The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a small leaflet to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Hakai' scribed in burnt maroon ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Hakai's book..

Author: Hakai Date: Thu Sep 2 02:29:43 2010 Subject Roaming the Mountains A huge, shaggy creature walks into the village, carrying two kender over his shoulders. Well, perhaps carry is too vague. He had a rope around each one's ankles, so that they were tied together, with about an arm length's between them. He looks around the streets, searching for something. Spying a sign above a door, he studies the symbols but does not comprehend. What he does understand is the picture of a mug of frothy ale and a roast pig with an apple in its mouth. Food....ale. Nodding to himself, he shambles in, greeted by wary suspicious eyes watching him. Ignoring the glares of the folk, he sits at a low table, dropping the two kender on the floor. They seemed dazed, and barely alive. The innkeep nervously approaches, but is blocked by one of the locals. We don't want his kind in here, let me end the boys throw him out for you he grins toothlessly. A group of shabby, dirty farmers start to surround the table, trying to look menacing. Hakai ignores them, and, reaching over to clutch at a roast ham, pulls it to his mouth and bites off a large mouthful. The locals seem disturbed at being so ignored. The supposed leader yells at him. Hey! You don't seem to understand, we all are goin' to kick you out of our town, see? Belching loudly, Hakai lifts a pitcher of ale from a nearby table, chugging it noisily. A local brandishes a chunk of firewood at him. Time to teach you a lesson, ugly!" Hakai stands up slowly, turning his glare at the man. You call ME ugly, dirt eatter? Quickly picking up the two kender, Hakai twirls them around, under his arms, around his back, over his head...then at the group collected around him. Using the kender as a weapon, Hakai bashes farmers right, left and centre. Bones crush, flesh tears, plowboys, innkeeper and waitresses scatter. After a few seconds of mayhem, the room is quiet, save for the sound of sobbing and last gasps. Hakai nods, satisfied. Noticing that the two kender were now quit expired, he dropped them to the floor. He headed out the door, continuing his way towards the mountains. He was going to miss his kenderchuks, he thought.

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He states simply 'You might start with that one.. or you could take a look at the latest story..'

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Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus says 'There are 18 authors starting with the letter H who have stories in the Palanthas library.'