging from her side, Kah'rihn holds the foci high and recites the words 'Portnea.' A swirling portal opens in the center of the room and the town of Tarsis can be seen on the other side. Looking through Kah'rihn can see the townsfolk beginning to stir and start their day. "That man is far from clean." Mariala says 'Why do we travel to such a place? Is it not better to keep this staff safe in the Towers and away from places where thieves worse then kender could get their hands on it?' Kah says 'No simple thief would dare assault a group of mages. And I for one doubt that a thief would be able to snatch it from me.' Mariala looks at the humans through the portal. She shakes her head. "Is the dark robed one not thief enough?" she whispers. Kah says 'As I said he has his place. Soliari showed in the vision artifacts he wished to be restored to his cousin. Xorn is just his messenger.' She motions for Mariala to follow and then steps through the portal and out into the streets of Tarsis. Mariala sighs again. "I hope I don't look too horrible," she says, glancing down at her atire again. Mariala enters the portal. She makes a face at seeing the people wandering around, but does not say much about them. Looking back at her apprentice, Kah'rihn notices the wide berth the citizens of the town are giving her as well as the stares and realizes the condition her apprentice is in. 'I think we need to get you something else to wear. I hear there is a fine tailor in this city. Let's go and get you something nice as a reward for your accomplishments.' Kah'rihn heads down the street and stops shortly after in front of a very pleasant and orderly shop. Mariala merely walks on, her eyes the only thing showing her disgust at her appearance. "Why? I did exactly what you asked of me...unlike the others who forgot what they were to do. I would have merely asked for time to bathe and get myself cleaned and presentable before you whisked me away from the Towers."Mariala grumbles to the back of her Mistress. Kah says 'Oh, come now a new robe and a nice hot bath in your own room will be nice for you. And your appearance makes it easier to spot thieves.' Kah winks at Mariala. Mariala looks at her mentor, a surprisingly human expression that is a mixture of boredom, disgust, and unhappiness on her elven face. With a shrug, she follows, grumbling to herself in the dwarven language. Grinning to herself Kah'rihn steps into the shop and begins to browse the numerous dresses and robes and other finely tailored garments arrayed arounds the shop. Mariala merely glances in the shop. Instead of entering the shop, she flops to the ground outside, sitting while she pulls her tattered boots off. "I hate.....blech." Kah stops looking at the garments when she notices that Mariala is not with her, so she heads to the doorway to look out into the street. Noticing her apprentice is sitting out there in the middle of the road taking off her clothing.she asks. 'My dear. I know you want a bath, but don't you think you should wait until you are in private to be doing that?' Mariala turns and glares. "If you think that the shop mistress wants these filthy foot covers tracking whatever...filth...that is on all means, I will gladly track it. But, by the look on her face, I think that she might prefer me removing them and entering her shop bare footed." Mariala finishes with her shoes. With a grumble, she stands and drops them by the door. With a sigh and an apologetic looks she enters the shop. Kah glances over her shoulder and to the seamstress who nods in confirmation at Mariala's comment. Following her apprentice into the shop, Kah'rihn heads over towards a section devoted purely to robes of all types, sizes and colors. Mariala looks through the assortment of clothing, her hands balled into fists at her side. After a bit, she points one dirty hand at a particular set of materials. She speaks quietly to the shop mistress who takes the clothing and bundles it together for her. "When you are ready...I have what I need for new clothing." CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Apr 3 08:46:40 2010 Subject (RP) The Beginning of Culmination. (Pt. 2) Kah says 'I see you found something to your liking.' She hands the seamstress a few coins, definitely more then three times what the clothing was worth and leads Mariala out of the shop and down the street deeper into town and towards the docks. Mariala notices where they are heading. With a grumble, she shakes her head. "Wonderful...I can bathe in the cold water of the sea," she says to herself." Kah says 'The tavern we are headed to is the more comfortable place in the =whole of town.' Mariala shakes her head. "For some reason...I doubt there are many places 'comfortable' in this accursed town." Kah says 'You'd be surprised how comfortable places can be, even in the most bizarre of places.' Stopping before a large and extremely old building she looks to Mariala. 'We are here.' She reaches out and opens the door and heads to the counter and speaks quietly to the owner. Mariala looks at the building. She follows shortly behind Kah. "I saw more comfortable staying with Diz and his people." Kah says 'The rooms are taken care of. Your's is the second one on the right.' Scanning the tavern common room she notices Xorn has not shown up yet. 'It seems that we are early. You should go prepare yourself before he gets here.' Mariala looks toward the hall. With a shake of her head, she heads down the hall. Reaching the door, she opens it and steps into the room....and gasps at the sight before her. A steaming bath sits in the middle of the room, tendrils of steam rising lazily. She closes the door, latching it tightly and laughs to herself. Walking to a table near the center of the common room Kah'rihn orders a bottle of the owner's best and sits back waiting for her company to arrive Xorn watches from where the border ethereal and the shadowlands meet. Somewhere inbetween the physical world and where the dimensions around it meet. He studies the sand mage, and her apprentice for many moments, before his form coalesces into existance in the tavern. He nods to his companion, also out of phase, giving him a look to wait for a moment. As he walks forth he nods to the barkeep, and comes up behind Kah'rhin. "An excellent choice in drinks. Mind sharing a glass?" Kah says 'Take a seat.' The mage pours some of the fine alchohol into a glass and hands it to the black robed prophet 'I take it you wished for us meet with your informant this day, and I hope this information will be useful in our endeavor.' Xorn sits next to the white robed elf, and takes the glass poured in hand. "Thank you for meeting me so far away from the towers. But you do love an outing if I remember from our last tavern romp." He takes a long swig from the spirit, and smiles 'You always educate me in the new world culture. He is present. He does have reliable information. He is just worried, that you will not keep your part of the bargain, and enslave him again.' Kah says 'He will not be enslaved. He may reveal himself and join us here at the table like a civilized man.' She pours another glass of the fine alchohol and places it before a vacant seat at the table. At the White Robed Leader's words, he turns to a dark corner, and nods. "Very well then mistress. Nestos, come forth. As I promised you will not be harmed." Xorn takes another swig from the glass, as the sand elf pours another. Nestos appears in the same fashion as Xorn, his cowl pulled low, covering his face. His runed red robes moving as walks towards the table, leaning heavily on his staff. He sits in the chair with the alcohol, pulls out a pipe and lights it. 'Hello, High Archmage.' Kah says 'Greetings Nestos. Been a long time. I see you are beginning to enjoy the company of our orders.' Nestos grins, "They are where the money is these days. I do not turn down a paying customer." Smiling tenderly towards the renegade Kah'rihn says softly, "I do wish you would change your mind and come to our orders. You would make a fine compatriot of the moons." Nestos says 'Oh, I am still a compatriot of the moons, just not the bureucracy of the towers. We could continue this attempt at conversion, or we could get down to business. I will come back to the towers if I find it worth while, until than, I am here.' Mariala slips out of the tub, enjoying the last little bits of it. She unbundles the clothing and wears it. With a giddy laugh, she spins in a tight circle before putting the new shoes on. With a last look in the mirror, she makes sure she is ready and steps out of the room and walks back into the common room and toward the open chair at the table. Xorn remains silent through the exchange, sipping his glass of spirits, as the two elves talk. He pats the satchel at his side, nodding to Nestos as he does so. As Mariala enters, his demeanor changes, a very wide smile coming across his face. Kah says 'Ah, Mariala welcome back. My you look lovely in your new attire. We were just getting ready to get down to business, please sit and we shall begin.' Nestos nods to Mariala, "Good evening, young apprentice." Mariala nods toward her Master. With merely a glance at Xorn, she lowers her head...while maintaining eye contact...toward the unknown person. She stands, taking a seat next to Kah. Kah says 'Mariala, I would like you to meet Nestos. He is a... renegade wizard on temporary amnesty.' Mariala merely smiles. "Master Nestos...a pleasure...I hope." Nestos pulls his hood back, revealing his Silvanesti heritage, and grins, "It is a pleasure." At Kah's words, Xorn obviously bites down on his own tongue, but the smile remains, as he looks over the now quite beautiful elven woman. He still remains silent, and when his glass of spirits is gone, gestures to the bottle, if asking for another Nestos says 'So, I see that the payment has been obtained.' Nestos looks to Xorn as he pulls out a rolled up map and lays it flat on the table. "This is one piece of information I have located. This is a map of the area, before its destruction of course." 'Zahman, now known as Skullcap.' Kah looks to the black robe then to the renegade before looking at the map laid out on the table. She passes the bottle of alchohol along to Xorn. Xorn pours another glass of the ale, and again begins to sip it, still grinning widely at the elven maid. Kah says 'A horrid place to be sure. I have visited it a few times CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Sat Apr 3 08:49:18 2010 Subject (RP) The Beginning of Culmination. (Pt. 3) Mariala looks at the map, her eyes looking at the landmarks Kah says 'However, I have never seen a Disir there. Only undead.' She drinks dark ale from a bottle of "Gheosfe's Delight". Nestos says 'This is why I thought a map would help to show where things used to be.' 'The undead are easily controlled. I have a certain.....affinity for necromancy, as you well know mistress. They will easily be bypassed. No fight needed.' Kah gets a small pipe from a backpack. Her hand raised, Mariala catches the attention of the waitress. With a smile, she asks for water to be brought to her. She smiles when the waitress return with a mug of water. Nestos takes a few longs puffs of his pipe, letting the smoke drift out of his mouth and inhaling through his mouth. Kah says 'Yes, this map shows some interesting markings depicting underground tunnels and what is this symbol here?' She points to a symbol of a strange beetle clutching a skull and crossbones. Mariala leans closer to the table, looking closely at the map. Nestos,after exhaling says, "I have some information that I will divulge on the way. Although, right now, I know of a few people that we could speak with for further information." Kah asks 'Like who?' Nestos says 'A few dwarves. They have some sad, sob story, but they have information on these Disir.' Kah nods. 'Let's go meet them then.' Xorn gulps down more of the spirits, in more of a ritual than complusion. The black robe, twists his neck back and forth, releasing tension with the cracking of bones. He nods to Kah as he does so. 'By the way, it was given for me to know.' Xorn points to the beetle and skull. This is a trial of faith. Will we run screaming, or face..........the swarm of the scabard." They all lean in and look at the symbol each with different thoughts and hopes and fears playing across their faces. Kah'rihn thought to herself, nothing will ever have me running screaming. Xorn takes the satchel from his shoulder, and drops it next to the dark elf, nodding as he does. "Your help is appreciated by not just the Conclave, but also by me and the one I serve. Be careful Nestos. I will say no more." MORE TO COME. STAY TUNED! Author: Xorn Date: Wed Apr 7 03:18:58 2010 Subject (RP) The Education Of A Thief. (PT 1) Raphael glances at the strange looking man as he enters the Tavern. He drains his tankard and rises from his stool, before staggering toward the door. He bumps into the man and then almost falls into a table. "Scuse me, dar matey," he says in a slur and stammer. Xorn looks to the drunken man with the jet black hair and pays him no attention as he walks to the bar. He gestures to the barkeep, and asks in rough common. "Might I have elven wine? Do you have any?" But as he reaches for his change purse he finds it missing. Raphael smirks as he reaches the door and starts outside. Xorn turns from the barkeep, and puts up a finger, as if to only pause the conversation, and turns back to the drunk who bumped him. Quickly he runs towards the door, and catches up with the smirking man, right before he exits. 'This can end in two ways my.........."friend." You can either give me back what is mine............OR.......I'll filet your soul. Two choices.........two outcomes? Do you understand?' Raphael suddenly becomes quite sober. "Filet my soul huh? First time Ive heard that one." He grins and dangles the pouch before the man. "Though, how you would do that, makes me wonder." It was obvious he wasnt as drunk as he acted. Xorn grins evilly at the young man, and snatches the change purse from him, then stares at him coldly. "Yes is an.....appropriate term. You picked the wrong mark tonight, but since I am celebrating......I will ignore your impulse." Raphael chuckles softly. "Celebrating huh? Would you care for some company?" He says, already starting back toward the bar. Xorn turns to the man once more, and his visage becomes altered.....All of a sudden, the man looks like a walking corpse, rotted and defiled. Xorn becomes the epitamy of death.....but only for a second, as his lifeless hollow eyes bore holes into the thief. 'Filet your soul...........yes! And as for company. If you can be can I? Agreed?' Raphael raises his eyebrow at strange man and sits at the bar. "Of course, Ol' boy. Names Raphael..Thief by profession. But im sure you knew that already." Xorn walks back to the bar and again raises his hand to the barkeep, now having his money in hand. "Elven wine, the oldest you have, for me and my new........friend?" Xorn again looks at the cutpurse and grins, this time only his teeth look rotted, and this is quickly gone again. Raphael grins slightly and nods. "One can never have too many friends." Xorn laughs heartily as the barkeep brings a bottle of wine and two glasses. "You are a hard one to frighten. And I already like that about you.......thief. The thief shrugs indifferently. "I've seen stranger things." Xorn pours two glasses of the wine, and hands one to Raphael, taking the other in hand. Again he smiles, and offers his own glass in a toast. "To the future, and what it might bring." Raphael swirls the wine in the glass and lifts it to meet the other mans. "To the future." He says before taking a sip of the wine. "So tell me, my friend. What may i call you?" 'I am known as Xorn. And only Xorn. It is a title more than a name, but it declares who I am.' Raphael says 'Ah. Well met then Xorn.' Xorn looks the man up and down, and takes a swig of his wine, before he rests the glass back upon the bar. "Well met.......Raphael.....thief." The mage looks around the bar, noticing those gathered. A tall, lithe man stands before you, his jet black hair worn down around his shoulders. He has dark green eyes and sports a well trimmed goatee. He wears a fine pearl gray doublet, trimmed in black, with matching hose and soft black leather boots. His hands are wrapped in strips of black and bloodred cloth. A slim rapier hangs from his left hip, from a some what elegantsword belt. His eyes have a mischievous twinkle to them and he smirks as you look at him. Raphael smirks and runs his hand through his hair. "What brings you to this..'Wonderful' city?" He says this with heavy scarcasim on the word Wonderful. 'This city is nothing more than a distraction. It is full of noble born snobs, who hate what they do not understand. It is full of bright ideas and wonderful notions that will never come to fruition. I came to meet a contact nothing more.' Raphael grins and takes another swig of his wine. "I'll drink to that." 'One day, this city will fall into darkness. It will bow and worship those they disdain, and they will be grateful.' Raphael chuckles and nods. "If you say so my friend. If you say so." 'Saying and knowing are two different things. But yet I digress' Raphael sighs gently and drains his glass. "Well lets hope I'm far from this place when she does come. I'm not much for bowing to anything." 'The Dark Queen wants control of everything. She doesn't care about freedom, and she definitely doesn't care about her own son, and his followers.' Raphael shrugs. "She can want all she wants. But I dont plan on being controlled by some malevolent Goddess." 'We are all controlled in one way or another, but you have no loyalty to anyone. I Can tell. I would advise you have some loyalty to me. Because the next time you try and steal from me, I will have some fun at your expense.' Raphael smirks. "I dont steal from the same person twice." 'Then we might be able to reach some kind of......understanding.' Xorn grins to the thief, and pours two glasses of the elven wine, offering one to Raphael. Raphael takes the glass and looks slightly intriged. "An understanding you say?" 'I could always use......I mean appreciate someone with your.......unique talents. We might be able to benifit each other.' Raphael smirks and pulls out a coin and begins flipping it across his knuckles. "How so..If I may ask?" Xorn looks to himself and then to the man known as Raphael. He studies him a long moment before he continues. "Do you know what I am young man?" Raphael takes a deep breath, through his nose. "From the way you smell, A mage. And from the way you talk, one of the Black robes...or possibly a Renagade." Xorn does not answer, but walks from the bar to the floor where people are dancing. He finds a young woman and meets her gaze, and they begin to dance. At first the dance is normal, but they begin to move quicker and quicker, and before long, the two are airborne, dancing high above the crowd below, in a whirl of color and motion. Raphael takes a sip of his wine, looking terribly unimpressed, but says nothing. Xorn flings the girl from his grasp, and she falls to the ground, crashing into a table, looking quite stunned and deshevled, and the mage simply floats back to the ground, as he walks back to his drink and the thief. 'NOT A RENEGADE! You fill in the blanks.' Raphael smirks and nods. "Forgive me, my friend. The only mages I hear talking about the Dark Queen are renagades who've joined up with the Dragonarmies." He takes another sip of his wine. 'Do you know how the pantheon works? Do you know of the Gods who represent evil?' The thief shrugs. "Im a worldly man, my friend. I deal with what I can see, not Gods and that nonsense." Xorn looks somewhat surprised by Raphael's reponse, but simply nods in return. "I'll break it down for you, from a wizard's perspective. Tahkisis gave birth to the black moon Nuitari. But he resents his mother. She is nosy and bothersome. She wishes to control the entire world, while her son only wishes to fulfill his role as guardian of black magic, and those that serve him. She would ursurp all control over the world, and take away from HIS power and wisdom.' CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Wed Apr 7 03:25:40 2010 Subject (RP) The Education Of A Thief. (PT 2) The cutpurse swirls the wine in his glass and nods. "So you wish to stop her from gaining control over everything?" Xorn pauses a long moment, again swirling his wine and taking a drink before he responds. "My wishes are not important. I only serve the one who brought me forth..........the Devouring Dark. And the Dark Mother will fail, because she is not only opposed by the God's of Light, but even those in her own pantheon. And the Gods of neutrality will side with the Gods of Light as well. Reorx created the universe, would he give it to her ambition?" Raphael says 'Who am i to ponder the wishes of these Gods? Im a mere thief, my friend.' 'THINK IN BIGGER TERMS' Xorn swallows the rest of the goblet in front of him. 'You will have to chose eventually. If not now, then in the possible future.' Raphael smirks gently. "Friend, all I got to think about is the next meal in my stomach" 'What if I could offer you more than that? What if I Could give you some purpose?' Xorn rubs his hands now, greedily, his expression becoming dark, but at the same time inspired. Raphael downs his goblet and catches the coin he had been flipping across his knuckles. "Tell you what. Heads, I'll listen. Tails, You give me whats in that purse of yours and I'll be on my merry little way." Raphael flips the coin into the air and then slams his hand down on it the moment it touches the bar. When he removes his hand the coin is laying "heads" up. "There we have it. I'll listen, if you buy another round of wine of course." Xorn simply nods to the thief, and gestures to the barkeep. "Give me the really good stuff. I'll pay in diamonds not gold friend. Find the BEST! I will not drink this swill again." The barkeep nods and returns a few minutes later. Raphael simply grins softly, his eyes twinkling mischeaviously. Xorn taks the bottle in hand and checks the label. "Two hundred years old. Now that is better. Vinted after the cataclysm. I should know young man, for I am older." The black robe, not in black robes pours two more glasses. 'Being my associate, and friend WILL......have rewards my young cutpurse. I see you are a man who appreciates material reward.' Raphael takes his glass and swirls it around. "So I can see." He says as he takes a sip of his wine. "Material rewards are all there is in this world my friend. At least to a "Cutpurse" like you call me." 'It is only half of the equation Raphael. Your soul is the other. To have one is to have the other. To lose one is to lose the other. You said you would listen if bought more spirits, and I have bought the best' Raphael says 'So speak on. You have my ears.' Xorn grins to Raphael and his.........youth and vitality. The mage waves his hand over the bar, and coins begin to fall, everyone of them ends up heads as the drop. "Good boy. Back to metaphysics for just a moment before we get into the practical." Raphael raises his eyebrow at the coins his hand twitching involuntarrily. "Of course." 'The Gods matter my friend. They have a hand in everything. From before the cataclysm till now. They have only recently revealed themselves once more, but they were never gone. Do you know the stars, planets and constellations?' Raphael says 'Not so much. I killed my father and my brother because I got bored with the school they had put me in.' Xorn giggles and then laughs, but his tone becomes somber after. He grasps the hand of the the thief, and looks upwards to the ceiling of the tavern, motioning for Raphael to do the same. He waves his hand in an arc above them, and the ceiling simply vanishes, replaced by the night sky. All three moons shine down upon them, but Xorn ignores them, instead pointing to one constellation. He traces a book within it. "That represent Gilean the God of the Book, and the master of neutrality." Raphael nods, but stays silent. 'Around them were two more star clusters. One was a representation of the platinum dragon, and the other represented the chromatic dragon herself. What do you see my friend?' Raphael asks 'The Gods?' 'They should be there, but they are gone. Paladine and Tahkisis are missing.' Raphael nods softly. "Aye, you are right. I see that..." 'If they are not in the heavens looking down upon us? Then where do you think they have gone?' Xorn nods as Raphael understands and again grins wickedly. "You are not alone in this physical world you know. The Gods have come down from heaven to the world." Raphael smirks and gazes into his glass. "And what does this have to do with me? I'm a bastard thief, living day to day with what I can steal." 'Your day to day is not yours anymore, when the sky is empty is it? You care not for good or evil. You live from hand to mouth. But soon, and very soon my friend, one will prevail, and on earth, not in the heavens.' Now the spiritual has very real consequences does it not?' Raphael falls silent for a long time. "I suppose it does." He says quietly, draining his goblet. 'So never ask me again of the little importance of it. Everything matters.' Raphael says 'So you say, my friend. So you Say.' Xorn gulps down the last of his goblet before he refills both glasses once more with the ancient elven wine. He waves his hand again and the ceiling of the tavern returns, the night sky returned to its proper place. Raphael says 'My thanks. That was starting to get a tad unnerving.' 'At last! I finally got your attention.' The dark mage grins wickedly at the cutpurse. Raphael chuckles softly and takes a sip of the freshly poured wine. Xorn takes his glass in hand, and bumps it next to the thief's in a toast. "You who serve nothing, will see what chaos can do, and in your lifetime. You might change your mind about that." Raphael bumbs his glass back and smirks. "I might." He says taking a long drink, almost draining his goblet. "But Speak fast, or keep that wine to yourself. A drunk companion isn't all together a rational one." 'I could use a man of your talents..........If called upon........would you be available?' Raphael says 'If you can find me, then I will be available.' 'Finding you will not be a problem...........' Xorn vanishes from the place he is sitting, and appears across the tavern, and he waves to the thief. Suddenly he is on the other side of Raphael and he taps his shoulder, then he is gone again, replaced by a floating figure above, who pours a little of the wine from his goblet upon the man. Finally he is sitting where he was, and all of this was within seconds. Raphael shudders slightly. "Please, dont do that again." 'Since you said........please. But you are on my mystical map now. I WILL find you when the time arises.' Raphael says 'And tell me, What is in this for me? I am a materalistic man. Your spirital nonsense is all well and good but if it doesnt pay, then you can count me out.' Xorn hands the cutpurse the original pouch he stole from the beginning of the encounter. It is heavy, and full. "What is here is yours. You will find it............quite ample." The wizard smlies as he hands it to the thief, and takes his drink in hand, taking another big gulp of the wine. Raphael smirks and tucks the pouch away. "Well then my friend. Why dont we get drunk and be merry? Me thinks this is the begining of a very profitable friendship for the both of us." 'Time will tell my young friend..........Time will tell.' FIN Author: Xorn Date: Sun Apr 18 00:08:26 2010 Subject (RP) To Lance A Boil. (PT 1) Ravir drags himself in, a heavy thud resounding from the templar's plate boots. Covered in a mildewed robe, the creature, the size of a man, moves over toward a wooden bench. Isini looks up at the templar but doesn't pay him too much heed. The Blue Dragon bustles with activity, and all are oblivious that the black robed mage is there. He waits in the shadows of a corner, partially corporeal and partially out of phase with reality, hovering and......watching. Xorn looks at the newcomers with........interest. After positioning himself in a slumped over manner, Ravir hisses from under his hood. 'Sorcerer.. your pressence is most welcome.' The man reeks of infection and blood begins to pool near the bottom of his robe and faintly a crooked smile reflects from the darkness of the hood over his face. Isini snorts softly at the word sorcerer, the monk never liked the term. He canted his head head to the side and made sure his ears were covered. Xorn looks even more interested now, at both of the new people. One knew he was there and the other, raditates something not seen in Neraka for....a long time. The shadows around him recede, and his black form takes shape. He walks to the bench the hooded figure is sitting upon and almost sits next to him, but upon noticing the pooling of blood, walks around the table, and sits across from him. He simply glares at the other one, sizing him up. Ravir loks over at you, peering at him through his hood, which seemed to go on into an eternal sea of darknness. 'You come to take a place within Lord Pestilence's favored grace have you?' The man digs a bone clawed finger into the table and smirks. Xorn looks coldly at the dark priest, but the smile on his face is ever present. His ice blue holes study the figure, and he shakes his head at the figure's words. "You called me out. I came. Speak your....peace Isini continues to drink, though his rate has slowed as if he is listening to the two men. Ravir slams his fist upon the table and the bottles shake upon it. 'Tell me what you cherish, Sorcerer.. I am always pleased to know what one holds dear.' He hisses this through his hood. Xorn just laughs as the man slams his fist down on the table, obviously pleased he got a rise out of him. "Wouldn't introductions be in order first.......before we get business? I'll start, since I have not forgotten manners. My name is Xorn, and I am not a sorceror. I am a mage." Ravir only flashes a devious smile and retorts. 'My name is of no concern, Mage.' The man speaks in a harsh and raspy tone. He quickly turns to scratch his leg with his own armor, the more he moves to worse the smell comes from underneath his robe. Isini wrinkles his nose slightly at the smell but puts it out of his mind. Xorn turns to the other man, and wrinkles his nose, as if smelling something, not smelled in a long time. His smile remains the same, and he does not answer the petulant plague bearer, instead giving a friendly nod to the other man. 'My........friend. You are in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time. You shouldn't be here. You are quite in danger. Take a moment and look around.' Ravir slowly removes his gauntlets, wincing is an appropriate aura coming from the man. He snaps his fingers at a bartender and motions for a drink. Upon further inspection his hands are covered in boils and old scars. A lesion on his upper hand moves as if there were maggots beneath. 'Run in fear, it only breeds power.' The templar chuckles and begins to drink his drink. As the deseased man motions the bartender Isini turns and looks at him fully, wondering where such a man would believe throwing around his disease would be viewed as power. Xorn simply......nods to the good man, a silent understanding as if the mage had read his thoughts. He turns back to the plague bearer, and speaks slowly and dilebrately, but not with malice, or anger. 'I've heard it before. Why should I flee from you? You have your God.........and I have mine.' Ravir scratches the side of his face underneath his hood and whispers harshly from within, 'Stay if you wish, and share in his divine ways.' The templar pulls his hand back from the hood and dried blood can be seen clinging to his fingertips. Isini blinks slightly, he is starting to wonder if he and the diseased one were listening to the same converstaion. Ravir continues to bleed from his left leg. Finally noticing the pain beneath he removes his leg plate, causing an open aroma to come forth as if a rotten grave were left open for all to smell. Inspecting his leg, the templar pulls out a shard of metal harnessed to a leather strap from his calf and drops it with a heavy thud on his gauntlets. Xorn looks back over the the good one, but his left eye truely never leaves the plague bearer, and as the man brings his bloodied hand to his face, Xorn looks quite disguisted. The smell then overwhelms the mage, and he looks with wonder at the man fully. 'It's the one thing I've never understood about you people, the Morgion followers. You allow yourselves to be corrupted by such horrors. And then you all wonder why no one wants you around.' Isini blinks, doing a double take, then turns away facing the bar again. Ravir chuckles at those that draw back in terror and grins in a twisted pleasure. 'There are many who would fear the inevitable. Where there is decay there is disease. You have not told me of what you Cherish, mage.' The templar asks through a hiss in his hood. He motions to the bartender for a flask of whiskey. Xorn looks around the Bar then turns to the plague man. "Why should I tell you? You wouldn't even give me a name when asked?" Isini shakes his head slightly at the diseased mans words and mutters, 'Disgust is not the same as terror...' Ravir looks up and says to Isini 'Do watch your tongue, should you wish poison upon your family.' He scratches his face once more within his hood. 'Tell me to fulfill my curiosity, mage. A drink perhaps on me will sway your mind?' Isini chuckles, 'And since I do not, by your words I shouldn't hold my tongue.' He turns and looks at the two sitting at the table again more fully. Xorn again laughs at the good man that muttered, but his eyes never leave the Morgion follower. "I like him. He speaks the truth. You are......disgusting, an not only for your diseases, but your lack of etiquette as well." CONTINUTED Author: Xorn Date: Sun Apr 18 00:11:14 2010 Subject (RP) To Lance A Boil. (PT 2) Ravir shrugs to you in little response and pours the whiskey down his rotting leg. He places the flask upon the wooden table and points a boil covered finger at you. 'Fear is true power. The Ungod has no comparison. Be afraid naught! I offer a deal should you stand my smell.' 'I Speak.........personally for the Ungod. I am his voice in this time. Do not underestimate that. But if you have something to say then SAY IT. But be pleasant about it. I am tired of your threats.' Ravir chuckles and coughs for several long moments before replying softly. 'Tell me of who is the Ordermaster of the Black Robes now.. I have a complaint of a renegade in these times.' The man reels back and cracks his fingers. Isini shakes his head slightly as the conversation moves past him. Xorn looks to the good man, still looking quite quizzically at him, as he sits at the bar, oblivious to where he is. He turns to the plague bearer. "I'll play the game.......but I want a name to go with your diseased face." Ravir hisses from within his hood. 'Skelsule...' The templar begins to place his gauntlets back on his hands and asks once more. 'A minotaur casting spells in the area has been spotted a few times. A name I cannot offer you in regards to whom.' Ravir looks up at the ceiling curiously and then looks back to Xorn. 'The Ordermaster Mage. I seek his name.' Isini cants his head to the left feeling Xorns gaze on his back. 'You are a liar. But your master is the father of lies isn't he. Lies lead to destruction. Fine, no name for you. I'll just call you BOIL. The master's name I will not give. If you truely care about this......renegade problem. Simply tell me.' Ravir chuckles deviously from within his hood and extends his arm to the mage. Touching his velvet robes the templar grins evilly. 'Your words can be so cruel.' He says in a sarcastic tone and then his tongue flicks. 'Just as I can be so cruel.' Ravir rises up and says 'Skelsule would be the name you will speak to me as, should you wish suffering so soon. When I learn more of the rogue mage, I will summon for you, Xorn mage of the Black.' He then nods to Isini. 'I reckon we will see each other again.' Ravir turns back to Xorn as he begins to exit. 'I still look forward to learning what it is you cherish.' Speaking to himself, 'In time. In time.' Isini glances over at the noise. Xorn simply nods, and takes his other hand, and removes the skeletal, bloodied fingers from his. "I suppose so BOIL." The mage walks over to the good man at the bar, and beings to chant, and when the spell is done he says. 'You are going home young man. You do not belong here.' He finishes the spell and Isini vanishes, and finds himself back in Palanthas. A whisper on the wind says into his ear. "I have done you a great favor." Isini shrugs slightly, 'Probably not... Thank you sir.' The ramblings of the monk of H'rar follows him out the doors. Ravir's scent hangs around for a few minutes after he exits. And Xorn whispers to himself. "Someone needs to.....lance that boil." FIN Author: Xorn Date: Fri Apr 30 01:10:09 2010 Subject (RP) Coda. Xorn did clasp Nesto's arm and the spell he cast did seem to take the two to parts unknown. However it was merely an illusion, in case the sand mage or her bitch apprentice returned. The two dark mages remained, for something was....overlooked. Nestos says 'Nothing like a well cast illusion spell to confuse an enemy.' He grins and winks as he speaks to his companion. Xorn grins back. "She told me to to shut up." His eyes looks menacing again, the ice blue pupils frozen in a very real hate. "One day.......I will cut out her tongue." He says the last part not with contempt, or merely any emotion. He says it as if it was just..............fact. Nestos says 'An act I would not stop, but, I must obtain the rest of my payment from the rooms of the other moons. Will you join me?' Xorn nods and his grin becomes a smile. "You saw it too then. The fools were so busy wondering if that abomination could speak to others....they missed the obvious." He cackles a hearity laugh into the temple. Nestos laughs, "The problem with the wonderment of creatures, one misses the magic even in the walls." Nestos turns down towards the red marble hallway and walks towards its dimly lit red domed room. Xorn follows the renegade elf to the red domed portion of the temple. His eyes begin to glow the sickly green once more. He scans the interior of the hallowed space. "The sconces. They illuminate each part of the temple." Nestos slowly states 'And each is magic of the God who's room it is.' He steps into the center of the room and looks up to the roof. He then pulls out a red orb, two inches in diameter, and swirling with magical energy, and grins at Xorn. Xorn simply nods, and then gestures for the white and black portions of the temple. "The God's smile upon you Nestos. Or so it seems." Nestos holds the orb out with his hand flat and begins to chant. He then pulls out a ruby and holds it in the other hand and begins to chant. As he does, the very light of the room seems to be absorbed into the ruby making it grow. And at the climax of the spell, the ruby has turned to a red orb, swirling with magical energy. When this is done, the two silently walk from the red dome, and then down the hallway to where the objects of Nuitari were procured earlier. The Black dome is illuminated with similar light from sconces. Nestos does not speak at all this time, but begins the same ritual this time with a blackened pearl. Again the light is captured, turning the stone into a similar orb, however this one swirls with dark magic. Nestos says 'One last stop my friend, and then truly we can depart. And yes, I am lucky to have the blessing of all three.' Xorn again simply nods and follows Nestos. He clutches the large sack of the Ungod's artifacts close to him, the smile on his lips frozen still. Nestos walks from the black hall into the main foyer, "I would recomend not bringing the sack into this hallway, Lunitari may be understanding of the artifacts presence, but I can not speak for Solinari. And you may not want to enter yourself. It may be, an uncomfortable feeling.' Xorn again simply nods, and stops before the hallway of white marble. "I will indeed wait here dark elf. I will remain until your return." Nestos now walks down the white hallway and into the room at the end, from a far, Xorn can see Nestos hold the black and red orbs in his right hand and a small pearl in his left; and again, he begins to chant, and the light in the room is absorbed into the pearl, making it grow. At the climax of this spell, the light in the temple goes out, and the temple becomes pitch black. Xorn utters the word. "Shirak" and his staff begins to glow a sickly green, illuminating him in dead light. Nestos chuckles, still out of range of Xorns light, "SHIRAK!" He exclaims, and the temple is again filled with light, but is lit by the orbs now orbitting eachother, each giving off the light of its color. 'We all got what we wanted I suppose. Happy ending all around it seems eh?' Nestos says 'I would agree, two items for me, three if the book is included I suppose. I would say that this adventure was well worth missing a little bit of time from the information game. And speaking of the book, it is a persitant thing is it not?' Xorn winces at the mention of the Desderada, obviously flenching. "You asked for it. I provided. You can have it. But soon you may not.....want it." Nestos slowly states 'Oh I do want it, and it clearly wants just any soul. I plan to make it least a little while.' Nestos smiles wryly. 'Some........shortcuts...........get you lost. I'll leave it at that Nestos. I should return to the towers. But before I do. You get one item from the Ungod as promised. He wants us to play a game!' Xorn cackles into the heavens, and then settles his gaze upon the renegade. "You reach inside the bag, and whatever you yours." Nestos steps up to the bag and opens it, "How I enjoy games of fate." He reaches his hand in and digs around for a moment, before pulling out his prize. In his hand Nestos holds a bracer, made of chipped onyx. Runes cover the length of it as well as a cartouche of the black moon in the center. 'May it give you lifetimes of happiness.' Xorn looks momentarily sad, his ice blue eyes, looking down a moment, but soon the normal smile returns to his companion. "And with this I sadly must depart for now my friend. Places to go, and petty white robed elves to kill you know.' Nestos says 'Of course, until we see each other again, my friend. Good luck.' 'I will offer her heart to the black moon, even if it takes me a lifetime. I Can be patient. Oh yes......very patient.' With this he waves, and jumps into a dark corner of the temple, and he is absorbed into the darkness. And as he travels the ether, riding the wave of negative energies through time and space, he whispers to himself, and to his God. "I did not warn him, as I was instructed. And another piece of any kindness left inside me has grown dark." FINE Author: Xorn Date: Wed May 5 03:32:08 2010 Subject The End Is The Beginning. (PT 1) Xorn rests under the Vallenwoods of Solace, watching the night sky. His look is serene. It has been almost a week since the ugliness at the tower. He holds an orb of sickly green light in his hands. Noskire wanders lost in the woods, he looks up as he notices the green glow and pushes through the branches until he spies Xorn, 'You.. I saw you once before didn't I?' Xorn simply smiles as the minotaur approaches him. He remains silent a long moment before he responds kindly. "You were called to the tower. I believe I complimented you on this, before all the abyss broke lose. Yes?" Noskire nods slightly towards the human, 'Aye i do believe so... I am still unsure exactly what happened in the excitement.' He frowns and looks at the orb again. 'A magical battle. One of wills. One of.......Destiny. It is over now. The fight had a victor. I would say I lost.......but that would not exactly be the truth. It is just how it appears for now.' Xorn motions for the larger being to rest beside him. The sickly green light from the orb flares brightly a moment. The minotaur cants his head to the side slightly and looks at you, 'You never lose until you no longer can complain that you lost.. Until then it's only a minor set back.' Noskire comments wryly thinking on his past, after you gestures he sit Noskire comments wryly thinking on his past, after Xorn gestures he sits near the man but makes sure he keeps his eyes and ears open wary for any hostilities. Xorn laughs hearitly at the minotaurs words. "You speak the truth my dark friend. The truth indeed!" The human puts the orb he was holding in a pouch at his side as the newcomer rests beside him. "Solace is a quiet place......for now." Noskire nods slightly, 'Aye though to be honest it always seems like that before something happens...' He chuckles at look at Xorn, 'So that orb..' Xorn grins at the demihuman. "A way of seeing.......Magic in its purest form. A gift from the dark father. " Xorn looks around the park and the trees, then finally to the city above. "One day it will all be in flames. He has made this known." Noskire looks around at the trees, 'It is a forest.. They tend to burn down a lot..' He looks back at Xorn as he realizes something, 'Who has made that known?' 'Don't be coy, beastman. Who gave you the magic? Who gave you the desire. Speak his name. It is important we are clear.' Noskire says 'Nuitari speaks with you? Xorn winks at the minotaur. "He reveals to his prophet.......the possible future yes. Noskire is it? A regal name really. So few of your race are called to his service." Xorn looks to the heavens and points to the black moon. Noskire blinks widely, 'Nuitari has a prophet?' He asks, 'Not to sound dumb but... My people don't often talk about Him much.' 'Your people follow the Condor, Sargonnas. Sargos to you probably. He is the consort of the Black Queen, but they do not control the magic. That is left to the moons. A moon drew you here, and his name is Nuitari.' Noskire nods slightly, his eyes narrowingly, 'You saw Nuitari drew me here?' He asks darkly, 'What purpose do you claim he has for me, who does he want me to kill?' Obviously the minotaur is used to the ways of Sargos, the way of war. Xorn simply smiles again, nodding to Noskire's words. "The Black is a little more complicated my friend. Killing.....yes, but not for glory. To accept the magic is take on additional.......destiny." 'The magic is the means and the end. It is for it's own sake. Magi do not particpate in the great war for political power, or status. We do so only to further the magic......the gift you have been given.' Noskire raises an eyebrow, 'What do you mean additional destiny?' 'To serve the moon, is to do his will. And his will is very simple. To grow his power, and to reap the rewards of the magic. To pass it on to those that come after you.' Noskire nod slightly, 'How does one grow in power? I assume that is how His power grows?' Xorn turns to the heavens, and points back to the black moon. "Yes........he begins to understand." Xorn laughs for a moment, not at the minotaur but with something invisible. "You begin to your journey." Noskire looks at the mage slightly askew, 'Um who are you talking to?' He looks around but doesn't seem anything. He shakes his head slightly, 'Can one grow in power, I've never learned any new spells in..' He trails off. 'You seek the blackest gift? The raising of the dead? The healing by taking? The darkness of the soul? Necromantic Exctatics?' Noskire shrugs slightly, 'I seek any knowledge that allows me to slay my enemies quicker... ' He looks at Xorn intently, 'If I can prove that i am a warrior first maybe my people...' Once again he trails off but the need for acceptance is obvious in his eyes. Xorn cackles again into the darkness of the park, and then meets the minotaurs gaze. "In decades, mere decades, your people will conquer the elves. The price will be high, but it is possible. This conversation is not about that." 'It is..........more personal. The Ungod wants those who serve him on his own terms. Not for your people. Just you. ' Noskire blinks slightly, 'He wants me... To turn my back on my people?' He shakes his head, almost unwilling to believe it, 'I will earn their respect if I have to kill their warriors one by one!' he declares. Xorn shakes his head, negatively to the question. "He wants you to give yourself to him, and forget about your people for now....yes. In return for your service, he provides the tools. But again this is personal, and invitation to you alone." Noskire looks at Xorn thoughtfully, 'What is he offering?' Xorn pulls the sickly green orb back from the pouch. "This is a symbol of the power he offers. I see your gaze and how you covet it. If you want this knowledge, bow to his will." Xorn holds the orb out to the minotaur. CONTINUED Author: Xorn Date: Wed May 5 03:35:42 2010 Subject The End Is The Beginning. (PT 2) Noskire reaches a hand towards the orb, but hesitates. 'What does he require in return..' He looks up from the orb at Xorn distrustfully. 'He requires your soul silly. Isn't that what all God's want. But he doesn't sell it, or keep it. He allows it to flourish. But if you take this power, you are his, for now and into eternity.' 'Slavery is a tool Of Sargos and Tahkisis. It is not Nuitari. He gives to those who give to him. Symbiotic perfection.' Noskire blinks rapidly, 'That doesn't sound too harsh.' 'I have given all I am, all I could be to my God. It can be harsh. I will not lie to you. However, the rewards outlast the sacrifices. It is all I can tell you' Noskire nods slightly, 'That is different then i am used to.. When one gives Sargos his devotion he gives up a lot of himmself..' He looks at Xorn thoughtfully, 'Nuitari sounds like more of an even trade.' Xorn simply nods to the minotaur, and again holds the orb out to him. "If it is your will, take and drink of the dark river of life. But once you have tasted , there is no going back. Do you understand this...........apprentice?" Noskire hesitates and looks at the orb again. After a moment he reaches for it and brings it up to his lips. Xorn reaches out, as Noskire brings the orb to his lips, and clasps his hands to his face, holding the orb to his lips. There is a crack and sizzling of flesh, and then of spirit, sweet pain digging into the minotaur as it is absorbed. As the crack sounds Noskire's face twitches and flinches in pain but he holds himself steady, bearing the pain and focusing on the power. Xorn releases his grip, as the sickly green light is absorbed, green flames begin to flare across the minotaur's body, and then........recognition. "You are now his body and soul Noskire. You belong to the Ungod........the Devouring Dark." As the flames flare Noskire's body shakes and twitches and he utters a single word. 'Nightreaver' And then his eyes flare with a greenish glow and the flames fade, though they stain the mane, after all of this Noskire sits trembling a look of amusement on his face. 'Good Good. We must have a little more conversation now. It is important to know where you and I stand.' Xorn sighs and looks troubled, his gaze becoming haggard, his body sagging after the exchange of Necromantic power. "I no longer am a part of the conclave. Nuitari has called me to something bigger. I Will not bore you with details." 'I cannot tell you his will for you. This is something you must discover on your own.' 'You may stay with the conclave, or leave. This is for you and our God to work out.' Noskire shakes himself slightly, resembling a bull more then ever, then looks at Xorn, 'For now I believe I will remain.' He smiles slightly, 'After all they hold more knowledge then any other source and I will need all of the knowledge and power i can get.' 'I have lived for over three hundered years now. I undestand. It was not my wish to leave, but it was.....neccesary.' 'Seek Jendaron...........or the one known as Falkore. But do not under ANY circumstance mention me.' You ask 'Do you understand?' Noskire nods slightly, 'Aye, and one day I may well follow in your footsteps.' He nods slightly remembering the names, 'Aye.' Xorn grins, and begins again. "Since you are now his." Xorn points to the blackened moon hanging in the sky. "You are also mine. I Will teach you the secrets I know as well. You are my........unnofical apprentice as well." Noskire nods slightly, a slow grin spreads curling his lips above his pointed teeth. 'That is well Master you seem to know a lot i can learn.' 'Good. We understand each other. You belong now to Nuitari alone. Serving the Conclave is but a bi product. Meet me here when the black moon is full once more. Until then.' Xorn stands, and simply nods to the minotaur. He walks amongst the trees, and is present no more. FINE

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