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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a miniscule pocket book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Haemir' scribed in glowing white ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Haemir's book..

Author: Haemir Date: Sun Jul 11 15:03:14 2010 Subject A families failure Growing up as the youngest cousin in the Silvanos blood line had its distinct advantages. The best tutors and weapons instructors where always made available to help with martial studies but it also had its disadvantages. Every time I ventured into the forest wanting to explore or be alone there would be a group of bodyguards out of sight but I still knew they were there and so was never really alone. There was also the pressure to perform as my father and his father and his father and his father had done. They were all respected Mages having survived the Test of High Sorcery and for a time served on the High Council of the Conclave. They tested me for magical aptitude and although they all said I was capable the act of casting a spell seemed to elude me. Frustrated by the constant lessons in concentration and meditation I also threw myself into practice of the more mundane martial arts such as knife fighting and the use of different types of bows. Finally they gave up on me becoming a Wizard and I was allowed to start going on internal patrols of the Silvanesti home lands. These dull routine patrols held no place in my heart. I wanted to be out on the borders doing what really mattered, expelling those who dared to cross into our lands uninvited. Those who came to cut down our precious forests and hunt the plentiful game that flourished under the protection of the wise Silvanesti. Author: Haemir Date: Mon Jul 12 12:00:41 2010 Subject Right of Passage Looking back on that day I realised it was a right of passage unlike any that could be planned. I'd been allowed to join a border patrol for the first time. Id been demanding to be transferred to the active border regions and patrols but until last month had been denied. We had set out from Sithelnost and followed the river north and west to the border and then started our patrol. It was the first time I'd been out of the safety of the forest and the open grasslands leading to the dessert north of us was fascinating. We moved by night using the light of the moons and stars and kept a look out during the day for foreign travellers. It was on the fifth day out that we spotted the camp of a small band of travellers on the opposite side of the river to us but moving towards the one fordable place where we planned to be in two days time. Like us they moved at night but were a lot more noisy, whooping and screaming as they moved, and slower too and we reached the ford ahead of them. The patrol commander ordered us to take up positions on both sides of the river to ambush who ever it was that was coming into our territory. He seemed to have a good idea of the make up of the noisy band we were going to ambush but would not divulge it to me or any of the others. They were very careless or complacent. They hadnt even sent a scouting party forward to investigate the ford and were coming from upwind so their fetid stench was what reached us first. The second thing to reach us was the sound of their guttural languages, a mixture of what must have been goblin and human as that is what this patrol was made up of. Finally they came in to sight and began to cross the river into the lands of my ancestors. When they were half way across the order to attack was given. We broke cover and a volley of arrows rained down upon the invading host. The thrill of killing unworthy scum that dared to come into the land was exhilarating. This was unlike hunting the animals of the forest and plains for food. Those that didnt fall under the rain of arrows turned and ran back towards us and we closed in on them with weapons drawn. I dont remember much of that first fight with a real enemy desperate to survive but I do remember clearly how, when the last goblin turned and started running, some force generated by the anger of my prey escaping caused me to lash out with all my will and a magical arrow sprung from my hand and drove itself between his shoulder blades killing him instantly. Author: Haemir Date: Mon Jul 12 20:08:50 2010 Subject Betrayed by my own powers After that fateful night, that I realised I could do magic and had the potential to be a Wizard, I kept trying to use the techniques taught by the tutors in Silvanost but to no avail. It was purely by accident that I discovered the source of my powers. Rather than quiet contemplative meditation for focus my mind on the energies required it was when i was angry and frustrated that the magic would flow from me. Once I realised that it was easy to channel all my pent up anger and frustration and soon my magic was more reliable and stronger. Now I just needed more to learn so that I could destroy my enemys with more than just a fiddly magic missile. I had heard the tales of how armies of elves had fought with the aid of great wizards and destroyed all those that stood against them and I wanted to be like those wizards and destroy all those who threatened our way of life. By the time we had returned from our patrol and the commander had reported my magical awakening I felt I was ready to go to the tower and begin my studies. On returning to Silvanost I was greeted almost as a hero but also with suspicion as I had never been able to muster even the smallest signs of being able to wield the arcane powers. I was placed before the high council and told to demonstrate what I could do. I knew deep down inside that this was my last chance to make my parents proud and so I dug deep down and used all the anger and hatred I could muster and hurled it at the targets they had set up for the demonstration. I saw the looks of shock pass through the council as the watched the demonstration of my powers. When I was finished they stood as one and filed out with out saying a word to me. Less then 5 minutes passed before they returned with the high priest who started an incantation I had heard once before when an elf had been expelled from our midst. By the time I realised what was happening I was bound by the words of the spell and found myself magically transported to the northern edge of the Silvanesti lands with the final warning in the spell ringing in my ears. I vowed then that I would find the tower of high sorcery on my own and join as my father had and his father had and his father had and show them that I was a great a Wizard as they had ever been. Author: Haemir Date: Sat Jul 17 07:57:01 2010 Subject From the Light a desciple of Darkness is borne The first few weeks alone were the hardest. The final words spoken to me by the people I had served loyally still echoed in my mind. I had been banished for all eternity, never to return on pain of death. The feeling of betrayal festered and grew until it turned to anger, anger so great that I could fuel any spell my heart desired with it. As I moved through the lands of Blode, seeking a safe route to the tower of Wayrest, there were many times that I came across patrols of goblins and hobgoblins. Each time I left a trail of bodies having picked off the last member of the patrol as the moved along until the fools realised they were the hunted not the hunted. I learned an important lesson while slaughtering those filthy creatures and that was that I could feed of their fear, it was almost like I could draw on it and use it to power the next bolt of arcane energy to strike one of them down. As I moved west towards the plains of dust the patrols were re-enforced with hunting dogs. I'd managed to kill almost a third of their patrol before they realised they were being hunted. Only then did the foolish little creatures release their hounds to track my scent. There must have been some being with a semblance of intelligence up their chain of command to send them out with dogs. They kept circling my position pushing me back against a cliff, for although they couldn't see me with the aid of the dogs they could track my scent. As I stood their wandering what would become of me, I looked up into the dark night sky and for the first time sensed the presence of the dark moon. I felt his power then radiating into the night and heard his whisper to me... jump I didn't hesitate when I heard his command and as a reward for obeying my new master the words a new spell formed in my mind and as I channelled energy into those words I felt wings sprout from my back and I found myself soaring on the currents blowing up the cliff face. Not knowing how long these wings would last I set off west towards where I knew Tarsis lay hoping to find someone there that could guide me to the Towers of High Sorcery. Author: Haemir Date: Tue Jul 20 21:22:54 2010 Subject Lessons hard learned What I had thought was desert turned out to be foul smelling swamp lands and I was grateful for the gift of flight that Nuitari had bestowed upon me but even that I discovered was not a permanent boon. All to soon I found myself waist deep in foul smelling water, that is when I couldn't find a dry route through Sable's infernal swamps. The meagre rations I had managed to loot from my fallen enemies rotted quickly in this place and the water was not fit for even goblins to drink. I found it best to rest during the hottest part of the day and only move from late afternoon till there was no light to navigate by any more, and then Id rest again till the false dawn and proceed till it got too hot to move again. After 3 days I had no water and no food and there was nothing worth hunting in these infernal swamps. My vision was starting to blur from a mixture of dehydration and exhaustion. It was during this period of delirium that I remembered some of the teachings my tutors. Reaching deep into my reserves of anger I slowly recited the long forgotten words of a spell I'd never mastered but somehow knew and felt my water skins slowly start to fill. it was the sweetest tasting water I'd ever had the privilege of drinking and that help to restore my spirits and my faith in my new master. Thinking more clearly now, I once again drew on that well of betrayal and hatred, and began an incantation that would provide me with sustenance for the journey ahead. I was not surprised when I felt my pack getting heavier and upon investigation found an assortment of berries that I quickly consumed. Feeling reinvigorated and knowing that Nuitari still looked down upon me from the heavens I once again tried the spell that had given me wings to evade the pursuing goblins. I felt the wings extend from my back again and new that it was time to travel west towards where I knew the plains of dust began. By sunset I set down on the edge of the wasteland finally free of that oppressive swamp.

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